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RE38411 Washing method and clothes detergent composition February 3, 2004
A washing method is described which has excellent washing power and a low surfactant concentration. The described clothes washing method comprises the use of a phosphorus-free clothes detergent composition comprising (a) one or more surfactants, (b) one or more alkali metal silicates, an
H752 Magnetic recording medium March 6, 1990
A magnetic recording medium comprising a non-magnetic support, a magnetic layer, and an undercoat layer provided therebetween, and said undercoat layer comprising: (A) at least one resin selected from the group consisting of polyester resins having one or more hydroxyl groups and pol
D654361 Cap for a container February 21, 2012
D648090 Cleaning sheet November 1, 2011
D648089 Cleaning sheet November 1, 2011
D644386 Floor wiper August 30, 2011
D642759 Cleaning sheet August 2, 2011
D642758 Cleaning sheet August 2, 2011
D633650 Device for applying lip cosmetics March 1, 2011
D632487 Implement for washing scalp February 15, 2011
D632486 Implement for washing scalp February 15, 2011
D628741 Device for applying lip cosmetics December 7, 2010
D617045 Applicator for lip cosmetics June 1, 2010
D614347 Applicator for lip cosmetics April 20, 2010
D610320 Wiping cloth used for mop February 16, 2010
D608643 Container bottom January 26, 2010
D604468 Handle used for mop holder November 17, 2009
D599664 Top portion of a container September 8, 2009
D590556 Wiping cloth used for mop April 14, 2009
D589221 Wiping cloth used for mop March 24, 2009
D569264 Sprayer May 20, 2008
D563222 Container March 4, 2008
D557862 Cosmetic puff December 18, 2007
D544146 Nose pack sheet June 5, 2007
D535192 Packaging bag January 16, 2007
D534811 Packaging bag January 9, 2007
D532928 Nose pack sheet November 28, 2006
D528010 Packaging bag September 12, 2006
D516919 Detergent container with massage brush March 14, 2006
D510467 Cleaner October 4, 2005
D509752 Detergent container with massage brush September 20, 2005
D426019 Facial masque sheet for cosmetic pack purpose May 30, 2000
8586065 Oil-in-water emulsified cosmetic composition November 19, 2013
The present invention relates to an oil-in-water emulsified cosmetic composition, which contains an emulsion having (A) a sphingosine represented by formula (1), (B) an acid compound selected from inorganic acids and organic acids having 5 or less carbon atoms, and (C) a ceramide rep
8581003 Process for producing aliphatic carboxylic acid amide November 12, 2013
The present invention relates to a process for producing an aliphatic carboxylic acid amide, including the step of reacting an aliphatic carboxylic acid or an alkyl ester thereof containing an alkyl group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms with a mono- or dialkylamine containing an alkyl gro
8580284 Oil-based cosmetic preparation November 12, 2013
Abstract Provided is an oil-based cosmetic preparation which retains a smooth feel. Provided is an oil-based cosmetic preparation containing the following components (A), (B), and (C): (A) a cellulose derivative having a cellulose skeleton in a main chain, in which 67 mol % or more in to
8580234 Method for removing solid product formed on surfaces of teeth November 12, 2013
The invention provides a composition capable of exerting an excellent whitening effect and imparting gloss to teeth. A method for removing a solid product formed on surfaces of teeth, the method containing applying an oral composition to teeth, wherein the oral composition contains 0.05
8574808 Resin emulsion November 5, 2013
The present invention relates to a resin emulsion being produced by neutralizing a resin binder containing acid group with a basic compound in an aqueous medium wherein the resin binder containing acid group contains a polyester produced from a raw monomer composition containing a tr
8574655 Packaged beverage with caffeine-containing catechin composition November 5, 2013
A process for selectively removing caffeine from a caffeine-containing catechin composition, which includes dissolving the caffeine-containing catechin composition in a 9/1 to 1/9 by weight mixed solution of an organic solvent and water, and then bringing the resultant solution into
8574600 Porous particles and cosmetics November 5, 2013
The invention provides porous particles, a process for producing the porous particles, and cosmetics comprising the porous particles. The porous particles of the invention have an average particle diameter of 75 .mu.m or less, based on polyethylene resin having a crystallization degr
8574560 Hair styling method November 5, 2013
A hair styling method including: (A) increasing the number of intersections of hair fibers, thereby enhancing the volume of the hair; and (B) applying an aerosol hair cosmetic composition capable of forming a film having a film strength, as measured by a film strength evaluation me
8574211 Stretchable composite sheet November 5, 2013
A stretchable composite sheet having a number of ridges in a neat and orderly arrangement is disclosed. The stretchable composite sheet is easily produced by the process of the invention. The stretchable composite sheet is a laminate of a stretch sheet 10 and a nonstretch sheet 2. Th
8568986 Method of selecting an agent that improves periodontal disease October 29, 2013
A marker for determining the onset of periodontal disease and a marker far determining the progression stage of periodontal disease, each containing autoinducer-2.
8568490 Liquid detergent composition October 29, 2013
The invention provides a liquid detergent composition containing (a) a nonionic surfactant obtained by adding ethylene oxide and an alkylene oxide with from 3 to 5 carbon atoms to a compound represented by R--OH (wherein R represents an alkyl group or an alkenyl group with from 8 to
8567703 Method for producing hydraulic powder October 29, 2013
The present invention produces the hydraulic powder through grinding of the hydraulic compound in the presence of a compound (a) prepared by reacting (A) at least one compound selected from polyhydric alcohols and alkylene oxide adducts thereof with (B) a sulfating agent.
8562958 Hair cosmetic composition October 22, 2013
A hair cosmetic composition, containing the following Components (A) to (E): (A) benzyl alcohol, from 0.1 to 2% by mass; (B) dipropylene glycol, from 0.5 to 20% by mass; (C) malic acid or a salt thereof, from 0.2 to 10% by mass, in terms of the malic acid; and (D) lactic acid or a
8562857 Process for producing positive electrode active material particles for battery October 22, 2013
A process of producing positive electrode active material particles for a battery, comprising a step of providing a slurry comprising resin particles, a cationic surfactant and/or a polyvinyl alcohol derivative, lithium complex oxide particles, and a polar solvent; removing the polar
8298520 Deodorant particle October 30, 2012
Disclosed is a deodorant particle having a BET specific surface area of 10 m.sup.2/g or more that are obtained by copolymerizing a monomer system including a crosslinkable vinyl monomer and a vinyl monomer having a heteroaromatic ring. The deodorant particles may contain a metal ion.
8293944 Reaction apparatus October 23, 2012
A reaction apparatus which is used for conducting a gas-liquid chemical reaction in a state that a liquid is in a continuous phase, wherein its reactor has therein a shear type stirring impeller for dispersing a raw reaction gas or a carrier gas and a film-formed catalyst, which apparatu
8293518 Microorganism and method for producing dodecahydro-3a,6,6,9a-tetramethylnaphtho[2,1-b]furan inte October 23, 2012
This invention relates to a novel microorganism that efficiently produces a dodecahydro-3a,6,6,9a-tetramethylnaphtho[2,1-b]furan intermediate using sclareol as a substrate. As a result of concentrated studies, a plurality of novel microorganisms having properties of interest that are not
8293516 Recombinant microorganism October 23, 2012
A recombinant microorganism is provided that has increased productivity of a protein or polypeptide of interest. A method for producing a protein of interest using the microorganism is also provided. The microorganism is prepared by inserting, in its genome, a transcription initiation

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