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Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Patents
Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Osaka, JP
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7918926 CO.sub.2 recovery system and method April 5, 2011
A CO.sub.2 recovery system includes an absorption tower and a regeneration tower. CO.sub.2 rich solution is produced in the absorption tower by absorbing CO.sub.2 from CO.sub.2-containing gas. The CO.sub.2 rich solution is conveyed to the regeneration tower where lean solution is pro
7622681 Polygonal overhead cable November 24, 2009
An overhead cable including a plurality of element wires stranded to form a naked stranded cable, which has a cross-sectional shape of an equilateral polygon inscribed in a circle having a diameter of 18.2 mm to 38.4 mm as a fundamental cross-sectional shape, in which two sides of th
7517605 Solid oxide fuel cell and separator April 14, 2009
A solid oxide fuel cell is formed by arranging a fuel electrode layer and an air electrode layer on both surfaces of a solid electrolyte, respectively, a fuel electrode current collector and an air electrode current collector outside the fuel electrode layer and the air electrode lay
7292424 Arcing horn device November 6, 2007
An object of the present invention is to provide an arcing horn system having a highly efficient dynamic current shutoff property including a dynamic current shutoff capability, for example, enough for the short circuit fault and other object thereof is to provide an arcing horn syst
7220515 Pressure fluctuation prevention tank structure, electrolyte circulation type secondary battery, May 22, 2007
A simplified, pressure-variation preventing tank structure capable of preventing pressure variations in a gas phase portion resulting from temperature variations, without bringing stored liquid into contact with air. This pressure-variation preventing structure includes a breather bag
6872376 Modified vanadium compound, producing method thereof, redox flow battery electrolyte composite a March 29, 2005
A modified vanadium compound characterized in that vanadium sulfate (III), or a mixed vanadium compound of vanadium sulfate (III) and vanadyl sulfate (IV) contains excessive sulfuric acid other than sulfate group composing the vanadium sulfate (III) or the vanadyl sulfate (IV), and when
6613298 Trivalent and tetravalent mixed vanadium compound producing method and vanadium electrolyte prod September 2, 2003
The present invention provides method of producing a trivalent and tetravalent mixed vanadium compound having excellent solubility with sulfuric acid directly from a tetravalent or pentavalent vanadium compound by using a reducing agent,and a method of producing a vanadium electrolyt
6563234 Power system stabilization system and method employing a rechargeable battery system May 13, 2003
A power system stabilization system is provided between power generation equipment significantly fluctuating in output and a power system required to maintain a predetermined voltage. In the power system stabilization system, a voltage detection device and a current detection device dete
6461772 Battery diaphragm October 8, 2002
A battery diaphragm having superior chemical resistance, low resistance, superior ion selective permeability and high mechanical strength is provided. The battery diaphragm is formed of a composite film including a complex of a porous base substrate (A) with a crosslinked polymer (B.
6310702 Testing device for multistage multi-branch optical network October 30, 2001
A testing device performs testing on a multistage multi-branch optical network, which contains optical lines (such as optical fibers) that are connected together at connection points (e.g., optical couplers) in a multistage multi-branch manner. An OTDR measurement device uses software
6129849 Process for accelerating reaction of ozone with AM catalyst October 10, 2000
In treatment of water by injection of ozone into the water for removal of harmful matters, odor matters, and color matters therein, either or both of a nonyl phenol and a cresol are added to the water to be treated. The nonyl phenol is added together with a lower alcohol or acetone to th
6114871 Abnormality detecting method and apparatus for electrical equipment, particularly for a rotating September 5, 2000
A defect detecting apparatus for monitoring an electrical equipment for defects, the electrical equipment having a resonance frequency. The defect detecting apparatus includes a sensor operatively connected to the electrical equipment for sensing a signal indicating a defect in the e
5991181 Power conversion apparatus November 23, 1999
A power conversion apparatus has a voltage type power convertor, a power control circuit for outputting a first active power reference signal for the voltage type power convertor based on a power reference value Pref and a detection value P of a power detector, a DC voltage detector for
5798087 Method of producing gypsum August 25, 1998
After hydrogenation and desulfurization treatment of raw fuel in the desulfurization unit 1, the product is separated in the acidic gas separator 2 into fuel and a hydrogen sulfide-containing gas, and the hydrogen sulfide-containing gas is subjected to combustion together with air in
5789094 Fuel cell and sealing parts therefore August 4, 1998
A bipolar plate is designed to provide a gas seal 16 around an electrode and gas seals 17a around fuel gas manifolds on the same plane and to separate the gas seal 16 and gas seals 17a around oxidant gas manifolds 4, 6 with hollowed parts on an anode electrode 25 side, and to provide the
5668458 Synchronous machine with harmonics dampening September 16, 1997
A synchronous machine effectively absorbs higher harmonics in an AC system to which the synchronous machine is linked. The synchronous machine includes a damper winding, disposed on each magnetic pole and constituting by itself an independent closed circuit; capacitors, each of which is
5536454 Apparatus for gas-liquid contact July 16, 1996
An apparatus for gas-liquid contact in which tubular structure fillers having a cross section of any of various shapes and having straight tubular portions are arranged in a substantially vertical direction in the form of plural steps so that the gas-liquid contact surfaces of the fi
5318758 Apparatus and process for removing carbon dioxide from combustion exhaust gas June 7, 1994
An apparatus and a process for removing CO.sub.2 from a combustion exhaust gas, by effecting counterflow contact of aqueous alkanolamine solution with the combustion exhaust gas to absorb CO.sub.2 from the gas in the alkanolamine solution and effecting a further contact of the gas with
5100743 Internal reforming type molten carbonate fuel cell March 31, 1992
A internal reforming type molten carbonate fuel cell is provided in which the process or flow direction of the reforming reaction of a raw fuel gas in the reforming reaction section is countercurrent to the flow direction of the oxidant gas in the cell reaction section. Therefore, a temp
5075546 Magnetic field measurement apparatus December 24, 1991
A magnetic field measurement apparatus with high sensitivity and high accuracy in which a Bi-substituted rare-earth iron garnet crystal with a high and no temperature dependent sensitivity constant grown by liquid phase epitaxy is used for a magneto-optic element.
4999571 Current and/or voltage detector for a distribution system March 12, 1991
A current and voltage detector for a distribution system is provided with a lower section, an upper section and a fastener for combining the lower and upper sections into one body. The lower section comprises: a first groove for receiving an electric wire of the distribution system; an o
4920277 Control system for a variable speed hydro-power plant apparatus April 24, 1990
A variable speed hydro-power plant includes a pump turbine (2) having a S-shaped characteristics at the turbine operation. A current time turbine operating point is grasped on a turbine characteristics diagram of the pump turbine (2). A limit operation characteristics curve (nr) of the p
4812730 Variable-speed generator/motor system March 14, 1989
A generator/motor system comprises a generator/motor having a primary winding and a secondary winding installed on the motor rotor coupled to a prime mover/load, a main circuit interposed between a power system and the primary winding of the generator/motor, an excitation circuit includi

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