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Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics Corporation Patents
Kaiser Aerospace and Electronics Corporation
Foster City, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5615032 Nightvision compatible display with electrically activated infrared filter March 25, 1997
An electrically activated infrared filter utilizes a mixture of infrared absorbing dyes in liquid crystal which normally presents a substantial cross section of dye to absorb the infrared component of impinging light. Polarizing light to be parallel to the direction of liquid crystal
5532852 High speed, high ambient viewability liquid crystal display assembly July 2, 1996
A liquid crystal display assembly includes an untwisted nematic liquid crystal cell structure. The light transmittance of each pixel element of the assembly is a function of the pixel drive voltage. A phase compensating plate reduces the voltage necessary to permit switching, permitt
5486935 High efficiency chiral nematic liquid crystal rear polarizer for liquid crystal displays having January 23, 1996
The efficiency of LC displays is improved by the use of a polymeric chiral nematic liquid crystal rear polarizer and reflective backlight housing which increases the net transmission of light and, at the same time, reduces the weight of the assemblage and increases battery life by ut
5479337 Very low power loss amplifier for analog signals utilizing constant-frequency zero-voltage-switc December 26, 1995
A high-efficiency analog power amplifier is disclosed. The amplifier utilizes pulse-width-modulation ("PWM") signals to operate electrical switching devices coupled in series across a d.c. power source. A resonant circuit coupled to the transistors periodically places zero and non-zero
5442522 Wide dimming range backlight for liquid crystal devices August 15, 1995
A backlight system for liquid crystal device display is equipped with a dual lighting system for day viewing and night viewing. The day lighting system uses conventional fluorescent or incandescent lamps for full color display during daytime use. The night lighting system uses a lower
5395648 Ceramic-ceramic composite prepregs and methods for their use and preparation March 7, 1995
Prepregs for producing ceramic-ceramic composite articles are prepared by impregnating a ceramic substrate with a liquid ceramic precursor material. By properly controlling the viscosity of the precursor material and the conditions of application of the precursor to the substrate, a prep
5233458 Method and apparatus to reduce binocular rivalry in a partial overlap binocular display August 3, 1993
A method and apparatus for reducing the effects of binocular rivalry in a partially overlapped binocular image are disclosed. A false contour line is generated either electronically or mechanically along the border between the binocular and monocular images. This contour line reduces
5211496 Double wedgelock clamp May 18, 1993
A clamp assembly includes a pair of segmented leg members that are tandem-operated to capture and hold a circuit board or module in and to chassis slots. The leg members each comprise a plurality of distinct wedge segment having complementary, confronting wedge surfaces.
5192384 Methods for forming composite tubing having tapered ends March 9, 1993
Reinforced composite tubes having integral tapered ends are formed on mandrels which are tapered at each end. Reinforcement fabric is first conformed to the mandrel with at least one end of the fabric structure retaining an opening therein. The mandrel is disassembled and removed thr
5152556 High temperature tubing joint with threaded, split collar October 6, 1992
A connector system for joining a male tube to a female tube comprises an axially-split nut which extends across the region being joined. The female tube is externally threaded and mates with internal threads on one end of the axially-split nut. A shoulder formed in the other end of the
5137259 Self adjusting energized valve seal August 11, 1992
A seal and seat for ball valves is a circular, elastomeric open torus which is fitted between the ball element and the housing. The open torus has within it, a substantially "v" shaped spring that is fitted within the "u" shaped opening of the torus. In normal operation, the spring membe
5104636 Method of making aluminum oxide precursors April 14, 1992
Aluminum oxide ceramic composite articles having high flexural and tensile strength are produced by introducing a liquid aluminum oxide precursor material into a ceramic reinforcement fabric, curing the precursor material at an elevated temperature, and converting the cured precursor
5082354 Optical switch and color selection assembly January 21, 1992
An apparatus and method for providing optical switching or color selection capability uses cholesteric liquid crystals which reflect and transmit circularly polarized light and a variable wave retarder element together with phase reversing mirrors which recapture and recombine the reflec
5056678 Access port sealing device October 15, 1991
An access port cover is fitted with a sealing plug that is adapted to fit inside a conduit to provide an occluding seal. The conduit is also fitted with an inner flap that is automatically closed and latched when the cover is closed and latched. In a preferred embodiment, a ridge in the
5050240 Air cushion helmet support and ventilation system with air pressure regulator September 24, 1991
An air cushioned safety and/or display helmet. A thin cushion of air between the wearer's head and the inside of the helmet supports the helmet and distributes the helmet's weight evenly thus preventing development of pressure points and corresponding wearer fatigue. When used in a high
4955091 Method and apparatus for a vacuum assisted toilet system September 11, 1990
A non recirculating, low volume toilet system for aircraft includes a interim storage tank connected to the toilet bowl. A waste drain leads to a gate valve which opens to a vacuum assisted luid gas separator. The separator is connected to the main waste tank. In a first embodiment, the
4773445 Solenoid valve September 27, 1988
An improved solenoid poppet valve includes an endless magnetic gap loop which overlies the valve chamber. The axis of the poppet valve intersects the magnetic gap and can be self centered by the energizing of the solenoid. The valve chamber can be sealed from the solenoid coil and ma
4770500 Method and apparatus for multi color display September 13, 1988
An apparatus and method for producing a color display from a substantially monochromatic source utilizes a liquid crystal cell combination together with a plechroic filter to differentially polarize the light components comprising the light emitted from the source. The liquid crystal cel
4761056 Compact helmet mounted display August 2, 1988
A display apparatus for use with headgear, includes in combination visor means adapted to attach to the headgear and having a visor viewing area segment positioned in the line-of-sight of a wearer of the headgear. Optical display generating means are adapted to be attached to the hea
4755023 Headgear mounted display visor July 5, 1988
A visor for mounting on a helmet adapted to be worn by an individual, includes a substantially transparent visor having an inner concave surface, and, with reference to an orthogonal, right-handed xyz Cartesian coordinate system of spatial reference having its origin located on the i
3990299 Combined water meter and pressure regulator November 9, 1976
A fluid impervious housing having an upper cavity for a water meter and a lower cavity for pressure regulating apparatus. A removable partition separates the cavities and removal of the partition provides access to both cavities for maintenance. The pressure regulator includes a reci
3988029 Cryogenic fluid coupling device October 26, 1976
A coupling device for cryogenic fluids which allows passage of liquid and vapor simultaneously through one coaxially arranged assembly. Principle features include low heat transfer insulation integral with the coupling and the ability to connect and disconnect it without use of tools. Th
3938564 Quick-release fuel coupling for racing cars February 17, 1976
A quick-release coupling suitable for refueling racing cars and the like which avoids jamming of the coupling parts during rapid disconnection in a condition of misalignment between the coupling parts. A housing connected with a fuel receptacle includes an open passage in which is positi

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