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Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki Patents
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki
Fukuoka, JP
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RE37976 Winding machine stopping method February 4, 2003
A method of stopping of a winding machine that hoists and lowers an object prevents abrasion of the electromagnetic brake and the descent of load. The winding machine, which winches a load up or down in response to a torque command TREF to the electric motor M produced by the speed c
D562234 Inverter controller February 19, 2008
D562233 Inverter controller February 19, 2008
D561095 Inverter controller February 5, 2008
D455399 Inverter controller April 9, 2002
D450305 Operating device for an inverter controller November 13, 2001
D450295 Inverter controller November 13, 2001
D449823 Operating device for an inverter controller October 30, 2001
8587247 Synchronous control apparatus November 19, 2013
A synchronous control apparatus to synchronously control a plurality of motors with respect to a control subject includes a command device and a plurality of motor control devices. The control subject includes the motors, a plurality of position detectors configured to detect a plura
8576528 Matrix converter November 5, 2013
A matrix converter includes a plurality of semiconductor switch modules, and a plurality of snubber modules each having a plurality of capacitors and a plurality of diodes. Each of the snubber modules has a terminal group projecting outward, a first terminal, and a second terminal. The
8575876 Optical entire-circumference encoder and motor system November 5, 2013
An optical entire-circumference encoder includes a plurality of rotation slits provided to transmit light at an equal pitch radially around a rotation axis as a center in a rotation track. A plurality of fixed slits is provided to transmit light at an equal pitch in a plurality of region
8575795 Molded stator with annular substrate having inner diameter smaller than stator core inner diamet November 5, 2013
A stator includes an annular substrate, an outer-diameter portion of the substrate provided at a tip end of an outer-diameter leg of a bobbin, the substrate having a smaller inner diameter than an inner diameter of the stator core. When stator resin provides sealing, the outer-diameter
8571712 Robot system October 29, 2013
A robot system includes a crane unit, a crane moving mechanism, a manipulator unit, and a controller. The crane unit is configured to suspend a workpiece. The crane moving mechanism allows the crane unit to move in a horizontal direction. The manipulator unit holds and moves the cran
8289681 Control unit side by side October 16, 2012
This disclosure discloses a control unit comprising a plurality of controllers, each controller having a bus bar portion having: a left and a right bus bar holder; an upper and an lower common bus bar; an upper and an lower rotating bus bar; a upper and a lower connecting body; where
8279605 Power semiconductor module October 2, 2012
The present invention provides a power module in which a first semiconductor device disposed on a first substrate and a second semiconductor device disposed on a second substrate are disposed at symmetrical positions with a third substrate interposed therebetween.
8274252 Motor control apparatus September 25, 2012
A motor control apparatus includes a sub-controller including a two-degree-of-freedom repetitive compensator and a shaping filter. The two-degree-of-freedom repetitive compensator includes a forward delay placed in a forward route of a loop and a feedback delay placed in a feedback r
8269450 Winding switching apparatus and winding switching system September 18, 2012
A winding switching apparatus includes a winding switching device and a drive circuit. The winding switching device is configured to switch a plurality of windings of an AC motor. The drive circuit is configured to control the winding switching device. The winding switching device in
8269441 Motor control apparatus September 18, 2012
A motor control apparatus includes a current control unit which is configured to calculate dq-axis voltage commands to match d-axis and q-axis current commands with d-axis and q-axis currents of a motor current, respectively. A power conversion circuit is configured to drive the moto
8266979 Vertical articulated robot September 18, 2012
A vertical articulated robot includes a base; a turning base provided on the base so as to be pivotable about a first rotation axis; a first upper arm provided on the turning base so as to be turnable about a second rotation axis that is in a plane perpendicular to the first rotation
8260463 Robot system September 4, 2012
A robot control section (7) has an object information calculation section (21) for calculating, based on image information from an image processing section (8), the size and shape of an object to he held; a holding method determination section (22) for determining, based on the object
8258739 Power converter September 4, 2012
A power converter includes: a determination section which, prior to an actual operation, determines presence/absence of a common mode filter connected to a line for supplying power to a motor, switching elements being driven with a predetermined PWM on/off drive signal corresponding
8258459 Optical encoder and motor system comprising dual decentered annular slits September 4, 2012
An optical encoder includes a rotation disc, an annular slit, a light source, an absolute-value-related detecting unit, and a signal processing device. The annular slit includes a first annular slit and a second annular slit which are decentered in a mutually different direction. The
8243482 Control device for matrix converter August 14, 2012
A control device for a matrix converter includes an input voltage detector, an output current detector, a pulse width modulator, and an input voltage command calculator. The input voltage detector is configured to detect an input voltage of the matrix converter. The output current de
8243447 Power conversion apparatus August 14, 2012
A power conversion apparatus includes a casing and an inverter unit housed in the casing. The inverter unit includes a unit case, a capacitor block removably provided at a position on an inner side of a detachable side plate of the unit case, and a fan block placed in the unit case in
8231117 Robot system July 31, 2012
The present invention provides a robot system in which a robot and a positioner are combined with each other. In the robot system, footprint is reduced and a production line having a short tact time between steps is formed. The robot system includes a work object, robots that perform a
8228019 Output filter and motor drive system including the same July 24, 2012
An output filter includes a polyphase common-mode filter having a polyphase common-mode choke connected to an output of a power converter at one end, a first polyphase capacitor connected to the other end of the polyphase common-mode choke at one end, and a neutral-point detecting tr
8227953 Rotor, rotating electric machine, vehicle, elevator, fluid machine, and processing machine July 24, 2012
A rotor includes a rotor core, a first magnet, a second magnet, a first pole partition line, and a second pole partition line. The first and second magnets are provided inside the rotor core and between the first and second pole partition line. The first magnet is closer to the first
8223804 Synchronized communication system July 17, 2012
A synchronized communication system is provided in which even when communication devices are connected in series to a transmission path, devices connected to the communication devices are synchronized so that a communication cycle can be reduced. A second communication device include
8216003 Terminal device having a support surface perpendicular to a contact surface July 10, 2012
An electronic apparatus includes a terminal holding mechanism that holds a terminal portion configured to conduct power from an external terminal, a terminal base that forms a part of the terminal holding mechanism, a partition wall having an open portion on a side, the partition wall
8198851 Motor controller June 12, 2012
A motor controller capable of detecting an oscillation of a feedback loop and performing gain adjustment while updating a gain value of a control unit is provided. The motor controller includes an electric motor, an operation-amount detector, a control unit, a machine, a disturbance
8185846 Teaching box for use in robot, customization method, and robot system using the same May 22, 2012
The present invention provides a teaching box configured such that an operator can optionally change a coloration and a size of a text displayed on a display area. The teaching box includes a main menu area, a pulldown menu area, a status area, a general-purpose area, and a message a
8183817 Apparatus for switching windings of AC three-phase motor May 22, 2012
A winding switching apparatus for switching windings of an AC three-phase motor is provided. In each winding switching section of the winding switching apparatus, a positive-side charging resistor, a negative-side charging resistor, and a capacitor are connected in series between a p
8180488 Robot system May 15, 2012
A robot system includes a robot and a robot controller including a drive unit, a memory that stores an arm-occupied region and a movement-forbidden region, a target position calculation unit that outputs a target position of a tool or a workpiece, a movement-forbidden region entry mo
8179001 Linear motor armature and linear motor May 15, 2012
A linear motor armature includes a plurality of armature core blocks that are linearly connected to each other, each armature core block being formed of a stack of a plurality of armature cores that are substantially I-shaped, each armature core block including teeth portions around whic
8174173 Rotating electric machine May 8, 2012
A rotating electric machine includes a rotor, a stator and a load side bracket. The rotor has an outer rotor surface around a rotational axis. The stator is provided to surround the outer rotor surface. The stator includes a stator core and a stator coil. The stator core has teeth. Each
8159851 Matrix converter April 17, 2012
A matrix converter includes a matrix converter main circuit, an input voltage detector group configured to detect an input voltage of an alternating current source, a gate driver configured to drive a bidirectional switch, and a controller having a pulse width modulation operation un
8155788 Automatic machine system April 10, 2012
To provide an automatic machine system for readily and reliably selecting a desired mechanism part from among the automatic machine systems composed of a plurality of mechanism parts and teaching the mechanism part. Each of a plurality of mechanism parts such as robots includes a fir
8148931 Multi-degree-of-freedom stage control system April 3, 2012
There are included a plurality of actuators, an instruction generator for generating instructions of plural degrees of freedom, a position arithmetic unit for calculating positions of plural degrees of freedom from signals of a plurality of sensors, a control arithmetic unit for calc
8148674 Optical encoder for detecting relative rotation angle for two members April 3, 2012
An optical encoder, with a simple structure, that can output a high-precision origin signal is provided. Rotary origin phase slits (112), which are formed into a pattern of linear slits arranged in parallel at equal pitches, are prepared for a rotary disk (110), while fixed origin ph
8144466 Fan unit and electronic apparatus including the same March 27, 2012
A fan unit holds a cooling fan and is detachable from a main body of an inverter apparatus. The fan unit is provided with a fan-unit retainer plate having keyhole-shaped apertures and provided between an upper case and a lower case. The fan unit is fixed by pressing the fan-unit retainer
8143839 Alternating-current motor control apparatus March 27, 2012
An alternating-current motor control apparatus includes a stator frequency computing unit configured to compute a stator frequency of a motor magnetic flux; a torque error computing unit configured to compute a torque error by using the motor magnetic flux, an estimated current, and
8143837 Inverter control apparatus March 27, 2012
An inverter control apparatus includes: a state estimator that calculates an estimated current vector and an estimated magnetic flux vector from a motor command voltage vector, a detected current vector, and a motor parameter; a correction voltage calculator that calculates a correction
8142205 Electronic apparatus March 27, 2012
An electronic apparatus includes a housing; a terminal block fixed to the housing at both ends thereof in a width direction; and a printed circuit board extending in a depth direction of the terminal block, one end of the printed circuit board in the depth direction being fixed to the
8141962 Robot controlling apparatus and robot system March 27, 2012
A robot controlling apparatus ensures that the maintenance work can be property and safety practiced and efficiently uses the space of the housing of the robot controlling apparatus. A robot controlling apparatus is provided with a first housing (1) for accommodating first internal d
8120302 Servo control apparatus February 21, 2012
A servo control apparatus capable of suppressing adverse effects of disturbance, load variation and the like, and realizing robust and high-performance speed control. The apparatus includes both of the following observers: a disturbance observer for adding a disturbance compensation
8115349 Magnetic levitation system February 14, 2012
A magnetic levitation system includes a levitation-actuator movable element which generates a levitation force applied to a control object; and a levitation-actuator stator which receives a reactive force while the control object is being operated, the levitation-actuator stator bein
8112177 Wafer position teaching method and teaching tool February 7, 2012
In the wafer position teaching method for a wafer carrying system, a teaching tool is mounted at a position of the container or the processing equipment where the semiconductor wafer is to be set. The teaching tool is sensed by a sensor provided at a wafer gripping portion of the robot.
8106621 Control device for induction motor January 31, 2012
A control device includes a slip calculator that calculates a first slip frequency of an induction motor, a current detector that detects motor current that passes through the induction motor, an adder that calculates a primary frequency by adding a speed command and a second slip freque
8106615 Pump jack pump-off control method and pump jack control apparatus January 31, 2012
It is an object of the invention to provide a pump jack pump-off control method and a pump jack control apparatus in which, even when the speed of a pump jack is reduced due to generation of a pump-off condition, the pump jack is not caused to stop due to the motor overload abnormality o
8102092 Split cores for motor stator, motor stator, permanent magnet type synchronous motor and punching January 24, 2012
Split cores comprising laminated iron cores each having formed thereon a tooth, and a yoke and a pole piece which are connected to the tooth at both ends thereof, and arranged and connected together into an annular shape to make a stator. Both ends of the yokes and both ends of the pole
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