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Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho Patents
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho
Aichi-ken, JP
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RE36747 Light-emitting device of gallium nitride compound semiconductor June 27, 2000
A light-emitting diode of GaN compound semiconductor emits a blue light from a plane rather than dots for improved luminous intensity. This diode includes a first electrode associated with a high-carrier density n.sup.+ layer and a second electrode associated with a high-impurity density
8580705 Exhaust gas purifying catalyst November 12, 2013
An exhaust gas purifying catalyst includes a substrate that defines an exhaust gas passage; a lower catalyst layer formed over the substrate, and an upper catalyst layer formed over the lower catalyst layer. The lower catalyst layer has a lower catalytic precious metal that contains
8580157 Sulfide and photoelectric element November 12, 2013
The sulfide has the following composition, and the photoelectric element uses the sulfide. (1) The sulfide contains Cu, Zn, and Sn as a principal component. (2) When x is a ratio of Cu/(Zn+Sn), y is a ratio of Zn/Sn (x and y being atomic ratios), and the composition of the sulfide is
8561578 Hydrogen generator and internal combustion engine provided with hydrogen generator October 22, 2013
A hydrogen generator provided with a cracker which cracks a compound containing hydrogen atoms and nitrogen atoms to generate hydrogen, a compound feeder which feeds the compound to the cracker, and an oxygen feeder which feeds oxygen to the cracker. The cracker includes catalyst par
8301353 Vehicle motion control device and control method October 30, 2012
A vehicle motion control device and method computes a size of a using friction circle in each of wheels by multiplying a size of an each wheel friction circle indicating a maximum generating force in each of the wheel tires by a previously computed each wheel using percentage, comput
8299498 Semiconductor device having hetero junction October 30, 2012
A semiconductor device 10 is provided with a first hetero junction 40b configured with two types of nitride semiconductors having different bandgap energy from each other, a second hetero junction 50b configured with two types of nitride semiconductors having different bandgap energy
8283281 Catalyst for purification of automobile exhaust gas and method for manufacturing the same October 9, 2012
A catalyst for purification of automobile exhaust gas comprising: a support and rhodium supported on the support in an atomic state, wherein an amount of the rhodium supported is 0.05 to 0.30% by mass relative to the total amount of the support and the rhodium, 50 at. % or more of the
8247680 Light energy conversion material August 21, 2012
A light energy conversion material that includes a porous material including an electron donor in a skeleton thereof; and an electron acceptor disposed in at least one portion among a pore, the skeleton and the outer circumference of the porous material.
8241530 Metal separator for fuel cell and method for producing the same August 14, 2012
There is provided an electron conductive and corrosion-resistant material 3 containing titanium (Ti), boron (B) and nitrogen (N) in an atomic ratio satisfying 0.05.ltoreq.[Ti].ltoreq.0.40, 0.20.ltoreq.[B].ltoreq.0.40, and 0.35.ltoreq.[N].ltoreq.0.55 (provided that [Ti]+[B]+[N]=1). Furthe
8191666 Vehicle safety device June 5, 2012
A safety device for a vehicle, capable of relaxing a collision load acting on a colliding body. The safety device (10) for a vehicle has colliding body receiving sections (24), and opposite longitudinal ends of each colliding body receiving section (24) are bent to form legs (26) hav
8183527 Gas detecting method and gas detecting apparatus May 22, 2012
A concentration of ethanol is detected without using any light source such as a lamp by utilizing a face of a human being as a light source. The gas detecting apparatus has an optical filter for ethanol which allows to transmit an infrared light having a predetermined wavelength band
8171806 Force detection element May 8, 2012
A temperature compensated force detection element is provided with a substrate, an insulation layer disposed above the substrate, and a p-type semiconductor layer disposed above the insulation layer, and a positive electrode and a negative electrode disposed apart from each other above
8119242 Amorphous carbon film, process for forming amorphous carbon film, conductive member provided wit February 21, 2012
The amorphous carbon film of the present invention is an amorphous carbon film comprising carbon and hydrogen, wherein the amorphous carbon film contains not more than 30 atomic % (excluding 0%) of hydrogen and, when the entire amount of the carbon is taken as 100 atomic %, carbon having
8108161 State estimating device of secondary battery January 31, 2012
A battery state estimating unit estimates an internal state of a secondary battery according to a battery model equation in every arithmetic cycle, and calculates an SOC based on a result of the estimation. A parameter characteristic map stores a characteristic map based on a result
8105630 Composition containing medicine extremely slightly soluble in water being excellent in eluting p January 31, 2012
A composition containing an extremely poorly water-soluble drug and obtained by treating, with a supercritical fluid or subcritical fluid of carbon dioxide, a mixture comprising a porous silica material and the extremely poorly water-soluble drug; and its production process. The poro
8105561 Catalyst for purification of exhaust gas, regeneration method for the catalyst, and apparatus an January 31, 2012
A catalyst for purification of exhaust gas in which a noble metal is supported on a metal-oxide support wherein, in a oxidation atmosphere, the noble metal exists on the surface of the support in high oxidation state, and the noble metal binds with a cation of the support via an oxyg
8104344 Angular velocity sensor utilizing coriolis force January 31, 2012
Beams 70a, 70b, 70c and, 70d of an angular velocity sensor 100 is provided with a folded type beam 73 that has a spring constant which is smaller along the excitation direction (x-axis direction) than along a detecting direction (y-axis direction), and a straight type beam 75 that ha
8063207 Molecular assembly November 22, 2011
A molecular assembly comprising a host metal complex with a space formed therein, and compounds having substituents enclosed in the metal complex within the space and molecular chains bonded to the substituents and extending to the exterior of the metal complex, wherein two or more s
8053588 Organosilane compound and organosilica obtained therefrom November 8, 2011
Provided is an organosilane compound expressed by any one of the following general formulae (1) to (7): ##STR00001## ##STR00002## (wherein: Ar represents a phenylene group or the like; R.sup.1 represents a hydrogen atom or the like; R.sup.2 to R.sup.8 each represent a methyl group
8043992 Inorganic mixed oxide and catalyst for purification of exhaust gas using the same October 25, 2011
A particulate inorganic mixed oxide comprising: aluminum; zirconium; cerium; lanthanum and an additional element selected from the group consisting of neodymium and praseodymium, wherein the inorganic mixed oxide has at least 80% of primary particles with article diameters of 100 nm
8034740 Adsorptivity imparting agent containing porous silica October 11, 2011
A moisture- or protein-adsorbability imparting agent, comprising a porous silica having a hexagonal pore structure, an average pore size of from 0.8 to 20 nm, an average particle size of 50 nm to 100 .mu.m, a specific surface area of from 400 to 2000 m.sup.2/g, and a pore volume of from
8034509 Polymer electrolyte membrane with an inorganic backbone October 11, 2011
The membrane electrode assembly 1 has an anode 10, a cathode 20, and an electrolyte membrane 30 disposed between the anode and cathode; the anode and cathode are gas diffusion electrodes; the electrolyte membrane contains a solid electrolyte in which a plurality of pores with mean pore
8026578 Barrier film and method of producing barrier film September 27, 2011
A barrier film formed on top of a substrate, a barrier film formed so as to cover a functional element region fabricated on top of a substrate, or a barrier film formed on both a substrate and a functional element region, wherein the barrier film includes at least one layer of a silicon
7998374 Fabrication method of self-written optical waveguide August 16, 2011
A taper angle of a self-written optical waveguide to be formed is increased or decreased at a desired position. A range of light (aperture number) condensed by a focusing lens 31 is adjusted by an iris diaphragm 22' in which the hole diameter can be changed from 1 mm to 12 mm. An ima
7975557 Multiple testing system and testing method July 12, 2011
A multiple testing system has plural testing units which are disposed independently, and a single information processing device. The testing unit has a frame, a loading mechanism supported at the frame and applying a desired load quantity on a test body, and a detector detecting a load
7973109 Crosslinked type layered metal phosphonate compound, production process therefor, non-crosslinke July 5, 2011
A process for producing a crosslinked type or non-crosslinked type layered metal phosphonate compound including a reaction step of reacting two or more members selected from organic diphosphonic acids or monophosphonic acids, or derivatives thereof having predetermined conditions and
7972653 Method for removing amorphous carbon coatings with oxidizing molten salts and coated member rege July 5, 2011
A coating film removal method for a coated member having a coating film formed over the surface of a substrate is disclosed, which can easily achieve a coating film removal, even for a carbon-based coating film containing carbon as a main component, besides a carbon-based coating fil
7966127 Vehicle motion control device June 21, 2011
The invention provides a vehicle motion control device capable of realizing optimum avoidance control in the case of an emergency. The vehicle motion control device includes an external environment detection unit for detecting external environment, and a travel state detection unit f
7964382 DNA encoding a protein having D-lactate dehydrogenase activity and uses thereof June 21, 2011
This invention provides a polynucleotide that encodes a protein having lactate dehydrogenase activity and such protein that can be used for producing D-lactic acid. This polynucleotide has the nucleotide sequence as shown in SEQ ID NO: 1 (a), and it hybridizes under stringent conditi
7960511 Acid-resistance endoglucanase and the use of thereof June 14, 2011
The present teachings relate to an acid-resistant endoglucanase, which is a protein exhibiting excellent endoglucanase activity under acidic conditions. The present teachings provide a protein having the amino acid sequence set forth in SEQ ID NO: 2, a protein having an amino acid se
7959856 Aluminum alloys for casting and aluminum alloy castings June 14, 2011
Aluminum alloys and castings are provided that have excellent practical fatigue resistances. The alloy includes, based upon 100 mass %, 4-12 mass % of Si, less than 0.2 mass % of Cu, 0.1-0.5 mass % of Mg, 0.2-3.0 mass % of Ni, 0.1-0.7 mass % of Fe, 0.15-0.3 mass % of Ti, and the balance
7949487 Moving body posture angle detecting apparatus May 24, 2011
An angular velocity detected by an angular velocity sensor (10) is integrated by a small angle matrix calculator (12) and a matrix adding calculator (14), and then restored as a posture angle (angular velocity posture angle) by a matrix posture angle calculator (16). A posture matrix
7949469 Obstacle avoidance control device and recording medium May 24, 2011
An obstacle avoidance control device has a detector for detecting the distance between a vehicle and an obstacle and the relative speed of the vehicle with respect to the obstacle, a memory for storing a map for calculating vehicle generation force to avoid the obstacle based on a pa
7935653 Metal oxide nanoporous material, coating composition to obtain the same, and methods of manufact May 3, 2011
A metal oxide nanoporous material comprises two or more kinds of first metal oxides selected from the group consisting of alumina, zirconia, titania, iron oxide, rare-earth oxides, alkali metal oxides and alkaline-earth metal oxides. The metal oxide nanoporous material has nanopores,
7901819 Hydrogen fuel feeding system and fuel cell system March 8, 2011
A hydrogen fuel feeding system of a fuel cell system that has: a switching device for switching a reactor, that can carry out a reforming process and a regeneration process, between alternate statuses of a first status of feeding a reactant to the reactor while exhausting a fuel gas and
7888840 Microphone and a method of manufacturing a microphone February 15, 2011
A microphone that identifies the direction along which acoustic waves propagate with one diaphragm, and has superior durability is provided. The microphone includes a circular diaphragm supported at a center portion thereof. When the diaphragm receives acoustic waves, each position a
7887957 Non-aqueous air battery and catalyst therefor February 15, 2011
A non-aqueous air battery of the present invention includes a negative electrode for which a material which absorbs and releases lithium ions is used as a negative electrode active material, a positive electrode for which oxygen is used as a positive electrode active material, and a
7879475 Solid polymer electrolyte, solid polymer fuel cell and method for manufacturing the fuel cell February 1, 2011
Disclosed herein is a solid polymer electrolyte wherein protons of cation exchange groups contained in a perfluorinated electrolyte are partially replaced by metal ions. The metal ion is at least one metal ion selected from vanadium (V), manganese (Mn), niobium (Nb), tantalum (Ta), chrom
7858684 Solid composite material and production method thereof December 28, 2010
An object of the invention is to provide a solid composite material easily molded into a desirable shape and superior both in hardness and toughness, and a method of producing the same. A solid composite material 1 having an organic matrix of fibrous organic polymers of nonionic poly
7858267 Fuel cell electrode, fuel cell, and manufacturing methods thereof December 28, 2010
A fuel cell electrode which can improve the catalyst utilization rate by having the catalyst component supported at a high density and high dispersion is provided. An aqueous solution containing chloroplatinic acid and aniline is prepared. For an electrode diffusion layer, a carbon p
7842642 Catalyst carrier and catalyst using the same November 30, 2010
The catalyst carrier in accordance with the present invention is a catalyst carrier comprising a support containing an oxide and an element in group 3A of the periodic table, and a coating part covering at least a part of a surface of the support; wherein the coating part contains an
7838460 Nanoporous metal oxide material, catalyst support, and catalyst for hydrogen production reaction November 23, 2010
A nanoporous metal oxide material comprising two or more metal oxides, wherein the nanoporous metal oxide material has ceria content of 10 to 60 weight %, zirconia content of 20 to 90 weight %, and alumina content of 70 weight % or less, and has nanopores whose diameters are 10 nm or les
7833626 Amorphous carbon film, process for forming the same, and high wear-resistant sliding member with November 16, 2010
An amorphous carbon film includes carbon as a major component, and silicon in an amount of from 0.1 atomic % or more to 10 atomic % or less when the entire amorphous carbon film is taken as 100 atomic %. The carbon is composed of carbon having an sp.sub.2 hybrid orbital in an amount of f
7791458 Alerting illumination device September 7, 2010
An alerting illumination device, which includes a detecting component, a danger degree estimating component, a danger assuming component, an illuminating component and a controlling component, is provided. The danger degree estimating component estimates a degree of danger, with resp
7772797 Motor controller August 10, 2010
A motor controller for correcting offset of a drive current of a motor. An offset amount calculating section (14) calculates offset amounts (Iuofs, Ivofs, Iwofs) of the drive currents (Iu, Iv, Iw) when the motor is being driven. A drive signal correcting section (18) corrects offset of t
7767345 Lithium-air battery August 3, 2010
A lithium-air battery includes a lithium negative electrode, a positive electrode including a catalyst containing gold, and a non-aqueous electrolyte interposed between the positive electrode and the lithium negative electrode. The catalyst includes gold supported on a cerium-contain
7754649 Structure having strong contact with solid particles, substrate having strong contact with solid July 13, 2010
A structure having strong contact with solid particles comprising an assembly formed by secondary aggregation which is further aggregation of aggregates each formed by primary aggregation of primary particles each made of a metal and/or a metal oxide, wherein an average primary particle
7747367 Vehicle physical quantity estimation apparatus and storage medium having stored thereon computer June 29, 2010
A vehicle physical quantity estimating device including: a longitudinal vehicle body velocity estimating unit, estimating a longitudinal vehicle body velocity based on vehicle wheel velocities of each wheel; a longitudinal/lateral acceleration state value deviation computing unit, co
7734453 Process of estimating relationship between element distortion and analysis error June 8, 2010
A process is disclosed for estimating by a computer a relationship between geometric distortion of an element used for approximately representing the shape of an object to be analyzed by a finite element method, and an analysis error which occurs, due to the geometric distortion of the
7731294 Seat June 8, 2010
At a vehicle seat 10, a cushion material 18 is provided at a frame 14 for a sitting portion of a seat frame 12, such that a seat cushion 20 is formed. An upper cushion member (three-dimensional solid knit fabric) 86, which is a surface layer portion of the cushion material 18, is stretch
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