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Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho Patents
Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho
Aichi, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8579141 Fitting structure for two members November 12, 2013
A fitting structure for two members includes a body and a lid member. The body includes an open space portion therein, a closed portion closing the open space portion, a fitting portion provided at the open space portion, and a front face. The lid member includes an elastic claw portion.
8573526 Webbing take-up device November 5, 2013
A webbing take-up device comprising a take-up shaft on which webbing is taken up; a movement member that is moved at a specific occasion such as a vehicle collision is detected or there is rapid vehicle deceleration; a rotation member comprising a coaxially provided rotation shaft suppor
8568006 Mirror device for vehicle October 29, 2013
Arrangement accuracy of a transmission member with respect to an exposure hole is increased. In a door mirror device for a vehicle, a turn lamp is assembled to a bracket, a visor rim, and a visor cover, and an exposure portion of a lamp lens of the turn lamp is exposed by an exposure hol
8567972 Vehicle mirror apparatus October 29, 2013
There is provided a vehicle mirror apparatus including: a mirror provided to a vehicle; a worm gear rotated by driving force from a base end side of the worm gear; a wheel gear engaged with the worm gear, the wheel gear adjusting a mirror-face angle of the mirror by being rotated due to
8292209 Webbing retractor October 23, 2012
An operating load of an overload releasing mechanism is made to be high by a simple method. In a webbing retractor, spring claws engage with recesses of a rotor, and a gear wheel and the rotor are connected. When relative rotational force is applied between the rotor and the gear whe
8292208 Webbing winding device October 23, 2012
Provided is a webbing winding device capable of mounting a holding member for holding a pretensioner on a frame easily. The webbing winding device has a holder which is mounted on a leg plate only by applying loads to tip ends (upper ends) of load receiving pieces and pushing the tip end
8290649 Registration-based vehicle battery charging system October 16, 2012
A charging system that facilitates tracking of a stolen charging subject. The charging subject includes a battery and has a unique identification code. A charging device is connected to the battery of the charging subject by an electric cable, and the battery is chargeable. A server is
8289020 Magnetic sensor and magnetic sensor device October 16, 2012
A magnetic sensor arranged on a second line forming an angle of at a switched position for switching a state being set up on a first line that projects displacement of center of magnetic field generating means generating a magnetic field.
8275130 System and method for registering secret key September 25, 2012
A secret key registration system which registers a secret key in a portable key device and vehicle. A first transformation equation is stored in a writer and the vehicle. A second transformation equation is stored in the portable key device and the vehicle. The writer transmits a reg
8269122 Lever switch device September 18, 2012
A lever switch device, includes a lever main body rotatably supported by a body around a predetermined rotation center axis, a first remote shaft rotatably incorporated in the lever main body, and comprising a first operating knob at one end and a first operation portion at another end
8256699 Webbing take-up device September 4, 2012
A webbing take-up device includes a speed-reduction mechanism that reduces rotation speed of a motor to transmit rotation force to a take-up shaft. An overload release mechanism is disposed at a middle position of the speed-reduction mechanism. The overload release mechanism includes a
8251734 Locking device for power feeding plug August 28, 2012
A locking device that locks a power feeding plug to a power receiving connector, one of the power feeding plug and the power receiving connector including a hook, the other one of the power feeding plug and the power receiving connector including a catch, the locking device including
8242898 Turn signal illumination controller August 14, 2012
A turn signal illumination controller monitors the lateral movement distance of a vehicle from when a turn switch lever is operated so as to illuminate a turn signal indicator. When the lateral movement distance is greater than or equal to a threshold value indicating completion of lane
8240591 Webbing retractor, method of controlling webbing retractor, and vehicle August 14, 2012
In a webbing retractor, due to operation of a pretensioner mechanism, a stopper wire is moved, and second lock pawls of a second lock base mesh-together with an inner ratchet of a lock ring. In this way, a limit load by a torsion shaft can be switched to a high load. Therefore, immed
8240229 Shift lever device August 14, 2012
In a shift lever device, when the shift lever is operated from a position C to a position N, a pusher slides along a select sliding region of an indexing section due to biasing force. In the indexing section, an anchor is formed at positions over the entire range of the select sliding re
8234895 Key apparatus August 7, 2012
There is provided a key apparatus, including: a key cylinder that is rotatable when a vehicle key is inserted; and an accommodating portion in which an assembling member is assembled in a body member, the body member and the assembling member form an inner surface, and the key cylinder i
8229603 In-vehicle equipment control device July 24, 2012
An in-vehicle equipment control device includes a force sense imparting type input device mounted on a steering of a vehicle, for remotely operating an in-vehicle equipment mounted on the vehicle according to a predetermined operation route while imparting a force sense, a storage un
8226064 Pivot connecting structure July 24, 2012
A sliding torque between a pivot portion and a fitting portion may be preferably secured. In an inner mirror device, pivot portions are arranged on both end portions in an axis line direction of a stay formed by a resin material. One pivot portion is fitted in a fitting hole of a hol
8210010 Key and locking device July 3, 2012
A key includes a body that is plate-shaped to be inserted into a locking device, and a groove that is formed in the body and engages with a plurality of tumblers of the locking device to allow locking and unlocking operations. The groove includes, at a location corresponding to one t
8206172 Plug lock structure June 26, 2012
A plug lock structure that locks a power feeding plug to an inlet, which is fixed to a power feeding subject. The inlet includes a catch. The power feeding plug includes a hook, hooked to the catch, and an operation portion, which separates the hook from the catch. The plug lock structur
8196962 Pretensioner June 12, 2012
In the present pretensioner, press contact portions are formed further to a side of an open end of a packing housing section than central portions of opposing faces along a depth direction of the packing housing section. Accordingly, when a packing is being fitted into the packing housin
8193906 Mechanical key code verification system June 5, 2012
A mechanical key code verification system including a mechanical key and a lock apparatus into which the mechanical key is inserted. The mechanical key includes a key body. A key code pattern formed on the key body includes a plurality of recessed portions and a plurality of non-rece
8191814 Pretensioner and pretensioner manufacturing method June 5, 2012
A pretensioner is provided, of which the cylinder, including a restriction portion, can be inexpensively formed, the cylinder having the restriction portion for positioning a gas generation unit to be mounted to a cylinder, and a pretensioner manufacturing method for manufacturing su
8186190 Key device May 29, 2012
A regulating member, an allowing member and an urging member are easily assembled to a subject to which these members are assembled. When assembling of an interlock unit is carried out, with a fitting convex portion of a link being fitted into a fitting concave portion of a release l
8168899 Engine starter switch device May 1, 2012
A coil bobbin to which an immobilizer coil is mounted, coil connecting terminals to which ends of the coil are connected, a fixed contact, a terminal for the fixed contact and connector terminals are integrally formed by resin molding into a coil bobbin integrated type insulator. The
8156776 Card type mechanical key April 17, 2012
A card type mechanical key including a card member having a card surface and an edge portion. The card member includes a mechanical code pattern formed by partially eliminating the card surface or the edge portion and functioning as a verification code mechanically verifiable by a lock
8156775 Cylinder lock, clutch device and unlocking device comprising thereof April 17, 2012
A cylinder lock includes a sleeve, and a key plug housed in the sleeve and having an output portion to output an interrupted motion of a clutch device by moving in an insertion and extraction direction by an insertion and extraction of a matching key. The key plug is formed by a pivoting
8150573 Hybrid car travel mode setting device April 3, 2012
A travel mode setting device for a hybrid car capable of ensuring the security against car theft and convenience when the car is lent to the third party. The hybrid car has travel drive sources and selectively uses one of them and can travel in one of travel modes. Authenticating means
8146393 Vehicle door handle device April 3, 2012
A vehicle door handle device, includes a cylinder lock for locking and unlocking a locking mechanism of an opening/closing panel, and a pair of pivot members pivotally attached to the opening/closing panel. One pivot member of the pair of pivot members is formed of a shutter capable of
8142357 Condition monitoring device and monitor main unit for condition monitoring device March 27, 2012
A condition monitoring device for monitoring conditions related to a user. A monitor main unit includes a connection structure for detachably attachment to a first sensor unit. The first sensor unit includes a first connector mated with the connection structure of the monitor main unit
8141397 Key regulating device March 27, 2012
A driving section and a regulating member are easily mounted to a subject of assembly. In an interlock unit, a solenoid, a shaft, a link, a release link, and a torsion spring are integrated together by means of a unit box. By the interlock unit being mounted to a lock body, the solenoid,
8139333 Short circuit protection circuit March 20, 2012
A short circuit protection circuit which readily recovers a relay drive circuit to an output operation state after a short circuit is cancelled while preventing the relay drive circuit from being damaged by a short circuit. The relay drive circuit outputs a drive current to a load in
8138887 Valet key storage device March 20, 2012
A valet key storage device includes a valet key storage portion for storing a valet key on which an engaging portion is formed, a locking portion provided with a locking mechanism for locking an ejection of the valet key by engaging with the engaging portion of the valet key, a key c
8132829 Pretensioner March 13, 2012
In the pretensioner, a guiding wall is provided in a generator-side passing portion of a gas passing portion, and an inner portion of the generator-side passing portion at a portion where the guard wall is set is located to a base end rather than a tip end of a wire protective cylind
8123537 Device for preventing unauthorized connection to outlet February 28, 2012
An unauthorized connection prevention device use with an outlet, which is electrically connectable to a connection plug arranged on a basal end of a charging cable that supplies commercial power to a power receiving connector. The unauthorized connection prevention device includes a
8118249 Webbing winder February 21, 2012
In a webbing winder, when a webbing belt is wound around a spool, a V gear is rotated in a winding direction together with a W pawl, a friction spring, and a contact member, thereby generating a frictional force between the contact member and a sensor holder. As a consequence, the fr
8106317 Rotary control device January 31, 2012
A rotary control device includes a body, a knob rotatably provided on the body, a push button provided on a side portion of the knob so as to be depressed, a lock member that moves in response to a depressing operation of the push button, and a lock portion provided in the body. The lock
8070086 Webbing winding device December 6, 2011
A webbing winding device includes a clutch mechanism interposed between a spool and an output shaft of a motor and has a simple structure and high operability. In an interference piece that has an interference portion interfering with a connection pawl when an input gear of a clutch is
8070085 Pretensioner December 6, 2011
A pretensioner is provided, which can be partially changed in mechanical strength of in a cylinder, in addition, can be widely used. In the pretensioner, the cylinder is molded by forging, and a positioning portion as a high-strength portion is formed from a partition formed using a
8069694 Key device December 6, 2011
Rotation of a rotating member to a predetermined rotational position is properly regulated by a regulating member even when a thickness of the regulating member in a rotating shaft direction is made smaller. In a steering lock device, a pair of restricting portions formed in a release
8042367 Tumbler-type key verification system October 25, 2011
A tumbler-type key verification system including a tumbler-type key and a lock apparatus. The lock apparatus includes a support member, a movable member movable relative to the support member, tumblers which are biased by tumbler springs and are arranged to engage with the support member
8028949 Webbing take-up device October 4, 2011
In a webbing take-up device 10, a worm gear 34, which is connected to a motor 44, engages with a gear wheel 32, and when the worm gear 34 rotates, driving force is transmitted via the gear wheel 32 and a clutch 26, whereby a take-up shaft 20 is rotated in a take-up direction. Helix a
8024990 Shift lever apparatus September 27, 2011
A shift lever apparatus includes a detent pin, and the distal end portion thereof is attached to a shift lever so as to be movable in the direction of coming into and out of contact with the shift lever. A lever guide is formed with a transition sliding surface on which the distal end of
8022879 Antenna structure for wireless communication device September 20, 2011
An antenna structure for a wireless communication device including a substrate having a first surface that supports an electronic component and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The antenna structure includes a first surface pattern formed on the first surface of the su
8020781 Operation unit September 20, 2011
An operation unit includes: a plurality of operation members provided in an air conditioning system for conditioning air inside a passenger compartment of a vehicle in such a manner as to be operated to control the air conditioning system; a first rear-side member provided on a rear
8011214 Valet key storage device September 6, 2011
A valet key storage device, includes a valet key storage portion for storing a valet key having an opening, a locking bar for locking the valet key, a driving section for driving the locking bar to be inserted into the opening of the valet key, and a control section for controlling t
8003901 Switch device August 23, 2011
When a knob is operated, operating force is exerted on an operating point P.sub.m of the manual switch and an operating point P.sub.o of the automatic switch from a pusher, and thus the manual switch and the automatic switch are pushed and turned on sequentially. In this case, since
8001817 Mechanical key and locking/unlocking key August 23, 2011
The portability of a mechanical key and a locking/unlocking key having the mechanical key is improved. The mechanical key is housed in a portable device in such a manner that a key plate is folded into two at a portion formed with an inner groove. Thus, the housing space for housing
7999655 Communication system August 16, 2011
A communication system that controls the disabling and enabling of a communication function in a communication portion of a portable device in accordance with whether the communication function of the portable device is disabled or enabled. The communication system includes a selection
7980503 Webbing take-up device July 19, 2011
To obtain a webbing take-up device that can not only transmit to a take-up shaft only rotation from a motor by a clutch but is also simple and compact. A clutch of this webbing take-up device has a simply configuration where sliders 144 of a clutch body portion 114 are caused by fric

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