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Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho
Kobe, JP
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RE38316 .alpha.+.beta. type titanium alloy, a titanium alloy strip, coil-rolling process of titanium all November 18, 2003
A high strength and ductility .alpha.+.beta. type titanium alloy, comprising at least one isomorphous .beta. stabilizing element in a Mo equivalence of 2.0-4.5 mass %, at least one eutectic .beta. stabilizing element in an Fe equivalence of 0.3-2.0 mass %, and Si in an amount of 0.1-
RE37681 Filter member and screen changer for use in resin extruder April 30, 2002
A filter member includes a breaker plate having an increased filtering area without any deterioration in screen back-up capability. This filter member is adapted to filter off impurities of resin melt and is disposed in a resin passage. The filter member includes a screen and a breaker p
RE36232 Apparatus for molding fibrous material June 22, 1999
Disclosed is an apparatus for molding a fibrous material .[.mainly containing waste paper.]., in which a fibrous material .[.mainly containing waste paper.]. is thrown into a cylindrical cylinder from a raw material throwing port, being fed to the leading edge of the cylindrical casi
RE33330 Output control of short circuit welding power source September 11, 1990
A method of controlling the output of a power source in consumable electrode are welding in which a short circuiting phase and an arcing phase alternately take place between a consumable electrode and a workpiece in a shielding gas atmosphere, the method being characterized by repeti
RE33245 Method and apparatus for measuring temperature in the high pressure furnace of a hot isostatic p June 26, 1990
A method of measuring the temperature in a high pressure furnace of a hot isostatic pressing apparatus, wherein a closed-end pipe having its inside communicated with the inside of the high pressure furnace and enabling a pressure medium to pass therethrough is disposed in the furnace, an
D409629 Excavator May 11, 1999
D406152 Excavator February 23, 1999
D393268 Counterweight for an excavator April 7, 1998
D348967 Mobile crane July 19, 1994
D348135 Mobile crane June 21, 1994
8187689 Optical recording medium having write once metal reflective film May 29, 2012
A pirated optical recording medium may be determined which is produced by physically transferring a shape of pits and lands formed on a substrate of an optical recording medium. The optical recording medium is provided with excellent weatherability and long-term storage reliability. A
8162538 Temperature-measuring member, temperature-measuring device, and method for measuring temperature April 24, 2012
The surface density of projections formed on a thin metal film of a temperature-measuring member having the metal film having been subjected to a temperature profile is calculated with a number-calculating section according to image data fed into an arithmetic processing unit through an
8126658 Shape defect factor identification method, device, and program February 28, 2012
Provided is a method for rapidly, surely, and easily identifying a factor of a shape defect of an artifact attributed to elastic recovery of deformation upon molding by using the numeric value simulation technique, thereby eliminating lowering of dimension accuracy. The method includes a
8123875 AG base sputtering target and process for producing the same February 28, 2012
An Ag sputtering target 6 has three-dimensional fluctuation of grain sizes of not more than 18%. The fluctuation is determined by exposing plural sputtering surfaces by slicing the sputtering target 6 in planes to initial sputtering surface, selecting plural locations on each of the
8088259 Display device and sputtering target for producing the same January 3, 2012
A display device in which an Al alloy film and a conductive oxide film are directly connected without interposition of refractory metal and some or all of Al alloy components deposit or are concentrated at the interface of contact between the Al alloy film and the conductive oxide fi
8075643 Method and apparatus for producing solid fuel December 13, 2011
(Problems) Providing a method and an apparatus for producing a solid fuel, capable of suppressing increase in dust coal concentration in circulating oil. (Solving Means) The method for producing a solid fuel comprises a mixing step of mixing porous coal with a mixed oil containing a
8062764 Aluminum alloy brazing sheet and aluminum alloy tube for heat exchanger November 22, 2011
The present invention relates to an aluminum alloy brazing sheet (1) for a heat exchanger improved in a life including a fatigue in a plastic area and an aluminum alloy heat exchanger tube (11) using the brazing sheet, which is composed of: a core material (2) of an Al--Mn series alloy;
8052808 High strength hot rolled steel sheet with excellent press workability and method of manufacturin November 8, 2011
Disclosed is a hot rolled steel sheet which contains C, Si, Mn, Al, Ti, N, and S. The C, Ti, N, and sulfur contents satisfy the following condition (1), and the Si and Mn contents satisfy the following condition (2): [C]-{[Ti]-(48/14).times.[N]-(48/32).times.[S]}/4.ltoreq.0.01 (1) 0
8042648 Material for processing and molded member using the same October 25, 2011
A material for processing includes an elastically deformable single thin plate comprising a plurality of through-holes. The plate has a first wave-like shape, which is formed in a first direction and, in which troughs and ridges are alternately connected in repetition, and a second w
8042446 Pressure-resistant vessel and blasting facility having the same October 25, 2011
An object of the present invention is to improve durability of a pressure vessel for blasting an article to be treated such as hazardous substance or explosive therein. The pressure vessel 10, means for achieving the object, has an external vessel 31 and an internal vessel 32 installed i
8025956 Hard film and method of manufacturing the same September 27, 2011
Disclosed are a hard film and a method useful for manufacturing the hard film wherein the hard film is obviously excellent in wear resistance, and exhibits excellent oxidation resistance even under a condition where hot heat generation tends to occur due to friction heating, consequently
8007716 Steel wire for high strength spring excellent in workability and high strength August 30, 2011
A steel wire has tempered martensite, comprises, as essential components, by mass, C: 0.53 to 0.68%; Si: 1.2 to 2.5%; Mn: 0.2 to 1.5%; Cr: 1.4 to 2.5%; Al: 0.05% or less; further comprises, as a selective component, Ni: 0.4% or less; V: 0.4% or less; Mo: 0.05 to 0.5%; or Nb: 0.05 to 0.5%
8006600 Multiple blasting treating method August 30, 2011
A method of blasting hazardous substance or explosive in a pressure vessel is provided to improve efficiency while suppressing enlargement of the pressure vessel. To achieve it, the method includes an installing step of installing two or more articles to be treated at a certain spaci
7993737 Natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin injection molding August 9, 2011
The invention provides a natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin injection molding having an excellent ability to discharge static electricity. The natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin injection molding is obtained by injection-molding with using natural fiber-reinforced
7938883 Method and apparatus for making metallic iron May 10, 2011
A method of making metallic iron in which a compact, containing iron oxide such as iron ore or the like and a carbonaceous reductant such as coal or the like, is used as material, and the iron oxide is reduced through the application of heat, thereby making metallic iron. In the cour
7937997 Tire braking characteristic test apparatus May 10, 2011
The present invention regards a tire braking characteristic test apparatus which can reflect the dynamic characteristics of a vehicle at the time of braking in order to evaluate the braking characteristics of tires. The test apparatus can also perform a test where a vehicle condition
7914898 Resin-coated metal plate for use in perforating printed-wiring board March 29, 2011
The present invention provides a resin-coated metal plate suitable as a cover plate for use in perforating a printed-wiring board with a drill, capable of effectively preventing the heat generation of drill bits and the scattering of chips while sufficiently performing lubrication and
7897025 Method and apparatus for forming thin film March 1, 2011
A rotor having a cylindrical peripheral surface is disposed in a treatment vessel into which a carrier gas is introduced, and the rotor peripheral surface is opposed to the surface of a substrate with a predetermine gap therebetween. Film-forming particulates including atomic molecules o
7820303 Conductive material for connecting part and method for manufacturing the conductive material October 26, 2010
There is provided a conductive material comprising a base material made up of a Cu strip, a Cu--Sn alloy covering layer formed over a surface of the base material, containing Cu in a range of 20 to 70 at.%, and having an average thickness in a range of 0.1 to 3.0 .mu.m and an Sn covering
7789934 Lubricant for powder metallurgy, powdery mixture for powder metallurgy, and process for producin September 7, 2010
A lubricant for powder metallurgy which includes a polyhydroxycarboxylic acid amide. The lubricant improves both flowability and lubricity, irrespective of a presence or absence of any complicated pretreatment step.
7785372 Artificial joint member with grafted polymer surface August 31, 2010
An artificial joint member made of a polymeric material including a portion made of a polymeric substance has a sliding surface composed of a polymer having phosphoryl choline groups. With such an arrangement, the artificial joint member is provided with a sliding part capable of kee
7771840 Aluminum alloy plate and heat exchanger formed thereof August 10, 2010
There are provided an aluminum alloy plate having high strength and excellent corrosion resistance even though the plate is made thinner, and a heat exchanger formed thereof. In an aluminum alloy plate having a core material and a surface material cladded on at least one side of the core
7767041 Ag-Bi-base alloy sputtering target, and method for producing the same August 3, 2010
The sputtering target made of a Ag--Bi-base alloy contains Bi in solid solution with Ag. The sputtering target has an intensity of precipitated Bi of 0.01 at %.sup.-1 or less, as calculated by the following mathematical expression (1) based on analysis results of X-ray diffraction, a
7767036 High strength cold rolled steel sheet and plated steel sheet excellent in the balance of strengt August 3, 2010
A high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet exhibiting an excellent strength-workability balance, including in percent by mass: 0.10-0.25% of C; 1.0-2.0% of Si; 1.5-3.0% of Mn; 0.01% or less (not including 0%) of P; 0.005% or less (not including 0%) of S; 0.01-3.0% of Al; and remaining
7763126 Ag base sputtering target and process for producing the same July 27, 2010
An Ag sputtering target 6 has three-dimensional fluctuation of grain sizes of not more than 18%. The fluctuation is determined by exposing plural sputtering surfaces by slicing the sputtering target 6 in planes to initial sputtering surface, selecting plural locations on each of the
7763123 Spring produced by a process comprising coiling a hard drawn steel wire excellent in fatigue str July 27, 2010
Disclosed is a hard-drawn spring which exhibits fatigue strength and sag resistance equal or superior to springs produced using an oil-tempered wire. The hard-drawn spring is produced using a steel wire containing 0.5 to 0.7 mass % of C, 1.0 to 1.95 mass % of Si, 0.5 to 1.5 mass % of Mn
7758942 Ag base alloy thin film and sputtering target for forming Ag base alloy thin film July 20, 2010
The present invention relates to an Ag alloy film. Particularly, it is preferably used as a reflective film or semi-transmissive reflective film for an optical information recording medium having high thermal conductivity/high reflectance/high durability in the field of optical infor
7718898 Precursor for manufacturing Nb.sub.3Sn superconducting wire and Nb.sub.3Sn superconducting wire May 18, 2010
A precursor for manufacturing a Nb.sub.3Sn superconducting wire according to the present invention includes a mono-element wire including a Sn or Sn-based alloy core disposed at the, a Cu or Cu-based alloy matrix and a plurality of Nb or Nb-based alloy filaments surrounding the Sn or
7715022 Apparatus and method for measuring shape May 11, 2010
A shape measuring apparatus and a shape measuring method suited for measuring an edge profile of a thin sample such as a semiconductor wafer or the like is provided. A distribution of surface angle and an edge profile of a measurement site is calculated by emitting light at sequentia
7713608 Silver alloy reflective films for optical information recording media, silver alloy sputtering t May 11, 2010
A silver alloy reflective film is used in an optical information recording medium and contains Ag as a main component, a total of 1 to 10 atomic percent of at least one selected from Nd, Gd, Y, Sm, La, and Ce, and a total of 2 to 10 atomic percent of at least one selected from Li, Mg, Al
7666350 Low carbon composite free-cutting steel product excellent in roughness of finished surface and m February 23, 2010
The present invention provides a low-carbon resulfurized free machining steel product excellent in machinability typified by finished surface roughness even though toxic Pb or special elements such as Bi or Te are not added, and a suitable production method thereof. A steel product has
7665738 Self-tightening type sealing device February 23, 2010
In a self-tightening type sealing device according to the present invention, not only a sealing member is tightened by an internal pressure, but also a tightening force imparting device which tightens the sealing member separately from the internal pressure is provided so as to be re
7659677 Rotation brake method and device for working machine February 9, 2010
To stop, in an emergency, a revolving superstructure quickly from rotating while preventing damage of a mechanical brake. A revolving superstructure is driven swiveling using a permanent magnetic-type swiveling electric motor; in an emergency, such as a malfunction in a drive or control
7658421 Axial member with flange, connection member and production methods thereof February 9, 2010
A target tubular member with flange, such as a bumper stay, has a flange having an outer diameter larger than the diameter of an axial section and is formed by electromagnetic forming without excessive expansion. The tubular member with flange includes an axial member made of a tubular
7654364 Sound absorbing structure February 2, 2010
A sound absorbing structure having excellent in sound absorbing performance, which is capable of achieving 0.4 or higher in the sound absorbing coefficient even in the case where a perforated panel is a thin plate such as aluminum foil within a range where a reduction in the weight o
7654306 Heat-storage unit and operation method of heat-storage unit February 2, 2010
Provided is a heat-storage unit capable of efficiently storing heat in a heat-storage material and sufficiently taking out the stored heat.The heat-storage unit capable of exchanging heat by direct contact between sodium acetate and oil, storing heat in the sodium acetate, and radiating
7650279 Sound source separation apparatus and sound source separation method January 19, 2010
To shorten an output delay while a high sound source separation performance is ensured when a sound separation process based on an ICA method is performed. A second Fourier transform process execution cycle t2 for obtaining a second frequency-domain signal S1 used as an input signal
7645317 Mixed power for powder metallurgy, green compact thereof, and sintered body January 12, 2010
The present invention relates to a mixed powder for powder metallurgy containing an iron-base powder and a carbon supply component, in which the carbon supply component contains a graphite powder and a carbon black, and in which a mixing ratio of the graphite powder to the carbon bla
7626139 Method for manufacturing seamed flux-cored welding wire December 1, 2009
Disclosed herein is a manufacturing method, excellent in wire drawability, of a seamed flux-cored welding wire having both favorable feedability and low hydrogen content characteristic. The method for manufacturing a seamed flux-cored wire, comprises the steps of: drawing a tube-like
7618719 Hard coating for glass molding and glass molding die having the hard coating November 17, 2009
A hard coating combining excellent mold releasability with respect to glass with excellent durability at high temperature environment of C. or more, and a glass molding die having the hard coating are provided. A glass molding die has a hard coating formed on a molding su

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