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Kabushiki Kaisha F.C.C. Patents
Kabushiki Kaisha F.C.C.
Shizuoka, JP
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8262539 Power transmitting apparatus September 11, 2012
A power transmitting apparatus, such an automotive transmission, adapted to properly select transmission of or cutting-off of a driving force of the driving source to or from the wheels of a vehicle can include a torque converter having a torque amplifying function. A clutch mechanism
8246511 Power transmitting apparatuses August 21, 2012
A power transmitting apparatus for a vehicle mounted with a torque converter and an idle-stop mechanism can be configured to improve fuel economy without cancelling a fuel-cut-off during vehicle speed reduction and to reduce the manufacturing cost by eliminating an electrically-drive
8245826 Power transmitting apparatus August 21, 2012
A power transmitting apparatus for transmitting power from a driving source of a vehicle to its wheels can be adapted to properly select transmitting or cutting-off of the driving force of the driving source to or from the wheels. The apparatus can comprise a torque converter having
8151963 Power transmitting apparatus April 10, 2012
A power transmitting apparatus can comprise a clutch housing rotatable together with an input member and supporting a plurality of driving clutch plates. A clutch member can support a plurality of driven clutch plates alternately arranged between the driving clutch plates via spline
8061498 Wet clutch friction plate November 22, 2011
A wet clutch friction plate is provided in which a plurality of oil channels (22) are formed in a friction material (21) bonded to one side face or opposite side faces of a core plate (20), the plurality of oil channels (22) providing communication between inner and outer peripheral
8057347 Power transmitting apparatus November 15, 2011
A power transmitting apparatus can be configured to switch between 2-wheel drive mode and 4-wheel drive mode and to lock and unlock a differential device. The power transmitting apparatus can comprise an input shaft connected to a driving power source i.e. an engine of vehicle and ro
8011487 Clutch outer member for multi-plate clutch September 6, 2011
A clutch outer member (1) for a multi-plate clutch is provided that includes an end wall (7), a large number of fins (30) extending axially from the outer peripheral part of the end wall (7) and arranged at equal intervals in the peripheral direction so as to define spline grooves (2
7951038 Power transmitting apparatus May 31, 2011
A power transmitting apparatus for performing switching between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive modes and locking and unlocking of a differential by an operational shaft can comprise a reversible motor, a driving shaft rotationally driven by the motor and adapted to be engaged by the opera
7758463 Power transmitting apparatus July 20, 2010
A power transmitting apparatus for performing switching between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive modes and locking and unlocking of differential mechanism by an operational shaft can include a driving device comprising a reversible motor, a rotational member rotationally driven by the motor
7721862 Power transmitting apparatus May 25, 2010
A power transmitting apparatus can comprise a clutch housing, a plurality of driving clutch plates, a plurality of driven clutch plates movable for carrying out the pressure-contact or release relative to the driving clutch plates, a clutch member, a pressure member, pressure-contact
7530284 Multiplate clutch outer part May 12, 2009
A multiplate clutch outer part is formed by pressing a steel plate. The multiplate clutch outer part includes: an end wall portion; and a cylindrical portion having its one end formed continuously with the outer peripheral end of the end wall portion, and opened at the other end. A b
7240413 Process and device for producing clutch friction plate July 10, 2007
A process for producing a clutch friction plate in which a plurality of friction material segments are bonded to an annular flat face of an annular core plate so that oil channels are formed between the segments, the process including: a step of forming a plurality of strip-shaped fr
7066312 Fluid transmitting system with lock-up clutch June 27, 2006
A fluid transmitting system includes a lock-up clutch whose clutch piston is disposed between a side cover connected to a pump impeller and a turbine runner. A Belleville spring for biasing the clutch piston to a clutch turning-on direction is mounted to a piston hub of the clutch pi
7044283 Dry multiple-disk clutch May 16, 2006
A dry multiple-disk clutch for transmitting power from the crankshaft of a motorcycle to a transmission input shaft and cutting off power transmission includes an outer clutch member interlocked with the crankshaft so as to be driven for rotation, a plurality of driving friction disk
6899783 Method of manufacturing friction plate for wet clutch May 31, 2005
In order to manufacture a friction plate for a wet clutch including a core plate and a friction member bonded to at least one of annular flat surfaces of the core plate, each friction member including friction member segments, an oil groove being provided between adjacent friction member
6892869 Multi-plate friction clutch May 17, 2005
A multi-plate friction clutch includes: a clutch piston 10 which is fitted to a clutch outer and capable of being hydraulically operated to press a group of first and second friction plates toward a pressure-receiving plate; an annular retaining groove formed in a pressing surface of the
6719114 Clutch outer April 13, 2004
A clutch outer includes a cylindrical portion with a plurality of slits defined therein which extend in an axial direction of the cylindrical portion. Engagement claws on outer peripheries of a plurality of friction plates slidably engage the slits. Each slit includes a wide portion
6638469 Method of manufacturing waved disk for friction engaging apparatus October 28, 2003
A waved disk for use in a friction engaging apparatus has toothed portions along an outer or inner edge thereof, and is bent or undulated in a direction of the plate thickness with the circumferential direction as the direction of a wave length. In manufacturing the waved disk, there is
6626278 Clutch September 30, 2003
In a clutch in which an end wall of a clutch housing made of an iron and a retainer plate secured to the end wall are connected with a transmitting gear made of an iron and disposed between the end wall and the retainer plate for rotation relative to each other in the predetermined range
6572726 Process for producing friction plate having flat friction surface and system for producing the s June 3, 2003
A process for producing a friction plate having a flat friction surface includes a step of provisionally arranging a plurality of sector-shaped lining segments punched out of a friction lining tape material, in a generally annular form on an index table so as not to overlap with each
6505717 Clutch weight for wet centrifugal clutch and process for producing the same January 14, 2003
In a clutch weight for a wet centrifugal clutch, a weight member 14 is formed of a sintered metal. Thus, the cost can be reduced, while stabilizing the clutch performance and enhancing the appearance.
6471807 Process for producing dry clutch facing October 29, 2002
A dry clutch facing includes a facing element which is comprised of a roving wound into a volute shape and impregnated with a rubber, a thermosetting resin and a friction improving agent. The dry clutch facing also includes a reinforcing element which includes a matrix formed of a th
6401898 Clutch piston having friction lining for lock-up clutch, and process for producing the same June 11, 2002
In a clutch piston for a lock-up clutch, which has an annular friction lining bonded thereto and provided with an entire flat friction surface, the friction lining is formed of a plurality of fan-shaped lining segments which are made at a good yield by punching from a lining blank sheet
6293382 Friction plate for wet clutch September 25, 2001
A friction plate for a wet clutch includes a core plate, and friction members bonded to opposite sides of the plate core. The friction member is provided with a plurality of first oil grooves each permitting the communication between inner and outer circumferential edges of the frict
5772515 Torque damper June 30, 1998
In a torque damper including damper springs accommodated in a channel defined around an outer periphery of a transmitting member with guide sheets sandwiched therebetween, notches are provided in an outer peripheral wall of the channel. Radially outward directed positioning claws on
5571372 Process and apparatus for manufacturing clutch friction plate November 5, 1996
A process for manufacturing a friction plate for a clutch, said friction plate comprised of an annular core having a bonding surface, and a large number of friction material segments adhered to the bonding surface in a circumferential direction of the core with an oil groove provided bet
5094331 Wet-type multiplate clutch March 10, 1992
A wet-type multiplate clutch for selectively transmitting drive forces from an engine to a road wheel has a plurality of clutch discs adapted to be coupled to the engine and each having a frictional surface, and a plurality of clutch plates adapted to be coupled to the road wheel, of

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