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KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH Patents
KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH
Neckarsulm, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8297179 Process for hardening an annular groove of a piston head by means of laser beams and a piston pr October 30, 2012
A process for hardening an annular groove of a piston head of a piston of an internal combustion engine by means of laser beams, in which, at least the annular groove to be hardened is provided before or directly during the hardening process with a coating which absorbs the energy of las
8011288 Piston, especially cooling channel piston, comprising three friction-welded zones September 6, 2011
A piston, especially a cooling channel piston of an internal combustion engine, has an upper part and a lower part which can be produced separately from each other and subsequently be assembled. The upper part has at least three radially peripheral joining webs and the lower part lik
7954421 Lightweight piston June 7, 2011
A piston has a piston head that is provided with a field of rings and a piston shaft which is disposed thereupon. The piston shaft is equipped with supporting shaft wall sections and rear connecting walls which interconnect the shaft wall sections, have an arched shape, and are fitte
7918022 Method of producing a cooling channel piston for an internal combustion engine April 5, 2011
A method of producing a cooling channel piston for an internal combustion engine having a cooling channel in its piston crown, wherein a piston lower section with piston bosses, piston pin bores and piston skirts attach to the piston crown, wherein a piston blank is first produced with
7761987 Manufacturing process for cooling channel piston with formable shoulder July 27, 2010
Process for manufacturing a cooling channel piston which has a cooling channel approximately in the area behind the ring belt, where a piston blank is shaped at least partially by forging, where in accordance with the invention it is envisaged that a circumferential shoulder is formed
7730828 Rotor recess with scupper slots and free casting June 8, 2010
A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston head provided with an annular field, and a piston shaft arranged beneath the annular field. The piston shaft has shaft surfaces and a recess surface which is arranged around a bolt borehole and set back in relation to an outer
6763757 Process for manufacturing a one-piece cooling-channel piston July 20, 2004
The invention relates to a process for manufacturing a single-piece cooling channel piston, where a piston blank produced by forging is furnished with a circumferential ring-shaped recess between the piston skirts and the piston crown and with an open-bottomed cooling channel in the area
6345599 Piston for internal combustion engines February 12, 2002
A light metal piston for internal combustion engines which includes a bearing bushing comprising a shell wrapped from a rolled strip or band shaped metal material. The shell has a butt joint which is closed in a pressed-in state, with a preferred orientation of the metallurgical grain

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