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KNF Neuberger GmbH Patents
KNF Neuberger GmbH
Freiburg, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D603426 Boxer membrane pump November 3, 2009
7363850 Diaphragm pump April 29, 2008
The invention relates to a diaphragm pump (1) including a working diaphragm (3) that, during pumping movements, oscillates between a bottom dead center and a top dead center. The working diaphragm (3) delimits a pump chamber (7) between itself and a concave pump chamber wall (6) and
7270048 Pump September 18, 2007
A pump (1) with an oscillating part having a housing (2) with a working chamber (3) and a crankcase (4) defined from the working chamber by the pump part. A pump drive mechanism (6) with a drive shaft (7) is located inside the crankcase (4) and the drive shaft is mounted on bearings (8,
6863508 Measuring gas pump with heated and insulated pump head March 8, 2005
A pump for gases to be measured having a pump housing in which a pump chamber is located. The pump chamber is sealed off by a working membrane that is connected to a crank drive by a connecting rod or similar lifting mechanism. A heating device is provided in an upper area of the pump
6827564 Rotary compressor December 7, 2004
A rotary piston displacement device having an impeller housng with an approximately cylindrical receiving chamber in which an approximately cylindrical piston, which has a smaller outside diameter than and which is mounted eccentrically relative to, the receiving chamber, is provided
6827558 Measuring gas pump December 7, 2004
A measuring gas pump (1) including a pump housing (2) with a pump chamber (3) inside which is sealed by a working membrane (5). The membrane (5) is connected: by a connecting rod (8) or a similar type of lifting device to a crank mechanism (9). A heating device is provided in the upper a
6817839 Device for delivering moist gases November 16, 2004
A multistage device (1) for delivering moist gases is provided. Said device comprises several delivery pumps (2, 3) each of which having a displacer that oscillates inside a delivery space, and being connected in series via a connection channel (6). The inventive device also comprises a
6796215 Membrane pump September 28, 2004
A membrane pump (104) with an operating membrane (1) delimiting a conveying space (2), and a supplemental membrane (3) arranged on the side of the operating membrane (1) facing away from the conveying space (2), with a membrane interspace (4) provided between the operating membrane (1) a
6595758 Method for conveying damp gases by means of a conveyor device and a conveyor device for carrying July 22, 2003
The invention relates to a process for conveying damp gases by means of a conveyor device (1) and also relates to a conveyor device (1) for carrying out the process. The conveyor device (1) has at least one feed pump (2) with an oscillating reciprocating piston (3) in a delivery chamber
6305907 Process for evacuating a wet gas a treatment device to carry out this process and a suction pump October 23, 2001
A process for evacuating a wet or liquid conveying medium out of the treatment chamber (2) of a treatment device (1) using a pumping device (3) that has a single or multi-stage suction pump (4) is provided, where the conveying medium is cooled off during the evacuation along the flow pat
6065389 Diaphragm pump May 23, 2000
A diaphragm pump, especially a microdiaphragm pump, with a crank drive (1) having a connecting rod (2) and an elastic diaphragm (3) connected with the connecting rod (2) has on the back side of the diaphragm facing away from the compression chamber at least one undercut fastening opening
6063242 Evaporation system May 16, 2000
An evaporation system for separation of a fluid mixture into its component parts, especially for the reclamation of solvents, has a vacuum pump connected to the evaporator, especially a rotation evaporator, with at least one separator being connected to the suction side of the vacuum pum
5895208 Reciprocating piston machine with capillary passages on valves for pressure relief April 20, 1999
A reciprocating piston machine (1) has an inlet valve (9) on the suction side and an outlet valve (10) on the delivery side, which valves exhibit a valve body having a valve disc (11, 12) comprising of an elastomer, whereby the compression chamber (6) sealed off by the reciprocating pist
5699992 Pump stand December 23, 1997
A pump stand (1) has a base plate (2) with a pump (3) mountable thereon. The pump (3) has supports (4) serving as its vibration damping elements with which it stands upon the base plate (2). Coupling elements (5) are provided on the pump underside and on the base plate upper side, for
5699717 Diaphragm pump with shaped diaphragm having radially and circumferentially extending ribs December 23, 1997
A diaphragm pump (1) has a shaped diaphragm (2) of elastic material. The central zone (3) of the diaphragm (2) is thickened in the direction of stroke and is surrounded by a flexible annular zone (5) held on the pump case by an external clamping edge (6). The central zone (3) of the
5690017 Diaphragm pump with at least one reciprocating piston and balancing device therefor November 25, 1997
A diaphragm pump 1 has a reciprocating piston 2 operated with the aid of a connecting rod 5 and by this means moves an attached diaphragm 4 fixed in the pump housing 3. The connecting rod 5, in turn, is acted upon and driven at the end facing away from the reciprocating piston 2 by an
5584669 Two-stage positive displacement pump December 17, 1996
A two-stage positive displacement pump (1) is used in particular to operate in conjunction with a turbomolecular pump (2) that can be placed ahead of it in series. The two-stage positive displacement pump (1) is configured as a hybrid pump (3) that has on the medium-entry side a reciproc
5554014 Diaphragm pump with at least two diaphragms September 10, 1996
A diaphragm pump (1) with a working diaphragm (16) is provided with an additional diaphragm (26) arranged at a distance (a) from the working diaphragm (16), between the working diaphragm and eccentric drive (7). The diaphragm pump (1) provided with an additional diaphragm may alternative
5551843 Pump with a driving motor and a case September 3, 1996
A diaphragm pump with a driving motor has arranged in a case (5) at lease one drive (3) for transferring the pump movement to a pump diaphragm (4a). The case (5) of the diaphragm pump is essentially formed by at least one extrusion (6) configured to accommodate the drive(s) (3) and the d
5533886 Membrane pump and method of operating the same July 9, 1996
A membrane pump has a housing which includes a pump head provided with an internal recess. The pump head is further provided with an inlet opening and an outlet opening which communicate with the recess and are disposed next to one another near an edge of the housing. A membrane extends
5533874 Stand for a pump July 9, 1996
A pump stand (1) has a base plate (2) for mounting thereon a pump (3) and at least one of a control unit (6) and a vacuum controller (7). The pump stand (1) has for this purpose a plurality of push-in or snap-in connections (5) enabling pump components or accessory units, particularly
5461966 Measuring gas pump October 31, 1995
A measuring gas pump (1) has a pump chamber (3) closed by means of a working diaphragm (6). The strokes (double-headed arrow 26) are imparted to the working diaphragm (6) by way of a connecting rod or like lifting mechanism (9) from a crank mechanism (10). A heat source (16) is provided
5387090 Two-stage positive displacement pump February 7, 1995
A two-stage positive displacement pump (1) is used in particular to operate in conjunction with a turbomolecular pump (2) that can be placed ahead of it in series. The two-stage positive displacement pump (1) is configured as a hybrid pump (3) that has on the medium-entry side a reciproc
5275541 Fluid-operated valve for pumps and the like January 4, 1994
A diaphragm pump has a first fluid-operated valve which opens when the diaphragm performs a suction stroke and a second fluid-operated valve which opens when the diaphragm performs a compression stroke. The volumetric efficiency of the pump is enhanced by constructing at least one of
5145336 Diaphragm pump with reinforced diaphragm September 8, 1992
A diaphragm pump wherein the marginal portion of a contoured diaphragm is clamped between the cover and the case of the pump housing and the reinforced central portion of the diaphragm is reciprocated toward and away from the inner side of the cover by the connecting rod of a crank d
4993925 Diaphragm pump with noise intercepting insert February 19, 1991
A diaphragm pump wherein that side of the diaphragm which faces away from the pumping chamber is adjacent a noise intercepting insert. The insert is traversed by the connecting rod of the drive which oscillates the central portion of the diaphragm to draw a fluid into and to expel the dr

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