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K Laser Technology, Inc. Patents
K Laser Technology, Inc.
Hsin-Chu, TW
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7423808 Rear projection screen with spatial varying diffusing angle September 9, 2008
A Fresnel lens of the prior art is split into two Fresnel lenses to allow easier control of the horizontal and vertical viewing angles. In a second embodiment, the Fresnel lens is entirely eliminated. Instead, the diffuser contains elliptical microstructures so that the diffusing cones
6768553 Continuous-zoom imaging device of interferometer July 27, 2004
The present invention provides a continuous-zoom imaging device of an interferometer. Reflected lights of a reference plane and a test plane interfere with each other to generate an interference pattern. A collimation device converts a parallel light of the interference pattern into
6697179 Multi-layer hologram label February 24, 2004
A multi-layer hologram label includes a base layer having a surface on which a number of layers of adhesive materials are coated in a stacked manner. Each layer has a surface on which a pattern associated with a holographic image is formed whereby by sequentially removing the layers,
6679968 Laser laminar structure and method of manufacturing the same January 20, 2004
A laser laminar structure is formed by coating each side of a thin substrate with a bonding resin layer, and then coating each bonding resin layer with a molding resin layer; attaching a transparent laser film provided with fine grooves of a laser image presenting figure, characters
6637890 Small reflective type liquid crystal projection device October 28, 2003
The present invention provides a small reflective type liquid crystal projection device, which comprises an X-prism, three PBSs, two dichroic mirrors, at least three totally reflective mirrors, three reflective type liquid crystal plates, and a projection object lens. The present inventi
6525785 Projection apparatus using L-shaped dichroic prism set having a cubically glass block juxtaposed February 25, 2003
The present invention proposes a transmission-type liquid crystal projection display, which comprises an incident light source, a light-separating means, three transmission-type liquid crystal display, an L-shaped dichroic polarizing prism set, an optical path adjusting means, and a
6402323 Reflective type liquid crystal projection system June 11, 2002
The present invention proposes a reflective type liquid crystal projection system, which comprises an incident light source providing an S-polarization light beam or a P-polarization light beam as the incident light beam. A polarization of color-splitting device having a first polari
5742113 Device for tilt-free translation of one plate relative to a reference plate April 21, 1998
A device for the tilt-free movement of one solid body with respect to a reference body is achieved by fixing first and second plates, illustratively with large central apertures, in spaced-apart parallel planes with cylindrical flexure tubes sandwich therebetween. Each of the flexure

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