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Johnson Worldwide Associates Patents
Johnson Worldwide Associates
Sturtevant, WI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D418521 Trolling motor January 4, 2000
D418520 Trolling motor housing January 4, 2000
D415241 Combined crank handle and drag control October 12, 1999
D382327 Fishing reel housing August 12, 1997
5988548 Easy hold fishing reel body November 23, 1999
A fishing reel body includes a first side; a second line retrieval handle side opposite the first side; a bridge extending between the first and second sides, the bridge supporting a thumb rest portion; a convex surface on the second side configured to extend into the user's palm and an
5957355 Pack compression system September 28, 1999
A pack compression system includes a pack enclosing an internal volume, a closing mechanism, and first and second compression mechanisms. The pack has a top, a bottom, a back panel extending between the top and bottom, an adapter for being positioned proximate the user's back, and a fron
5950622 Scuba diving breathing regulator September 14, 1999
A breathing regulator for scuba diving includes a housing having a high pressure gas inlet and a discharge outlet in conjunction with a pressure regulator valve assembly operatively connected to the inlet. The valve assembly includes a valve support, a valve movably coupled to the valve
5950346 Multi-segment fishing rod assembly September 14, 1999
A fishing rod assembly includes a multi-segment rod having first and second segments and a clip for securing the segments adjacent one another during storage and transportation. The first segment includes a tip while the second segment includes a handle portion having an end opposite the
5944450 Integral buoyancy and ballast system for scuba divers August 31, 1999
A buoyancy compensator for a scuba diver vest having a pocket on each side of the front of the vest, a weight module removably positioned in each pocket, each weight module includes an envelope releasably mounted in said pocket a weight packet carried within the envelope, a weight remova
5902073 Equipment support garment for divers May 11, 1999
A support garment for diving equipment includes several subassemblies for providing comfortable support of diving equipment, such as a tank of pressurized breathing gas, a buoyancy compensating air cell and a ballast weight pocket assembly. A frame is adjustably secured to a shoulder
5611644 Buckle for a diving mask March 18, 1997
A strap retainer system is disclosed. The strap retainer system has particular utility with diving masks and includes a buckle pivotably mounted to a frame. The buckle cooperates with a swivel mechanism to permit selective adjustment of the strap length. Additionally, the swivel mech
5607258 Scuba diving harness for use with a buoyancy control device March 4, 1997
A harness for use in scuba diving is disclosed. The harness is independent of the air cell and includes arcuate shoulder straps to promote the comfort of the scuba diver, particularly when moving about above water with the air tanks and other scuba equipment in place. The harness also
5575277 Equaliztion system for a diving mask November 19, 1996
The present invention is directed to a pressure equalization system for use in a dive mask of the type used for scuba diving and skin diving. The dive mask generally includes a frame in which a substantially transparent window or lens is mounted. A flexible skirt is also attached to the
5572989 Pressure equalizing mechanism for a diving mask November 12, 1996
An improved diving mask is disclosed. The diving mask includes a frame and a lens mounted and sealed within the frame. A flexible skirt is also mounted to the frame and designed to form a seal with a diver's face around the eyes and nose of the diver. The skirt includes a flexible no
5524831 Fishing reel June 11, 1996
An apparatus for use with a fishing reel for indicating line travel during line payout from the reel. The apparatus preferrably comprises a light source coupled with the reel, a light sensor optically coupled with the light source, and an indicating means coupled with the light sensor. T

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