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Johnson Enterprises, Inc. Patents
Johnson Enterprises, Inc.
Rockford, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D365757 Translucent water bottle January 2, 1996
D342028 Preform for a bottle December 7, 1993
D338594 Beverage tap August 24, 1993
D334345 Bottle March 30, 1993
D326609 Bottle June 2, 1992
7565921 Log feed roll and flute attachment July 28, 2009
A log feed roll for displacing a log has a roll which may be rotated around a rotary axis, flutes for propelling the log, and removable flute attachments fastened to the flutes for contacting the log during engagement of the log in the feed roll. The flutes have flute apertures exten
5438979 Nasal cannula support August 8, 1995
A nasal cannula is supported on the crossbar of a generally U-shaped frame having bows adapted to extend rearwardly along the sides of a patient's head and adapted to rest on the patient's ears. Clips on the crossbar and the bows support flexible tubes for supplying oxygen to the cannula
5327602 Combination pliers and spanner wrench July 12, 1994
A spanner wrench is clamped to one component of a conventional pair of pliers and is prevented from turning relative to that component by the same pivot element which pivotably connects the two plier components to one another.
5217128 Thermoplastic bottle with reinforcing ribs June 8, 1993
A relatively large water bottle is blow molded from thermoplastic material and includes a generally cylindrical body, a generally frustoconical top breast at the upper end of the body, and a filling and dispensing neck extending upwardly from the central portion of the top breast. Angula
5145096 Slide-on tap for a beverage container September 8, 1992
The tap includes a lower body adapted to slide radially onto the neck of a container and lock beneath a lip on the neck. Connected pivotally to the lower body is an upper body having means for opening valves in the neck when the upper body is swung downwardly relative to the lower body t
5126177 Thermoplastic preform for blow molding a bottle with reinforcing ribs June 30, 1992
A preform injection molded from PET includes a frustoconical section whose outer surface is formed with a series of angularly spaced ribs. When the preform is converted into a bottle by a blow molding operation, the frustoconical section of the preform is converted to a frustoconical top
5090599 Seal for a beverage tap February 25, 1992
A beverage tap includes a probe with a cylindrical upper section and a reduced-diameter cylindrical lower section. In order to seal the probe with respect to a Sankey-type keg fitting, an elastomeric seal includes a tubular body attached to the upper section of the probe and formed with
5025955 Container closure with improved sealing membrane June 25, 1991
A closure for a container such as a container of draft beer includes two sealing plugs having bores for receiving the gas and beer tubes of a tapping unit. Initially, the bores of the plugs are sealed by rubber membranes which are adapted to be pierced by the tubes as an incident to
4784299 Tap with spaced product and gas tubes November 15, 1988
A tap for use with a container closure of the type having a pair of resilient sealing plugs. The tap includes a body which supports spaced product and gas tubes adapted to be thrust through the resilient sealing plugs of the closure. When the tap is removed from the container, the gas
4717048 Beverage tap January 5, 1988
A tap for a beer keg having a Sankey-type fitting with radially inwardly extending lugs which normally are used to hold a conventional tap in a locked position on the keg. To prevent the locking lugs of the fitting from being damaged or to permit use of the keg after the lugs have become
4665940 Container fitting May 19, 1987
A fitting for a container of draft beer or the like includes a first valve for permitting pressurized gas to be injected into the container and a second valve for permitting beer to be dispensed from the container. Both valves are urged to their closed positions by inexpensive elastomeri
4436227 Pump and tap assembly for beverage containers March 13, 1984
A combined pump and tap assembly for a beverage container includes a cylinder for a hand pump and a gas tube projecting downwardly from the bottom wall of the cylinder and communicating with the interior of the latter. A hollow boss rigid with the bottom wall provides a connection for
4106392 Hand-operated pump August 15, 1978
A hand-operated pump includes a cylinder and a reciprocating plunger. The plunger is made from plastic and includes a piston, a stem and an enlarged hand grip which are all molded integrally with one another so as to form a one-piece unit. The end of the cylinder is closed by a pair of s
4000829 Container closure unit January 4, 1977
The closure is an improvement over that shown in our U.S. Pat. No. 3,592,351 in that the present closure is capable of accommodating a tap with non-coaxial gas and draw tubes which make the tap effective for use in series tapping systems.

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