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Johnson Controls Technology Company Patents
Johnson Controls Technology Company
Plymouth, MI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36734 Battery plates having rounded lower corners June 13, 2000
A process for cutting a moving strip to form a series of plates, such as battery plates, includes the initial step of transporting the strip past a rotary divider including a cutter having radial blades configured to cut the strip into the plates. The cutter further has a set of blades f
H2176 System for processing interior environment complaints from building occupants December 5, 2006
Occupants of a building are able to submit complaints regarding operating conditions, such as temperature, humidity and air quality, via a web site on an Intranet or Internet. The server for the web site logs the complaints and current environmental conditions in a storage device. The
D668604 Battery October 9, 2012
D662048 Vehicle battery charger June 19, 2012
D662047 Battery charger housing June 19, 2012
D662046 Battery charger dashboard June 19, 2012
D660790 Battery May 29, 2012
D660232 Battery May 22, 2012
D660226 Battery May 22, 2012
D637197 Display screen of a communications terminal with a user interface May 3, 2011
D637196 Display screen of a communications terminal with a user interface May 3, 2011
D635509 Battery April 5, 2011
D629410 Display screen with user interface December 21, 2010
D626349 Vehicle seat November 2, 2010
D625254 Battery October 12, 2010
D625253 Battery October 12, 2010
D622523 Tape trim August 31, 2010
D621353 Battery August 10, 2010
D610475 Thermostat housing February 23, 2010
D610089 Battery February 16, 2010
D609631 Battery February 9, 2010
D609179 Battery February 2, 2010
D609178 Battery February 2, 2010
D608283 Battery January 19, 2010
D607407 Battery January 5, 2010
D607406 Battery January 5, 2010
D607405 Battery January 5, 2010
D606940 Battery December 29, 2009
D606939 Battery December 29, 2009
D606938 Battery dust cover December 29, 2009
D600202 Battery September 15, 2009
D594015 Graphical user interface for a display screen June 9, 2009
D594014 Graphical user interface for a display screen June 9, 2009
D594013 Graphical user interface for a display screen June 9, 2009
D589526 Graphical user interface for a display screen March 31, 2009
D570005 Lens for a vehicle interior light May 27, 2008
D556611 Temperature sensing device December 4, 2007
D556610 Temperature sensing device December 4, 2007
D487452 Remote control March 9, 2004
D466478 Adapter system for a battery December 3, 2002
D462656 Battery case September 10, 2002
D450035 Cover for a case for battery cells November 6, 2001
D442542 Case for battery cells May 22, 2001
D424963 Cover for battery anti-theft control module May 16, 2000
8586248 Battery, battery plate assembly, and method of assembly November 19, 2013
A battery plate assembly for a lead-acid battery is disclosed. The assembly includes a plates of opposing polarity each formed by an electrically conductive grid body having opposed top and bottom frame elements and opposed first and second side frame elements, the top frame element
8579448 Pointer structure of an instrument cluster November 12, 2013
Instrument cluster and pointing device for a car or other vehicle, the pointing device being mounted rotatable about a rotation axis and having a shaft element in the vicinity of the rotation axis, the pointing device further comprising at least one of a light guide element or a mirror
8573699 Vehicle seat November 5, 2013
A rear seat of a vehicle which allows controlled reclining of the seat as well as folding the seatback to a stowed position.
8573670 Vehicle seating system and cabin November 5, 2013
A passenger seating system (26) for a vehicle (5) comprising a seat back (12), a seat cushion (14), and a seat base (16). The passenger seating system (26) may be configured to utilize, expose and/or create various storage areas. The storage areas may be located on or within the seat
8573665 Transparent/translucent flexible component for a vehicle interior November 5, 2013
A storage component 20 for a vehicle includes a flexible component 22, such as a tambour door, formed of a plurality of slats 26 supported by and chemically bonded to a substrate 24. The flexible component 22 is translucent or transparent, allowing light to pass therethrough. The sla
8567839 Multi-part equipment piece for a vehicle and connecting method October 29, 2013
An equipment piece includes first and second components, such as a vehicle door armrest and a vehicle door. The first component is insertable in a recess, such as a slot, in the second component. The second component may be secured in the first by deformation of a projecting portion
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