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Jena, DE
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6699425 Device and method for transferring microstructures March 2, 2004
A device and a method for transferring microstructures from a tool to a substrate which is to be structured. The device and method are intended to align the tool and the substrate in a mutually controlled manner. The device contains supports for the tool and the substrate which can be
6621839 Method for contacting a high-power diode laser bar and a high-power diode laser bar-contact arra September 16, 2003
A method is disclosed for joining an electrical contact of minor thermal function to a high-power diode laser bar, comprises the step of joining the contact and the HDB by a joining material containing an adhesive. A high-power diode laser bar-contact arrangement comprises a high-power
6560045 Elastic lens holder May 6, 2003
Elastic lens holder with a lens mount and a lens, an annular groove being constructed on the circumferential surface of the lens, and there being present at the lens mount elastic segments whose free ends engage radially under pretension in the annular groove.
6535533 Mounting substrate and heat sink for high-power diode laser bars March 18, 2003
Mounting substrate and heat sink for high-power diode laser bars, the mounting substrate permitting mounting of the high-power diode laser bars by hard-soldering on the basis of a matching expansion to the semiconductor material. The mounting substrate is difficult to bend and of ext
6480514 Device for cooling diode lasers November 12, 2002
In a device for cooling diode lasers, it is aimed to increase the heat transfer coefficient, with a low overall height of the device, in such a manner that the pressure losses occurring also effectively ensure that stacked heat sinks are operated in parallel in terms of flow. Channels
6419439 Indexer for magazine shelves of a magazine and wafer-shaped objects contained therein July 16, 2002
An indexer for magazine shelves of a magazine and wafer-shaped objects contained therein has the object of ensuring accurate access in any desired and predeterminable magazine plane, also for magazines which are provided with an opening on only one removing and charging side, by means
6416311 Device and method for separating a shaped substrate from a stamping tool July 9, 2002
The object, in a device and a method for separating a shaped substrate from a stamping tool, is to make demolding more functionally reliable and to substantially prevent damage to expensive components. A closeable chamber, the mutually moveable chamber parts of which are the support for
6337873 Optical arrangement for balancing the beam of one or more high power diode lasers arranged one a January 8, 2002
An optical arrangement is provided for balancing the beam of one or more high-power diode lasers (HP-DL) arranged one above another.The beam, which is known to diverge very differently in the direction of the pn junction and perpendicular to the pn junction of the emitters of an HP-DL ar
6324897 Partial-pressure sensor December 4, 2001
A partial pressure sensor is disclosed which is suitable for determining the partial pressure of a gas or vapor in a thermally uncontrolled gas atmosphere over a large measurement range and with high measuring accuracy.
6281968 Laser distance-measuring instrument for large measuring ranges August 28, 2001
Laser distance-measuring instrument for large measuring ranges having a transmitting channel and a receiving channel arranged parallel to one another, the receiving lens being a modified single lens comprising a primary lens region with a primary optical reception axis which is aligned
6279730 Arrangement for the movement of production goods along a production line August 28, 2001
An arrangement for conveying material to be conveyed along a conveying plane, in particular for freight-loading systems in freight compartments, preferably of aircraft is disclosed. The arrangement provides that driving material to be conveyed along a conveying plane, with which safe, re
6266358 Diode-pumped solid-state laser with an exchangeable pumping module July 24, 2001
The invention relates to a diode-pumped solid-state laser (DSSL) comprises a pumping light source having a diode stack. The inventive laser also comprises a laser rod and a pumping cavity, whereby the pumping light source accommodated in a separate housing can be exchanged as a pumping
6224090 Airbag cover May 1, 2001
An airbag cover in a dashboard, a steering wheel hub cover, or door panel with at least one predetermined breaking line whose shape is substantially determined by a line-shaped weakened portion. The line-shaped weakened portion is a perforation line extending until approximately below th
6147356 Arrangement for the detection of disk-shaped objects in a cassette November 14, 2000
An arrangement for the detection of disk-shaped objects in a cassette preferably for detecting the presence and the position of semiconductor wafers in a cassette is disclosed. Reliable detection of disk-shaped objects in cassettes is provided regardless of their orientation or any d
6137565 Bragg grating temperature/strain fiber sensor having combination interferometer/spectrometer out October 24, 2000
An arrangement for simultaneous optical determination of temperature and strain fluctuations in an optical fiber for precisely determining the changes in environmental influences and/or fiber loads is disclosed. The arrangement performs two different measurement tasks of the absolute
6078384 Process and arrangement for the evaluation of laser doppler signals June 20, 2000
Processes and arrangements for the evaluation of laser Doppler signals, especially in laser Doppler anemometers (LDA) or vibrometers, are disclosed. The object of these processes and arrangements is to find a simple possibility for evaluating laser Doppler signals which retains the a
6068104 Device for securing a moving object at a destination May 30, 2000
A device for securing a moving object at a destination has, as a object, the imparting of flexibility to the position of the object to be secured; this object also applies when the space for special securing elements is relatively small and is predetermined to with respect to its locatio
6058129 Laser with different emission directions May 2, 2000
A laser comprises an active element and two resonators wherein each resonator further comprises a highly reflective resonator element and an output coupling element which reflects the radiation of the active element in itself. The active element amplifies incident radiation from a solid
6033175 Docking mechanism for aligning, coupling and securing a movable cart to a stationary workstation March 7, 2000
A device that aligns and couples a movable object to a destination includes fixed and movable coupling elements that interengage with one another. The fixed coupling elements are provided in a fixed location at the destination and the movable coupling elements are provided on the movable
5993189 Apparatus for molding microsystem structures November 30, 1999
The apparatus and process to compensate for variations in thickness of molding tools and of moldable materials used in an embossing process to be carried out under a vacuum, while ensuring high dimensional stability, and to ensure different molding depths. For achieving this object, a ch
5992404 Process and device for clearing out joints in masonry November 30, 1999
A process and a device for clearing out joints in masonry is disclosed. The clearing out is effected by producing a groove by high-pressure water jets that are so oriented and guided relative to one another and relative to the desired groove. Further, a groove with a determined cross sec
5967740 Device for the transport of objects to a destination October 19, 1999
A device for transporting objects to a destination has the aim of providing an economical and simplified design of a technical solution for transferring containers in an ergonomic manner such that the operating processes are substantially facilitated. A transfer mechanism contains, on
5920584 High-power diode laser and method for mounting the same July 6, 1999
A high-power diode laser and a method for mounting same are described. Predetermined breaking locations in the laser bar are provided which, during cooling after the laser bar has been soldered to a heat sink having a smaller thermal expansion coefficient, lead to breakage at defined
5882572 Method for producing a line-shaped weakening by means of lasers March 16, 1999
A method is described for producing a line-shaped weakening in a flat material by one-sided local removal of the flat material by controllable pulsed laser radiation. The occurring line-shaped weakening is not visible on the surface of the flat material that is not machined and has a
5838712 Diode-pumped high performance solid state laser November 17, 1998
A diode-pumped high performance solid state laser has at least one pump module comprising at least two laser diode arrays which transversely irradiate a solid state laser rod. The path length of the radiation emitted by a laser diode array through the solid state laser rod and the re
5814116 Arrangement for generating a purified, low-turbulence air flow for supplying local clean rooms September 29, 1998
An arrangement for generating a purified, low-turbulence air flow for supplying local clean rooms is aimed to reduce the constructional depth of an air processing installation and, in addition, to extensively prevent the transmission of vibrations from the air flow-generator to the e
5807062 Arrangement for handling wafer-shaped objects September 15, 1998
An arrangement for handling wafer-shaped objects is to ensure a high degree of positioning accuracy with increased productivity, freely selectable transport paths, and low mechanical expenditure under SMIF conditions. The arrangement has at least one indexing device for supplying and acc
5664679 Transport container for wafer-shaped objects September 9, 1997
A transport container for wafer-shaped objects to keep particles away from and remove them from the interior of the transport container when opening the latter, in particular also those particles located in the door gaps, without restricting handling. Cleaning in the form of a self-clean

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