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Japan Precision Instruments Inc. Patents
Japan Precision Instruments Inc.
Shibukawa-shi, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D654593 Blood pressure measuring apparatus February 21, 2012
D654592 Blood pressure measuring apparatus February 21, 2012
D589150 Blood pressure measuring apparatus March 24, 2009
D583477 Blood pressure cuff December 23, 2008
D583476 Plug for blood pressure measuring apparatus December 23, 2008
D566844 Blood pressure measuring apparatus April 15, 2008
D548345 Blood pressure measuring apparatus August 7, 2007
8096952 Electric-powered air release valve and blood pressure gauge January 17, 2012
The electric-powered air release valve comprises a nozzle, a fixed iron core; an excitation coil; a movable iron plate; a leaf spring: a rubber valve; and a yoke; wherein a circular hole capable of accommodating a circular column part at one end of the fixed iron core when the movable
7641617 Wrist blood pressure gauge January 5, 2010
A convenient, inexpensive wrist blood pressure gauge whereby a cuff can easily be adjusted to the height of the heart merely by adding a simple structure. A lenticular sheet (display body (14)) whose visible image varies according to an angle in relation to a sight line (S) of a meas

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