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RE42593 Photo-curable resin composition used for photo-fabrication of three-dimensional object August 2, 2011
A photocurable resin composition suitable for photo-fabrication. The resin composition capable of being promptly cured by photo-irradiation, thereby reducing fabricating time and providing cured products having excellent mechanical strength and minimized shrinkage during curing to en
RE37179 Radiation sensitive resin composition May 15, 2001
A radiation sensitive resin composition which comprises (A) a polymer which becomes alkali-soluble in the presence of an acid and (B) a radiation sensitive acid generator which generates an acid upon irradiation with a radiation, said polymer (A) comprising two recurring units represente
RE37033 Pigment-dispersed color-filter composition comprising an alkali-soluble block copolymer as a bin January 30, 2001
The present invention provides a pigment dispersed color-filter composition containing a binder polymer such as an alkali-soluble block copolymer; a radiation-sensitive compound; and a pigment. The pigment-dispersed color-filter composition which further contains an organic medium, or an
D600989 Polishing pad September 29, 2009
D592030 Polishing pad May 12, 2009
D592029 Polishing pad May 12, 2009
D584591 Polishing pad January 13, 2009
D581237 Polishing pad November 25, 2008
D576855 Polishing pad September 16, 2008
D560457 Polishing pad January 29, 2008
D559648 Polishing pad January 15, 2008
D559066 Polishing pad January 8, 2008
D559065 Polishing pad January 8, 2008
D559064 Polishing pad January 8, 2008
D559063 Polishing pad January 8, 2008
8580482 Copolymer and top coating composition November 12, 2013
A resin composition for forming a top coat which can be formed on a photoresist film without causing intermixing with the photoresist film, can maintain a stable film coating which is not eluted into a medium during immersion lithography, does not impair pattern profiles during dry e
8580480 Radiation-sensitive resin composition, method for forming resist pattern, polymer and compound November 12, 2013
A radiation-sensitive resin composition includes (A) a fluorine-containing compound that includes a group shown by the following formula (1), and (B) a photoacid generator. ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.C represents a (p+1)-valent aromatic ring group, Q represents a linking group obta
8574330 Chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion and chemical mechanical polishing method for se November 5, 2013
A chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion of the invention includes (A) a first water-soluble polymer having a weight average molecular weight of 500,000 to 2,000,000 and including a heterocyclic ring in its molecule, (B) a second water-soluble polymer or its salt having a w
8563214 Radiation sensitive resin composition and method of forming an interlayer insulating film October 22, 2013
The present invention relates to a radiation sensitive resin composition comprising [A] an alkali-soluble resin, [B] a 1,2-quinonediazide compound and [C] a radical trapping agent. The radiation sensitive resin composition can provide an interlayer insulating film which satisfies gen
8288073 Pattern forming method October 16, 2012
This invention provides a method for resist under layer film formation, which can form a resist under layer film which can function as an anti-reflection film, is excellent in pattern transfer properties and etching resistance, and does not cause bending of a pattern even in the tran
8287676 Method of and apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal display device October 16, 2012
A seal agent D and liquid crystal C are clamped to a lower substrate 6, a pair of the lower substrate 7 and an upper substrate 7 are laminated with the seal agent D and the liquid crystal C interposed therebetween, and at least one of the pair of substrates is a roll-shaped long flexible
8278471 Method for producing ruthenium compound October 2, 2012
A method for producing ruthenium compound including the step of reacting a compound represented by General Formula (1): RuL.sup.0.sub.2 (wherein L.sup.0 represents an unsaturated hydrocarbon compound having 4 to 10 carbon atoms and at least two double bonds) with trifluorophosphine or
8273837 Compound, polymer, and resin composition September 25, 2012
A radiation-sensitive resin composition which has high transparency to radiation, excelling in basic properties as a resist such as sensitivity, resolution, and pattern shape, and, in particular, exhibiting high resolution performance, excellent DOF and LER, and high resistance to a
8273521 Radiation-sensitive resin composition and compound September 25, 2012
A radiation-sensitive resin composition includes a compound shown by a formula (1) in which R.sup.1 represents a divalent hydrocarbon group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms and R.sup.2 represents a hydrogen atom or a monovalent hydrocarbon group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, or R.sup.1 and
8268921 Elastomeric composition comprising functionalized butadienic elastomers and high dispersible alu September 18, 2012
The instant invention relates to elastomeric compositions especially useful for manufacturing articles for tires which comprise: (1) at least one butadienic elastomer E, containing a functionalized butadienic elastomer prepared in solution, and modified by a polyfunctional alkoxy sil
8268403 Method for forming organic silica film, organic silica film, wiring structure, semiconductor dev September 18, 2012
A method of forming an organic silica film includes forming a coating including a silicon compound having an --Si--O--Si-- structure and an --Si--CH.sub.2--Si-- structure on a substrate, heating the coating, and curing the coating by applying ultraviolet radiation.
8263315 Pattern-forming method September 11, 2012
A pattern-forming method includes selectively exposing a resist layer formed using a positive-tone radiation-sensitive resin composition including a resin component and an acid generator. The resist layer is developed to form a first pattern. An uncrosslinked embedded section is form
8262435 Chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion, chemical mechanical polishing method, and chem September 11, 2012
A chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion includes: (A) an amino acid, (B) abrasive grains, (C) a surfactant, (D) an oxidizing agent, and (E) ammonia, the ratio (W.sub.A/W.sub.D) of the content (W.sub.A) of the amino acid to the content (W.sub.D) of the oxidizing agent being 1.5
8258241 Method for producing modified conjugated diene polymer, modified conjugated diene polymer, and r September 4, 2012
A method for producing a modified conjugated diene polymer includes a modification step (A) that subjects a conjugated diene polymer having a cis-1,4-bond content of 98.5% or more and possessing an active end to a modification reaction to introduce an alkoxysilane compound having two or
8257504 Surface treatment composition, surface treatment method, and method for manufacturing semiconduc September 4, 2012
A surface treatment composition of this invention is a composition for treating a metal wiring-including surface of a semiconductor substrate, which includes a compound (A) represented by a specific structural formula and a solvent (B) having a boiling point at one atmospheric pressu
8252511 Method for modifying first film and composition for forming acid transfer resin film used theref August 28, 2012
A first film-modifying method includes forming a second film on a first film that includes an acid-dissociable group. The second film is an acid transfer resin film that includes a photoacid generator. The second film is exposed via a mask so that the second film generates an acid. The a
8247481 Photosensitive insulating resin composition, cured product thereof and ABA block copolymer August 21, 2012
A photosensitive insulating resin composition includes a block copolymer, a crosslinking agent, a photosensitive compound, and a solvent. The block copolymer includes a first structural unit shown by a following formula (1) and a second structural unit shown by a following formula (2),
8247165 Upper layer film forming composition for liquid immersion and method of forming photoresist patt August 21, 2012
An immersion upper layer film composition is provided which exhibits sufficient transparency for the exposure wavelength 248 nm(KrF) and 193 nm(ArF), can form a protective film on the photoresist film without being intermixed with the photoresist film, is not eluted into water used d
8242202 Curable liquid resin composition August 14, 2012
The invention relates to a curable liquid resin composition comprising the following components (A), (B), and (C): (A) a urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer, (B) a monomer shown by the following formula (1), CH.sub.2.dbd.CR.sup.1COOR.sup.2 (1) wherein R.sup.1 represents a hydrogen atom
8236206 Electrode catalyst layer August 7, 2012
The present invention provides an electrode catalyst layer comprising catalyst particles, an ion exchange resin and a water repellent agent. The water repellent agent contains (A) a fluorine-containing copolymer having a structure unit derived from a polyfluoroalkyl-containing (meth)
8216649 Liquid crystal aligning agent, method of producing a liquid crystal alignment film and liquid cr July 10, 2012
The present invention relates to a liquid crystal aligning agent which contains a reaction product of at least one selected from the group consisting of a polysiloxane having a structure represented by the following formula (S-1), a hydrolysate thereof and a condensate of the hydroly
8211624 Method for pattern formation and resin composition for use in the method July 3, 2012
A pattern forming method includes (1) selectively exposing a first resist layer, and developing the exposed first resist layer to form a first pattern, (2) applying a resin composition containing a hydroxyl group-containing resin and a solvent to the first pattern, baking the applied
8207239 Radioactive ray-curable liquid resin composition for use in optical stereolithography, and optic June 26, 2012
The present invention aims to provide a radiation-curing liquid resin composition for optical tridimensional modeling having good storage stability. The suitable radiation-curing liquid resin composition for optical tridimensional modeling of the present invention includes a compound
8206888 Radiation-sensitive resin composition June 26, 2012
It is intended to provide a radiation-sensitive resin composition, which comprises a radiation-sensitive acid generator excellent in resolution performance, heat stability, and storage stability, suppresses fluctuations in line width and deterioration in pattern profile attributed to
8182977 Polymer and positive-tone radiation-sensitive resin composition May 22, 2012
A polymer includes a repeating unit (a-1) shown by a following formula (a-1), a repeating unit (a-2) shown by a following formula (a-2), and a GPC weight average molecular weight of about 1000 to about 100,000, ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.0 represents an alkyl group having 1 to 5 car
8178641 Amino group-containing conjugated diene polymer and method for producing the same, and block cop May 15, 2012
A method for producing an amino group-containing conjugated diene polymer includes polymerizing a conjugated diene compound in the presence of a reaction product of 1,3-bis(diphenylethenyl)benzene or a derivative thereof and an organolithium compound to obtain a conjugated diene poly
8178626 Method for producing modified conjugated diene based (co)polymer, modified conjugated diene base May 15, 2012
The method for producing a modified conjugated diene based (co)polymer, according to the present invention comprises a step of reacting a conjugated diene based (co)polymer with a metal halide compound to obtain a modified conjugated diene based (co)polymer, the conjugated diene based
8178279 Negative radiation-sensitive resin composition May 15, 2012
A negative-tone radiation-sensitive resin composition includes an alkali-soluble resin, a radically polymerizable compound, a radiation-sensitive radical initiator, and an organic solvent. The alkali-soluble resin includes a phenolic hydroxyl group. The radically polymerizable compou
8173351 Compound and radiation-sensitive composition May 8, 2012
A compound shown by the following formula (1) can be used as a material for a radiation-sensitive composition capable of forming a resist film which effectively responds to electron beams or the like, exhibits low roughness, and can form a high precision minute pattern in a stable ma
8173348 Method of forming pattern and composition for forming of organic thin-film for use therein May 8, 2012
A method for forming a pattern contains (1) a step of forming an underlayer film containing (A) a radiation-sensitive acid generator capable of generating an acid upon exposure to radiation rays or (B) a radiation-sensitive base generator capable of generating a base upon exposure to
8157877 Chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion, chemical mechanical polishing method, and kit April 17, 2012
A chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion includes (A) abrasive grains having a pore volume of 0.14 ml/g or more, and (B) a dispersion medium.
8153723 Process for producing conjugated diene polymer, conjugated diene polymer, and rubber composition April 10, 2012
A process for simply and inexpensively producing a conjugated diene polymer with a narrow molecular weight distribution and a high cis-bond content at a low cost is provided. The process comprises a polymerization step, wherein a conjugated diene polymer having a cis-1,4-bond content of
8128464 Chemical mechanical polishing pad March 6, 2012
A chemical mechanical polishing pad used for chemical mechanical polishing comprises a polishing surface, a non-polishing surface that is provided opposite to the polishing surface, a side surface that connects an outer edge of the polishing surface and an outer edge of the non-polis
8124885 Anisotropically conductive connector and anisotropically conductive connector device February 28, 2012
An anisotropically conductive connector and an anisotropically conductive connector device. The anisotropically conductive connector includes a supporting member, a plurality of through-holes each extending in a thickness-wise direction of the supporting member, and anisotropically c
8124314 Radiation-sensitive composition February 28, 2012
A radiation-sensitive composition includes (A) a first polymer which becomes alkali-soluble by the action of an acid and does not contain a fluorine atom, (B) a second polymer having a repeating unit (b1) shown by the following formula (1) and a fluorine-containing repeating unit (b2),
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