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8563926 Method of making axial alignment of charged particle beam and charged particle beam system October 22, 2013
A method of making axial alignment of a charged particle beam starts with obtaining at least first through sixth image data while controlling the focal position of the beam on a sample in the direction of incidence, the excitation current in a first alignment coil, and the excitation cur
8563923 Orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer October 22, 2013
An orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer has: an ion source for ionizing a sample; a conductive box into which the ions are introduced; ion acceleration device causing the ions to be accelerated in a pulsed manner in synchronism with a signal giving a starting point of
8253101 Method and system for acquisition of confocal STEM images August 28, 2012
Method and system to obtain confocal STEM images. Arithmetic and control device extracts diffraction images respectively corresponding to successive pixel positions from the images stored in the memory, selects and corrects center positions of the extracted diffraction images, create
8253100 Electron microscope August 28, 2012
An electron microscope has an electron beam source generating an accelerated electron beam, electromagnetic lenses for converging the electron beam, alignment coils for adjusting the optical axis of the beam transmitted through the lenses, a control unit for controlling the ambient a
8237112 Method and apparatus for time-of-flight mass spectrometry August 7, 2012
A method and apparatus for time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry. The apparatus improves the ion focusing properties in an orthogonal direction and permits connection with an orthogonal-acceleration ion source for improvement of sensitivity. The apparatus comprises an ion source for
8193511 Method of calibrating beam position in charged-particle beam system June 5, 2012
A method of calibrating the beam position in a charged-particle beam system starts with finding a focus deviation on the material surface for each point within a deflection field. A focus correction voltage V.sub.F necessary to cancel out the focus deviation is determined. A beam pos
8178850 Chromatic aberration corrector for charged-particle beam system and correction method therefor May 15, 2012
An aberration corrector has two stages of multipole elements each of which has a thickness along the optical axis. Each multipole element produces a static electric or magnetic field of 3-fold symmetry and a static electromagnetic field of 2- or 3-fold symmetry superimposed on the st
8168956 Scanning transmission electron microscope and method of aberration correction therefor May 1, 2012
A scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) and method of aberration correction have autocorrelation function calculation means, aberration coefficient calculation means, and feedback control. At least two images are obtained by varying a value at which one of the electron opt
8158940 Magnetic domain imaging system April 17, 2012
A magnetic domain imaging system is offered which permits application of a strong magnetic field to a specimen. The imaging system includes a transmission electron microscope having an objective lens. The specimen that is magnetic in nature is placed in the upper polepiece of the obj
8148684 Electron beam apparatus April 3, 2012
An electron beam apparatus has the electron optical column for releasing an electron beam from the front-end portion after the beam is emitted from an electron beam source located on a rear-end portion of the column, a specimen chamber connected to a front-end portion of the column, and
8119994 Apparatus and method for inspecting sample February 21, 2012
Method and apparatus have a film including a first surface to hold the liquid sample thereon, a vacuum chamber for reducing the pressure of an ambient in contact with a second surface of the film, primary beam irradiation means connected with the vacuum chamber and irradiating the sa
8101924 Object-positioning device for charged-particle beam system January 24, 2012
An object-positioning device comprises a rod-like object holder inserted in the chamber of a charged-particle beam system for moving the object outside the chamber, a support for slideably supporting at least a part of the side surface of the object holder, thus making the rear end of th
8076642 Electron beam apparatus and method of operating the same December 13, 2011
An electron beam apparatus is offered which can well detect backscattered electrons or both backscattered electrons and secondary electrons if an electron detector is disposed above an objective lens in the apparatus. The electron beam apparatus has an electron beam source for emitting a
8049181 Method of suppressing beam position drift, method of suppressing beam dimension drift, and charg November 1, 2011
A lithography method and system have means for determining a convergence value d.sub.c from a relation of beam current to beam position drift (or beam dimension drift) produced in the past; means for finding a beam current i(t) as a function of the convergence value d.sub.c of beam p
8030622 Specimen holder, specimen inspection apparatus, and specimen inspection method October 4, 2011
A specimen holder is offered which can reduce the amount of chemical sprayed over a specimen consisting of cultured cells. The specimen holder has an open specimen-holding surface. At least a part of the specimen-holding surface is formed by a film and a tapering portion formed aroun
8017918 Charged-particle beam instrument September 13, 2011
A charged-particle beam instrument (such as a transmission electron microscope) which facilitates modifying the diameters of aperture stops installed above and below (on the beam entrance and exit sides) the specimen chamber and exchanging the aperture stops. The instrument has botto
8008635 Method for sample preparation August 30, 2011
Method and system for preparing samples for use in electron microscopy. The method and system use a focused ion beam (FIB) instrument and a scanning electron microscope to improve the time efficiency of the FIB instrument. The FIB instrument incorporates machining means for preparing
8008633 Specimen stage-moving device for charged-particle beam system August 30, 2011
A charged-particle beam system is offered which is equipped with a Z-motion mechanism to enable tomography. The Z-motion mechanism includes a rotary disk having three tapering surfaces on which balls are nested. The rotary disk is rotated via a worm gear to cause the balls to go upwa
7977630 Electron microscope July 12, 2011
There is disclosed an electron microscope that achieves low-magnification imaging while the objective lens is kept at high excitation in the same way as during high-magnification imaging. An objective minilens located immediately behind the objective lens demagnifies a specimen image
7968843 Method and apparatus for simultaneous SEM and optical examination June 28, 2011
Method and apparatus capable of observing a liquid sample. An optical image of the sample and an image using a primary beam, such as an electron beam or charged-particle beam, can be obtained at the same time. The apparatus has a film including a first surface on which the liquid sam
7952082 Sample preparation system May 31, 2011
A sample preparation system in which an ion beam is made to hit the surface of a sample while rotating the sample about an axis perpendicular to the processed surface of the sample under the condition where the processed surface of the sample is not perpendicular to the beam. The pre
7928380 Sample holder, method for observation and inspection, and apparatus for observation and inspecti April 19, 2011
A sample holder used in SEM (scanning electron microscopy) or TEM (transmission electron microscopy) permitting observation and inspection at higher resolution. The holder has a frame-like member provided with an opening that is covered with a film. The film has a first surface on wh
7923700 Sample inspection apparatus, sample inspection method and sample inspection system April 12, 2011
Sample inspection apparatus, sample inspection method, and sample inspection system are offered which can give a stimulus to a sample held on a film when the sample is inspected by irradiating it with a primary beam (e.g., an electron beam or other charged-particle beam) via the film
7923686 Transmission electron microscope April 12, 2011
An apparatus which permits high-angle annular dark-field (HAADF) imaging comprises an electron gun, a specimen chamber in which a specimen is set, a gas cylinder for supplying environmental gas around the surface of the specimen through both a gas flow rate controller and a gas nozzle, a
7910879 Method and apparatus for time-of-flight mass spectrometry March 22, 2011
A method and apparatus for time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry. The apparatus improves the ion focusing properties in an orthogonal direction and permits connection with an orthogonal-acceleration ion source for improvement of sensitivity. The apparatus comprises an ion source for
7906760 Inspection method and reagent solution March 15, 2011
An electron microscope method for inspecting a liquid specimen and a reagent solution therefor. A culture medium and biological cells are put in the sample holder. A plugging agent is mixed into the liquid sample. The cells can be irradiated with a primary beam via a film. An image of
7872476 NMR probe January 18, 2011
An NMR probe is offered which enables a .sup.1H/.sup.19F compatibility mode having a sample coil, a hollow tubular body, and two rod electrodes disposed inside the tubular body substantially in a parallel relationship to each other. The tubular body is formed by a conductive wall at grou
7866278 Thin-film deposition system January 11, 2011
A thin-film deposition system has a vacuum chamber and a plasma generator. The plasma generator includes a case, a cathode disposed in the case, an anode assembly disposed at an end of the case, a discharge power supply for applying a discharge voltage between the cathode and the anode
7864922 Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometer January 4, 2011
An X-ray spectrometer which uses at least one curved analyzing crystal and which provides improved wavelength resolution of characteristic X-rays used for analysis and improved ratio of characteristic X-rays to background intensity by using only effective diffractive regions of the a
7855359 Mass spectrometer equipped with MALDI ion source and sample plate for MALDI ion source December 21, 2010
A mass spectrometer is equipped with a MAILDI ion source facilitating both individual management of sample plates and mass calibration based on information about distortion in the sample plates. Also, sample plates adapted to be used in the MALDI ion source are provided. Identification
7851755 Apparatus for detecting backscattered electrons in a beam apparatus December 14, 2010
A beam apparatus has a beam source producing a primary electron beam, an objective lens focusing the beam onto an observed sample, and at least one condenser lens mounted between the beam source and the objective lens. The condenser lens operates such that the beam forms one crossover
7836757 Phase feedback AFM and control method therefor November 23, 2010
A phase feedback AFM (atomic force microscope) and method for the phase feedback AFM. A cantilever is driven to oscillate at a constant frequency close to the resonance frequency of the cantilever by a driving signal. The distance between the probe and the sample is controlled such that
7820978 Charged-particle beam system October 26, 2010
A charged-particle beam system has a demagnifying lens for reducing the dimensions of an electron beam produced from an electron beam source, an objective lens for focusing the demagnified beam onto the surface of a target, a first deflector located before the demagnifying lens, a second
7820362 Method of pattern delineation October 26, 2010
A method of delineating a lithographic pattern on a material. A pattern to be delineated is divided according to first and second fields by first and second methods of division. Pattern segments contained in the first fields are divided in the X-direction, and data about the resulting
7814775 Apparatus for controlling Z-position of probe October 19, 2010
Apparatus of easily controlling the Z-position of the probe used in a microprobe analyzer. The apparatus has: (A) a holder, (B) a reference body having a reference surface that is at the same height as a surface of a sample, the reference body being placed on or in the holder, (C) a
7800077 Specimen holder for electron microscope September 21, 2010
The present invention provides a specimen holder for use with an electron microscope. The specimen holder has a retainer mounted at the front end of the body of the specimen holder. The retainer has a plate member provided with a hole around its front end. The hole provides a reference
7763862 Method of aberration correction and electron beam system July 27, 2010
There is disclosed an electron beam system in which the third-order aberration S.sub.3 with two-fold symmetry is corrected. If a C.sub.s corrector is operated, parasitic aberration S.sub.3 (third-order aberration S.sub.3 with two-fold symmetry) is produced. A corrective third-order a
7755060 Multipole lens and method of fabricating same July 13, 2010
There is disclosed a multipole lens that can be machined with improved accuracy. A method of fabricating this lens is also disclosed. The multipole lens has a blank material from which polar elements will be fabricated. The blank material is sandwiched vertically between two layers o
7755036 Instrument and method for tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometry July 13, 2010
A novel instrument and method for TOF/TOF mass spectrometry is offered. A spiral trajectory time-of-flight mass spectrometer satisfies the spatial focusing conditions for the direction of flight and a direction orthogonal to the direction of flight whenever ions make a turn in the sp
7748052 Scanning probe microscope and method of operating the same June 29, 2010
A scanning probe microscope capable of preventing contact between the probe and a sample and a method of operating this microscope. The scanning probe microscope measures the topography of a surface of the sample by scanning the probe relative to the surface of the sample. A scanning
7745802 Specimen holder, specimen inspection apparatus, specimen inspection method, and method of fabric June 29, 2010
A specimen holder, a specimen inspection apparatus, and a specimen inspection method permitting a specimen consisting of cultured cells to be observed or inspected. Also, a method of fabricating the holder is offered. The holder has an open specimen-holding surface. At least a part o
7745785 Sample inspection method, sample inspection apparatus, and sample holder June 29, 2010
A sample holder is offered which is used when a sample is inspected by irradiating the sample with a primary beam consisting of a charged-particle beam (such as an electron beam) via a film. Furthermore, method and apparatus for preventing destruction of the film due to a pressure di
7744822 Microchip reactor June 29, 2010
There is disclosed a microchip reactor capable of being used in research on reaction kinetics. With this microchip reactor, the time (reaction time) elapsed until a measurement is made since mixing of two liquids is variable. The microchip reactor comprises a base portion and a movable
7742565 Method and apparatus for analysis using X-ray spectra June 22, 2010
A method for precisely measuring and displaying the whole profile of an X-ray spectral waveform, which rises from a background level and finally returns to the background level after passing across a peak. X-rays are counted for a time interval of to at a spectral position, resulting in
7723683 Aberration correction system May 25, 2010
An aberration correction system for use in an electron microscope and which produces a negative spherical aberration and corrects a higher-order aberration. The aberration correction system has three stages of multipole elements which, respectively, produce fields of 3-fold symmetry
7722818 Apparatus and method for preparing samples May 25, 2010
Apparatus and method capable of preparing samples adapted for observations by electron microscopy. Each sample is ion-etched. During this process, the sample stage is tilted reciprocably left and right about a tilting axis. The sample is ion-etched together with a shielding material. The
7714579 NMR probe May 11, 2010
An NMR probe permits measurements to be made with its inner coil without replacing the probe. The NMR probe has three coils disposed to surround a sample tube. An inner coil can resonate with the HF and LF. An intermediate coil can resonate with the HF and LF, and produces an RF magn
7712354 Method and apparatus for controlling Z-position of probe May 11, 2010
Method and apparatus of easily controlling the Z-position of the probe used in a microprobe analyzer. The apparatus has: (A) a holder, (B) a reference body having a reference surface that is at the same height as a surface of a sample, the reference body being placed on or in the holder,
7683320 Transmission electron microscope March 23, 2010
In a transmission electron microscope, an electron beam flux of a cross section constricted conically over a reference specimen is made to hit the reference specimen. The flux includes electron beams hitting the specimen at incident angles which spread conically in the direction of i
7671343 Method of mass analysis and mass spectrometer March 2, 2010
Mass analysis method and mass spectrometer in which the S/N of mass spectra does not deteriorate due to accumulation if an ionization method, such as MALDI, producing spectral intensities that are not uniform in time is employed. Every given number of collected mass spectra are accum
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