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J. Choo Limited Patents
J. Choo Limited
London, GB
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D554353 Footwear November 6, 2007
D554352 Footwear November 6, 2007
D554351 Footwear November 6, 2007
D554350 Footwear November 6, 2007
D552841 Footwear October 16, 2007
D552354 Handbag October 9, 2007
D552338 Footwear October 9, 2007
D551863 Handbag October 2, 2007
D551841 Portion of a boot October 2, 2007
D550945 Footwear September 18, 2007
D550944 Footwear September 18, 2007
D547945 Handbag August 7, 2007
D547944 Handbag August 7, 2007
D547034 Decorative piece for footwear July 24, 2007
D543339 Strap assembly for footwear May 29, 2007
D542020 Jewel piece May 8, 2007
D539522 Decorative disc April 3, 2007
D512207 Shoe December 6, 2005
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