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Jakks Pacific, Inc. Patents
Jakks Pacific, Inc.
Malibu, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D693886 Toy wagon November 19, 2013
D634364 Multi-color dispenser apparatus March 15, 2011
D573886 Bottle July 29, 2008
D558278 Water gun December 25, 2007
D557356 Water gun December 11, 2007
D557355 Toy-periscope water gun December 11, 2007
D554465 Motocross handle November 6, 2007
D554201 Handle October 30, 2007
D552466 Packaging for video game controller October 9, 2007
D551712 Mouse touch roller pencil September 25, 2007
D550781 Launcher for launching a propeller powered aircraft September 11, 2007
D545926 Two sided ramp July 3, 2007
D542876 Ramp May 15, 2007
D542369 Star-shaped sleeping bag May 8, 2007
D542358 Fishing video game controller May 8, 2007
D541570 Astronaut-shaped sleeping bag May 1, 2007
D540163 Pen package April 10, 2007
D526019 Scrapbook shaped as a purse August 1, 2006
D524371 Scrapbook shaped as a purse July 4, 2006
D518521 Glitter pencil April 4, 2006
D513382 Packaging and display box for a TV game controller January 3, 2006
D513174 Packaging and display box for a TV game controller December 27, 2005
D512908 Packaging and display box for a TV game controller December 20, 2005
D511262 Tongue-shaped tape dispenser for dissolvable film strips November 8, 2005
D510385 Glitter pencil with solid color with circular glitters October 4, 2005
D509539 Glitter pencil having multi-colored shreds of glitters September 13, 2005
D508949 Glitter pencil having two color glitters forming vertical stripes August 30, 2005
D508529 Glitter pencil having three color glitters forming transversal stripes August 16, 2005
D507018 Glitter pencil having two color glitters with swirl effect July 5, 2005
D471438 Bubble bottle and bubble wand March 11, 2003
D460982 Marker pen July 30, 2002
D460484 Marker pen having casing made of transparent material July 16, 2002
8584589 Dehydrated, pulp-based projectile November 19, 2013
A dehydrated, pulp-based projectile is described. The projectile is pulp material that is molded and dehydrated into a projectile shape to form the dehydrated, pulp-based projectile. In operation, the pulp-based projectile can be positioned within the bullet chamber (e.g., gun clip)
8579674 Mobile toy with displaceable flywheel November 12, 2013
A mobile toy which is propelled by a flywheel is described. The mobile toy includes a body member having a set of protrusions which extend beyond the body member. An axle extending through the flywheel is positioned in the set of protrusions, such that each protrusion operates as an
8562386 Mobile skateboard-shaped toy with a flywheel October 22, 2013
A mobile skateboard-shaped toy which is propelled by a displaceable flywheel is described. The skateboard-shaped toy comprises a skateboard deck with the flywheel positioned within the skateboard deck. The flywheel is positioned such that the flywheel protrudes beyond a top portion a
8161914 Rawhide based molded chew with hollow core April 24, 2012
A edible rawhide-based molded chew with a hollow core is described. The chew is formed by cutting a rawhide sheet into multiple small rawhide pieces. The small rawhide pieces are mixed with a binding agent and water to form a rawhide-based mass. The rawhide-based mass is introduced to
8128454 Toy for rotating and launching an object March 6, 2012
A toy with a launcher to rotate and launch an object is described. Attached within housing, the launcher comprises a driving element to form a drive connection with a receiving element on the object. The launcher is connected with a launcher rotating system, which imparts a rotary mo
8079891 Track set with taut filament for use with a toy vehicle December 20, 2011
Described is a track set with a taut filament for use with a toy vehicle. The track set includes a first tower and a second tower. A spool is connected with the first tower, with the filament wound around the spool. The spool includes a ratcheting mechanism to allow a user to selectively
8074609 Rawhide edible chew with pizzle inner member and method for making the same December 13, 2011
A rawhide chew with a pizzle inner member is described. The rawhide chew includes a rawhide outer layer formed of a rawhide sheet. The rawhide outer layer comprises a hole cut therethrough to form a cut-out window. Pizzle positioned within the rawhide outer layer such that the pizzle is
8028645 Dispenser apparatus with a forward moving rotatable platform October 4, 2011
A frosting dispenser apparatus including a rotatable platform is described. The frosting dispenser apparatus comprises a body having a base and a pedestal, a rotatable platform is connected with the base and configured to rotate a baked good. Further, a dispenser is connected with th
7987841 Pneumatic toy launching apparatus August 2, 2011
A pneumatic launching apparatus is described. The pneumatic toy launching apparatus includes a collapsible bellows with an outlet configured to allow air to exit the collapsible bellows. A gripping device is attached with the collapsible bellows, and a platform is attached with the g
7951236 Liquid graphite May 31, 2011
A composition of liquid graphite is presented. The liquid graphite can be erased and applied to a surface using a writing instrument such as a ball point pen with a consistency, accuracy and darkness equivalent to that of a standard graphite, No. 2 pencil. The liquid graphite comprises a
7950976 Toy for rotating and launching an object May 31, 2011
A toy for rotating and launching an object is disclosed. The toy comprises a launcher configured to impart rotary motion to an object. A launcher rotating system is connected with the launcher, and is configured to impart a rotary motion to the launcher. The launcher rotating system
7891447 Remotely controlled vehicle with a track mechanism and independently operated wheels February 22, 2011
A remotely controlled vehicle with a track mechanism and independently operated wheels is described. The vehicle includes a track assembly that includes a center track drive wheel and corresponding endless center track. A pair of driving wheels are mounted on opposing lateral sides of
7815486 Spring-powered toy vehicle and launcher October 19, 2010
The present invention relates to a spring-powered toy vehicle with a front body portion, a separable rear body portion, rotating wheels and a spring propulsion system. When the rear body portion is pulled away from the front body portion and released, the spring will pull the rear body
7789728 Adapter for motorizing a non-motorized toy vehicle September 7, 2010
Described is a toy vehicle adapter that includes at least one motorized wheel for attaching with a non-motorized toy vehicle. The adapter includes a housing with an attachment apparatus that is formed to attach with the toy vehicle. A receiver is included that is capable of receiving
7677232 Multiple projectile-firing toy gun with separate target-launching mechanism March 16, 2010
The present invention relates to a toy gun that is capable of firing multiple projectiles using an internal rotating firing assembly. The toy gun further provides a separate target launching mechanism to launch a target object into the air for use as a target when firing the projecti
7662414 Easily-digestible pet chew that promotes oral health and prevents malodorous breath in animals, February 16, 2010
The present invention is directed to an easily-digestible pet chew for promoting oral health and preventing malodorous breath in animals. The pet chew is formed with ingredients selected to promote mastication and ease digestibility, and additionally includes baking soda and abrasives
7594843 Toy having an electronic interactive device that is responsive to a rotated and launched object September 29, 2009
A toy comprises a housing connected with a launcher to rotate and launch an object. The launcher comprises a driving element to form a drive connection with a receiving element on the object. The launcher is connected with a launcher rotating system, which imparts a rotary movement t
7494398 Remotely controlled vehicle with detachably attachable wheels February 24, 2009
A dual-wheel remotely controlled (RC) vehicle with two independently-controlled detachably attachable wheels is described. The RC vehicle comprises a body member having a right wheel and left wheel rotationally mounted proximate the body member. Each of the right and left wheels are
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