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Isuzu Motors Limited Patents
Isuzu Motors Limited
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE37633 Accumulating fuel injection apparatus April 9, 2002
This accumulating fuel injection apparatus is provided with a needle valve 6 adapted to open and close an injection nozzle 11 having injection ports 14 in a lower end portion thereof, a balancing chamber 5 formed in a casing 2 so as to apply a fuel pressure to a head portion of the needl
D571690 Truck June 24, 2008
D571260 Truck June 17, 2008
D571259 Truck cab June 17, 2008
D570743 Truck June 10, 2008
D570742 Truck June 10, 2008
D570741 Truck cab June 10, 2008
D570740 Truck cab June 10, 2008
D570739 Truck cab June 10, 2008
D521661 Rear lamp for a motor vehicle May 23, 2006
D508435 Motor vehicle August 16, 2005
D506956 Rear bumper for a motor vehicle July 5, 2005
D479158 Truck September 2, 2003
D479157 Truck September 2, 2003
D478845 Truck August 26, 2003
D478844 Truck August 26, 2003
D478181 Headlight August 5, 2003
D477258 Bumper July 15, 2003
D473168 Bumper April 15, 2003
D446752 Vehicle August 21, 2001
D446486 Bumper portion of a vehicle August 14, 2001
D446483 Grill portion of a vehicle August 14, 2001
D446178 Door frame portion of a vehicle August 7, 2001
D446176 Hood portion of a vehicle August 7, 2001
D444755 Wheel for an automobile July 10, 2001
D434355 Radiator grill for a vehicle November 28, 2000
D432950 Passenger car October 31, 2000
D422533 Motor vehicle April 11, 2000
D422532 Motor vehicle April 11, 2000
D422241 Motor vehicle April 4, 2000
D397065 Motor vehicle August 18, 1998
D396203 Motor vehicle July 21, 1998
D367441 Passenger vehicle body February 27, 1996
D363053 Combined vehicle instrument panel and steering wheel column October 10, 1995
D355777 Vehicle seat February 28, 1995
D354629 Vehicle seat January 24, 1995
D351371 Automotive wheel cover front face October 11, 1994
D342712 Automobile instrument panel and steering wheel column December 28, 1993
D338431 Automobile August 17, 1993
D320958 Automobile October 22, 1991
D318829 Truck August 6, 1991
D318828 Automotive vehicle August 6, 1991
D318827 Automotive vehicle August 6, 1991
D318823 Automotive vehicle August 6, 1991
D316987 Truck May 21, 1991
D295392 Passenger car April 26, 1988
8567193 Waste heat recovering device October 29, 2013
The present invention provides a waste heat recovering device capable of recovering waste heat with good efficiency from various heat sources in an internal combustion engine. The waste heat recovering device for driving an expander 14 by evaporating a working fluid by waste heat of an
8561396 Exhaust gas purification apparatus October 22, 2013
An exhaust gas purification apparatus including a first exhaust gas treatment member carrying an oxidation catalyst, a three-way catalyst, or a NOx storage reduction catalyst which is used for purifying exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine, a second exhaust gas treatment member
8297817 Lamp installation structure for vehicle October 30, 2012
A lamp installation structure 1 includes a lamp installation portion 3, a clip member 10, a lamp body 21 and a screw member 30. The clip member is attached to the lamp body 21 in a way that the screw member 30 is inserted into a screw insertion hole 14, and that a tip 31 of the screw
8267560 Combination lamp attachment structure September 18, 2012
A combination lamp body 10, which are attached with a combination lamp, is arranged in a position adjacent to headlamp bodies 50, and includes a shaft provided on the outer end in the vehicle width direction. A support provided to each of the headlamp bodies 50 regulates inward and forwa
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