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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D692466 Dashboard of tractor October 29, 2013
D577921 Vehicle seat October 7, 2008
8220582 Working vehicle July 17, 2012
A working vehicle includes a HST, forward and reverse pedals, a brake pedal, an intermediate link mechanism (ILM) operating in linkage with operation of the forward or reverse (F or R) pedal, a single shift rod receiving the operation from the ILM and rotating a trunnion shaft of the
7832520 Work vehicle November 16, 2010
Disclosed is a working vehicle capable of working and driving in stable condition while suppressing the adverse effect caused by the load variation such as sudden dashing from an associated ground working implement. The working vehicle comprises a controller for controlling the varia
7503232 Working vehicle March 17, 2009
A working vehicle is constructed such that rotation power of an engine is transmitted to drive wheels via a main speed-changing device and an auxiliary speed-changing device and that shift positions of the auxiliary speed-changing device are switchable by shift operation of a shift lever
7430971 Grafted seedling producing apparatus October 7, 2008
The present invention is a grafted seedling producing apparatus 10 capable of rotating seedlings W in an alignment direction even if they are those having large leaves and thereafter halting the rotation to align them, or the apparatus 10 having loading portions 1, 2 which are provided w
7270200 Working vehicle September 18, 2007
A working vehicle having a pair of left and right HSTs having hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and trunnion shafts for regulating the drive speed of the hydraulic motors by varying compressed oil from the hydraulic pumps into the hydraulic motors, in which one hydraulic pump is disp
7051499 Riding mower provided with hydrostatic transmissions May 30, 2006
As an embodiment of the present invention, a brake pedal 69 for braking right and left rear wheels 3 and a parking operation member 78 for maintaining a step-on condition of the brake pedal 69 are provided on a step 67. As a result, the step-on condition of the brake pedal 69 can be
6883634 Tractor April 26, 2005
The present invention provides a tractor 1 constructed so that an engine 2 is mounted on the front portion of a traveling vehicle body having front wheels 19 and rear wheels 11, a transmission case 3 is provided at the rear portion of the traveling vehicle body, an output shaft 2a of the
5402740 Vehicular machine for transplanting vegetal seedlings April 4, 1995
A vehicular machine available for transplanting vegetal seedlings onto seedbed lines comprising; a planting unit which is furnished with a plurality of vegetal seedling mounting tables and planting levers for transplanting vegetal seedlings onto seedbed lines supplied from these moun
5215019 Transplanting equipment June 1, 1993
A transplanting machine or equipment for taking seedlings of vegetables or the like from a seedling table 13 and planting them in a field. The machine has a transmission mechanism including a transmission case, a first rotary case (32) driven by a driving device and a second rotary case
5018346 Mowed grass container for mowing machine May 28, 1991
A mowed grass container for a mowing machine having a mower attached to a machine body through a hanging link mechanism for recovering mowed grass mowed by said mower to the mowed grass container attached to the machine body through conveying means comprising a shielding plate coupled to
4932338 Apparatus for transplanting seedings of nursery pans into beds June 12, 1990
An apparatus for transplanting seedlings from a nursery pan to vegetable beds or flower beds as the case may be. The apparatus automatically takes up seedlings from the nursery pan individually pot by pot, and prior to implanting them, levelling a soil around the bed, digging holes in th
4932192 Operation device of walker operated mower June 12, 1990
An operation device of a walker operated mower is disclosed. When a mowing lever is set to the "connection" side to start a mowing member and a little bit later, when a running operation lever is set to the "connection" side substantially simultaneously while keeping the lever positi
4771636 Transmission apparatus September 20, 1988
A transmission apparatus includes a straight input shaft, a first group of large and small gears rigidly mounted on the input shaft and adapted to turn with the shaft, a straight transmission shaft installed near and parallel to the input shaft; a second group of large and small gears
4685529 Handle post mounting device for tractor August 11, 1987
The present invention relates to a handle post mounting device for a tractor having a hood and a bonnet comprising a central wall having a projected portion formed at the central part thereof toward a backward direction to be engaged with the hood through sealing rubbers on the outer
4538475 Speed-changing transmission device for vehicles September 3, 1985
A speed-changing transmission device for vehicles includes a speed-changing shaft connected to rear wheels and disposed at the rear side of an input shaft driven by an engine co-axially with the input shaft, a counter shaft mounted in parallel with the speed-changing shaft and driven by
4528867 Transmission case for tractors July 16, 1985
A transmission case for tractors consists of three parts, a front transmission case, a rear transmission case and a spacer transmission case, the spacer transmission case having a mounting flange around its outer periphery. The front and rear transmission cases are securely mounted t
4498349 Front power take-off for tractors February 12, 1985
A front power take-off for tractors. A drive pinion shaft provided in a differential mechanism for driving the front wheels is positioned in the center of pivotal movements of a front axle housing a front working power out-put shaft and a front wheel drive power input shaft for driving a
4415451 Process for waste water disposal November 15, 1983
A process for waste water disposal is herein disclosed, in which waste water of high BOD concentration is subjected to an aeration treatment in an aeration vessel so as to reduce the BOD concentration thereof by circulating within said aeration vessel a quantity of coal or active car
4220073 Control valve for working machines September 2, 1980
A control valve adapted for use in working machines for hydraulically controlling the lifting movements of the working machine such as a rotary blade or plow connected to a power machine, said control valve comprising essentially a change-over valve for connecting or shutting off a cylin

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