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RE37999 20-(B)-20,25-dihydroperoxy-3.beta.-hydroxycholest-5-ene and 20-(S)-20,25-dihydroperoxy-3.beta.-h February 18, 2003
A method is provided for suppressing atherogenesis in which .[.a cholesterol 20-hydroperoxide is administered, which is preferably one or both of the novel compounds: 20(R)-hydroperoxy-25-hydrocholesterol and 29(S)-hydroperoxy-25-hydrocholesterol.]. .Iadd.20(R)-hydroperoxy-25 hydroc
RE35574 Communication device apparatus and method utilizing pseudonoise signal for acoustical echo cance July 29, 1997
A communication device, an apparatus, and a method for acoustic echo cancellation which makes use of a pseudonoise signal. An audio mixer adds the pseudonoise signal to an input signal received from another communication device to produce a first composite signal. An audio system con
RE35157 Means and method for capillary zone electrophoresis with laser-induced indirect fluorescence det February 20, 1996
A means and method for capillary zone electrphoresis with laser-induced indirect fluorescence detection. A detector is positioned on the capillary tube of a capillary zone electrophoresis system. The detector includes a laser which generates a laser beam which is imposed upon a small por
PP6183 Rose plant named Bucaroo May 24, 1988
A new variety of shrub rose plant distinguished by its tolerance of low winter temperatures, its resistance to foliar diseases such as Blackspot and Powdery Mildew, and its continuous production of large flowers of light red-purple coloration.
PP5760 Rose plant named Bucred July 8, 1986
A new variety of shrub rose plant having a profuse and continuous production of medium-sized flowers of bright red coloration, the plant being free branching, bushy, and erect in its growth habit and exhibiting an ability to survive Midwestern winter temperatures without weather prot
PP5759 Geranium plant named La Sevillana July 1, 1986
A new variety of geranium plant distinguished by its profuse and vigorous flowering habit, its tolerance to foliar diseases in climates with high summer day and/or night temperatures and humidities, and the strong red color of its abundant flowers.
PP5758 Geranium plant named Troubadour July 1, 1986
A new variety of geranium plant distinguished by the bright scarlet color of its flowers, its ability to grow vigorously and flower profusely under high day/night temperatures and humidity, and its tolerance under field conditions to foliar diseases common to geraniums.
PP5757 Geranium plant named Orangeade July 1, 1986
A new variety of geranium plant distinguished by the scarlet color (Mandarin Red) of its flowers, its vigorous and floriferous growth under the high summer temperatures and humidities commonly found in Midwestern United States, and its strong field tolerance to foliar diseases such as
PP5756 Rose plant named Bucblu July 1, 1986
A new variety of hybrid tea rose plant having profuse production of violet-blue flowers of excellent color stability. The plant is also notable for the precociousness with which lateral buds develop and the survivability of the plant under winter conditions without cold weather prote
PP4653 Geranium plant named Super-Waltztime February 17, 1981
A new cultivar of geranium plant distinguished by flowers that have a delicate pink coloration that intensifies under high temperature and light intensities, the very large size of its inflorescence clusters, and a continuous and abundant flowering habit throughout the year with adequate
PP4041 Geranium plant named Marian April 12, 1977
A new geranium cultivar distinguished by its more compact and free-branching growth, its greater flowering potential, and the intensification of its pink coloring under high temperature and high light intensities. This plant blooms continuously, is tolerant of high nighttime temperat
PP4040 Geranium plant named Hazel April 12, 1977
A new variety of geranium plant distinguished by the large size of its inflorescence and the large size of the florets, its capability to bloom throughout the year with adequate photoperiod, its tolerance of high summer night temperatures, and the intense smoky rose coloring of the f
PP4039 Geranium plant named Pearlie Mae Red April 12, 1977
A new geranium cultivar distinguished by its ability to grow vigorously and flower profusely under high humidity and temperature conditions, a shorter time requirement to initiate inflorescence, and by the very large size of the florets and floret clusters which comprise the blooms.
PP12898 Walnut tree named `Domoto` September 3, 2002
A cold-resistant Persian walnut cultivar originating as an open pollinated seedling from a population of seedlings, for which the identity of the female parent was not recorded, that were planted at the Iowa State University Horticulture Research Farm, Ames, Iowa, USA in 1971, and ev
8590061 Optimal excitation force design indentation-based rapid broadband nanomechanical spectroscopy November 19, 2013
An optimal input design method and apparatus to achieve rapid broadband nanomechanical measurements of soft materials using the indentation-based method for the investigation of fast evolving phenomenon, such as the crystallization process of polymers, the nanomechanical measurement of
8586768 Design, synthesis and functional characterization of rottlerin analogs November 19, 2013
A method of synthesizing rottlerin analogs is described. The synthesis methods described are the first known method of synthesizing rottlerin analogs from commercially-available materials to produce cost effective analogs. Rottlerin analog structures made by the synthesis methods and
8586363 TAL effector-mediated DNA modification November 19, 2013
Materials and Methods related to gene targeting (e.g., gene targeting with transcription activator-like effector nucleases; "TALENS") are provided.
8586059 Cattle vaccines November 19, 2013
This document provides live non-pathogenic M. bovis bacteria and compositions containing live non-pathogenic M. bovis bacteria. This document also provides methods of using live non-pathogenic M. bovis bacteria to immunize cattle against infectious diseases (e.g., diseases caused by
8574948 Method of improving power conversion efficiencies in dye-sensitized solar cells by facile surfac November 5, 2013
Highly ordered anodic TiO.sub.2 nanotube arrays fabricated by electrochemical anodization and sensitized with dye to yield dye-sensitized TiO.sub.2 nanotube solar cells is described. With inorganic compound (such as TiCl.sub.4) treatment, in conjunction with oxygen plasma exposure un
8569579 BPMV-based viral constructs useful for VIGS and expression of heterologous proteins in legumes October 29, 2013
The invention provides Bean pod mottle virus (BPMV) vectors useful for expression of heterologous proteins in plants such as soybean. The BPMV vectors are also useful for virus-induced gene silencing. The vectors of the invention include modifications of BPMV RNA1 sequences so that i
8268271 Catalytic moving bed filter September 18, 2012
The present invention relates generally to a method for removing contaminants from a fluid stream and chemically upgrading the stream at the same time. More particularly, the invention relates to a catalytic moving bed filter for removing contaminants from a gas or vapor stream and t
8246999 Capped mesoporous silicates August 21, 2012
The invention provides an article comprising, a mesoporous silicate matrix, such as a particle, having one or more pores; and one or more releasable caps obstructing one or more of the pores. The articles are useful as delivery vehicles for encapsulated agents such as therapeutic age
8241847 Identification of protective antigenic determinants of porcine reproductive and respiratory synd August 14, 2012
The invention relates to a polypeptide of a protective antigenic determinant (PAD polypeptide) of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) and nucleic acids encoding a PAD polypeptide. The PAD polypeptide and nucleic acids encoding a PAD polypeptide are useful in t
8212027 Process for the conversion of cyclic amines into lactams July 3, 2012
Converting cyclic amines to lactams using gold supported catalysts.
8197574 Dispersoid reinforced alloy powder and method of making June 12, 2012
A method of making dispersion-strengthened alloy particles involves melting an alloy having a corrosion and/or oxidation resistance-imparting alloying element, a dispersoid-forming element, and a matrix metal wherein the dispersoid-forming element exhibits a greater tendency to react
8177610 Combination residue spreader and collector for single pass harvesting systems May 15, 2012
A crop residue harvesting system for a harvesting machine is provided. The crop residue harvesting system includes a blower and a transition member having a first position and a second position. In a first position the transition member directs at least a portion of the crop residue to
8173794 Compositions and methods for enhancing disease resistance in plants May 8, 2012
Compositions and methods for enhancing disease resistance in plants by modulating levels or activities of GmUBox1 polynucleotides and polypeptides are provided. Transformed plants, plant cells, tissues, and seed are also provided having enhanced disease resistance.
8173104 Controlled-release immunogenic formulations to modulate immune response May 8, 2012
Single-dose controlled-release immunogenic formulations, such as vaccines, based on bioerodible polyanhydride copolymer or homopolymer microparticles for the control of immune response mechanisms are provided. The copolymer or homopolymer microparticles degrade by surface-erosion fro
8169322 Low profile metal-surface mounted RFID tag antenna May 1, 2012
A passive RFID tag suitable for attachment to an electrically conductive surface is provided. The passive RFID tag includes a dielectric substrate, an RFID chip for storing data, and an RFID antenna structure operatively connected to the RFID chip wherein the RFID antenna structure c
8142832 Vegetable protein fractionization process and compositions March 27, 2012
According to the invention a novel vegetable protein fractionation procedure is disclosed which includes a straightforward process to obtain .beta.-conglycinin-rich and glycinin-rich isolated protein fractions with unique functional and nutritional properties desired by the food indu
8138358 Synthesis of polycyclic procyanidins March 20, 2012
The invention provides compounds that are A-type procyanidins. The compounds can be prepared by reacting flavylium salts with catechins or analogs thereof, for example, under anhydrous conditions in alcohol.
8113929 Combination residue spreader and collector for single pass harvesting systems February 14, 2012
A crop residue harvesting system for a harvesting machine is provided. The crop residue harvesting system includes a blower and a transition member having a first position and a second position. In a first position the transition member directs at least a portion of the crop residue to
8084594 H2N3 influenza A viruses and methods of use December 27, 2011
The present invention provides influenza A viruses that include a hemagglutinin subtype H2, a neuraminidase subtype N3, or the combination thereof. Included in the present invention are H2 hemagglutinins and N3 neuraminidases, and the polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides. Antibo
8066478 Preventing hot-gas ingestion by film-cooling jet via flow-aligned blockers November 29, 2011
A system for cooling includes a surface to be cooled, at least one film-cooling hole within the surface for allowing a film cooling jet of coolant to reach the surface, each of the at least one film-cooling hole having a diameter and at least two spaced apart flow-aligned blockers po
8058048 Chimeric infectious DNA clones, chimeric porcine circoviruses and uses thereof November 15, 2011
The present invention relates to infectious DNA clones, infectious chimeric DNA clones of porcine circovirus (PCV), vaccines and means of protecting pigs against viral infection or postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) caused by PCV2. The new chimeric infectious DNA clone
8054146 Structures with negative index of refraction November 8, 2011
The invention provides simplified negative index materials (NIMs) using wire-pair structures, 4-gap single ring split-ring resonator (SRR), fishnet structures and overleaf capacitor SRR. In the wire-pair arrangement, a pair of short parallel wires and continuous wires are used. In th
8043548 Polymer mortar composite pipe material and manufacturing method October 25, 2011
Composite material and plunger-cast pipe manufacturing method and system wherein the composite material includes waste, chemically unmodified PET material, one or more waste filler materials (e.g. rock crusher fines, lime sludge or waste coal combustion by-products), and fiber reinfo
8013791 Phased array system using baseband phase shifting September 6, 2011
A method of spatial control of a phased array system having a plurality of antenna elements is provided. The method includes providing a baseband signal, baseband phase shifting the baseband signal to provide a plurality of baseband shifted signals for controlling phase of each of th
7997867 Momentum preserving film-cooling shaped holes August 16, 2011
A system for cooling includes a surface to be cooled and at least one film-cooling hole within the surface for allowing a film cooling jet of coolant to reach the surface, each of the at least one film-cooling hole having a diameter. The at least one film-cooling hole is shaped to pr
7987735 Correlating push force and stalk vibration to a plant'S susceptibility to root lodging August 2, 2011
The present device enables measurement of the susceptibility of corn plants to root lodging. The device is used to push over a corn stalk and the force used to push over the stalk, and the vibration of the stalk caused by the push are recorded. As material breaks in the stalk, an acc
7960439 Environmentally sensitive foldable oligomers June 14, 2011
The invention relates to oligomers of cholic acid, cholate derivatives and amino acids called "foldamers" that undergo conformational changes in response to changes in temperature, solvent polarity, small molecules, metal ions, and pH. The foldamers can be used in self-assembling mon
7943825 Metacaspase II in engineering soybean for disease resistance May 17, 2011
The present invention is in the field of soybean genetics. More specifically, the invention relates to nucleic acid molecules from regions in the soybean genome, which are associated with soybean Phytophthora resistance. The invention also relates to methods of transforming soybean w
7939091 Biorational repellents obtained from terpenoids for use against arthropods May 10, 2011
The compositions comprise an effective repellent amount of one or more monoterpenoids, one or more sesquiterpenoids or a blend of one or more monoterpenoids and one or more sesquiterpenoids in combination with a carrier, wherein the compositions are formulated to repel a target pest
7938033 Geared, continuously variable speed transmission May 10, 2011
A continuously variable speed transmission includes a first guideway, a second guideway, wherein the first guideway and the second guideway remain stationary during operation at a particular speed ratio. The transmission further includes a first member moveably connected to the first
7932052 Use of methanobactin April 26, 2011
The invention provides compositions comprising and methods employing methanobactin, as well as methanobactin synthetase sequences.
7910308 Genetic markers in fatty acid synthase for identification of meat product fatty acid content in March 22, 2011
Genetic markers associated with fatty acid content in meat products from animals, particularly Angus cattle, are described. The genetic markers are located in the thioesterase-encoding region of the fatty acid synthase gene. The markers allow animals to be characterized for breeding
7906665 Solid catalyst system for biodiesel production March 15, 2011
The invention provides efficient, inexpensive, and environmental friendly catalysts and catalyst systems. The catalysts can be used to catalyze esterification and/or transesterification reactions, for example, for the preparation of biodiesel. Kiln dust, such as cement kiln dust (CKD) or
7894648 Colonoscopy video processing for quality metrics determination February 22, 2011
A computer-based method that allows automated measurement of a number of metrics that likely reflect the quality of a colonoscopic procedure. The method is based on analysis of a digitized video file created during colonoscopy, and produces information regarding insertion time, withd
7893177 Redox polymer nanoparticles February 22, 2011
The invention provides nanoparticles and nanoparticle conjugates comprising one or more redox-active species, methods of making nanoparticles and nanoparticle conjugates, and methods for using nanoparticles and nanoparticle conjugates, for example, as diagnostic agents for the detect
7892729 Universal and differential serologic assay for swine influenza virus February 22, 2011
A universal and differential assay kit for the detection of antibodies to swine influenza virus (SIV) in a biological sample comprising SIV non-structural 1 (NS1) protein and SIV nucleoprotein (NP); a universal and differential assay method for detecting antibodies to SIV in a biolog
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