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7451313 Encryption method of application software November 11, 2008
An encryption method for protecting application software is to first fetch a unique identification code of the application software at the user site. Then, transfer the unique identification code to a server for registration. The server operates according to the unique identification
7451304 Basic input output system selection device November 11, 2008
A basic input output system (BIOS) selection device is applicable in an electronic device. The BIOS selection device includes a storage unit and a control unit, which are mounted on a mainboard of the electronic device. The storage unit includes a first chip and a second chip, each of
7450372 Hanging and desktop dual-purpose computer device November 11, 2008
A hanging and desktop dual-purpose compute device comprises a main body having a display, a lifting handle, and an input device. The main body includes a groove at an end of the main body for accommodating the input device, and two corresponding sides of the lifting handle are pivotally
7447935 Computer data storage unit reinstallation data protection method and system November 4, 2008
A computer data storage unit reinstallation data protection method and system is proposed, which is designed for use with a computer platform for providing a reinstallation data protection function to a data storage unit that is to be installed onto the computer platform, which is ch
7447822 Hot-plug control system and method November 4, 2008
A hot-plug control system and method is applied to a computer device, wherein the computer device is provided with a PCI-E (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) bus, at least one PCI-E slot having a power switch and an indicator light, a power control unit and a driver. The hot
7447532 Handheld electronic device with shockproof mechanism November 4, 2008
The present invention is to provide a handheld electronic device comprising a phone body including an LCD display screen and a keypad disposed on a front surface thereof, and at least one first cutting surface formed at a corner between two adjacent side surfaces; and at least one pa
7447010 Supporting mechanism for storage drives November 4, 2008
A supporting mechanism for storage drives is disclosed that includes a plurality of fixing components disposed on the sides of a case of an electronic device. Fixing slots corresponding to the fixing components are located on the case. A supporting element is disposed on the center r
7447009 Portable electronic device November 4, 2008
A portable electronic device including a first body, a second body, and at least one speaker is provided. The second body is pivotally connected to one side edge of the first body, such that the second body is selectively rotated to cover the first body, or to form an angle with respect
7440288 Casing and electronic device using the same October 21, 2008
A casing for carrying a detachable expansion card having a connecting plate includes a main frame, a first limit element and a second limit element. The main frame has a first surface for leaning against the connecting plate partially, a second surface and a third surface. The first
7440266 Portable electronic device October 21, 2008
The present invention discloses a portable electronic device including a main body, a recess at an end of the main body for containing at least one first display module, and at least one connecting member between the recess and the first display module. An end of the connecting member is
7438478 Light-guiding device having a sleeve part able to be mounted on a through hole of a panel October 21, 2008
A light-guiding device applicable to a panel having at least a through hole includes a sleeve part and a light guide. The sleeve part is able to be mounted on the through hole, and includes a first combining portion and a positioning portion corresponding to the panel for positioning the
7438333 Magnetic latch assembly October 21, 2008
A magnetic latch assembly includes a first body, a second body, and a magnetic block and a magnetic latch. The magnetic block is movably disposed on the first body; therefore, it can be selectively moved close to or far away a first opening of the first body. The magnetic latch is di
7437489 Data packet queue handling method and system October 14, 2008
A data packet queue handling method and system is proposed, which is designed for use with a computer system having a data packet generating unit, a data packet transfer interface, a data packet processing unit, and a memory unit, wherein the data packet generating unit is capable of
7436673 Heat sink fixing assembly October 14, 2008
A fixing structure of heat conduction pad is used to uniformly press two heat conduction pads on the two heat generating electronic components on a circuit board respectively. The fixing structure includes a fixing member and an elastic member. The two ends of the elastic member are a
7436670 Heat sink retaining device October 14, 2008
A heat sink retaining device for attaching a heat sink on a chip unit is provided, which includes a retaining component and a rotating component. The retaining component is locked to the heat sink in a state of pressing by a hook portion thereof, and the rotating component is pivotally
7433983 Method for supporting riser card by basic input/output system October 7, 2008
The present invention discloses a method for supporting a riser card by a basic input/output system (BIOS), which is implemented to the BIOS installed on a motherboard and having a plurality of configuration information corresponding to a plurality of resource information respectivel
7430129 Positioning assembly September 30, 2008
A positioning assembly is used for positioning a circuit board on a case. The circuit board shifts relative to a case along a integrate direction or a release direction. The positioning assembly includes a fixed member, a movable member, and a latching member. The latching member is disp
7428380 Portable electronic device September 23, 2008
A portable electronic device adopts a modular design structure and includes a display screen, a picture taking module and a control module that can be swiveled relative to one another at various angles to provide different operation modes. When in use, due to the swiveling relationship
7427087 Hidden fastening structure September 23, 2008
A hidden fastening structure applied to an electronic device is provided, which comprises a actuator and a fastener controlled by the actuator, wherein the fastener is rotatably disposed on the electronic device. When the actuator is pushed by external forces in the horizontal direction,
7426592 Management function setting method for intelligent platform management interface September 16, 2008
A management function setting method for dynamically setting a plurality of management functions of an intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) of a computer system, allows a system manager to obtain a system status through the IPMI, and set customized commands for selecting need
7426116 Retention device September 16, 2008
A retention device is applied in an electronic device. The electronic device has a case and a circuit board, and the circuit board can shifts relative to the case along an integrate direction or a release direction. The retention device includes a first fastener, a latching member, and a
7420819 Expanding high speed transport interface hardware method for motherboard September 2, 2008
An expanding high speed transport interface hardware method for motherboard is provided. In the method, a mezzanine card is provided and the mezzanine card has a chip socket. An expanding hardware with high speed transport interface is installed in the chip socket of the mezzanine ca
7420813 Fastening structure for stacking electric modules September 2, 2008
A fastening structure for stacking a plurality of electronic modules on a mainboard is provided. The fastening structure includes a locking member and a plurality of supporting members. The locking member is disposed on a first electronic module for locking the first electronic module on
7410383 Electrical connection guide member August 12, 2008
An electrical connection guide member guides insertion of an electrical connecting portion of an electronic apparatus to a complementary mating electrical connector having a first retention portion provided on a sidewall thereof. The guide member includes a connecting board; two oppo
7409348 Language listening and speaking training system and method with random test, appropriate shadowi August 5, 2008
A language listening and speaking teaching system and method that utilize a random tests function to provide full-scale and various language training subjects and enable a learner to set up the listening and speaking training process according to his/her preference and create a more
7405937 Heat sink module for dual heat sources July 29, 2008
A heatsink module for dual heat sources for dissipating heat generated by a first and a second heat-generating element disposed on a circuit board is provided. The heatsink module includes a first heat-conducting plate, a second heat-conducting plate, a fixing member, a heat pipe, and a
7405929 Docking station July 29, 2008
A docking station suitable for being detachably installed to a portable computer is provided. The docking station includes a body, an electrical connector, a lever, a fixing sleeve, a sliding sleeve, and a latch. The electrical connector is fixed on the body and electrically connected to
7403398 Positioning member for securing in position add-on board July 22, 2008
A positioning member for securing in position an add-on board is proposed, which is disposed inside an electronic device. The positioning member includes a coupling portion for coupling the positioning member to the inside of the electronic device, and a block portion attached to the
7400936 Mechanism for rapidly installing and detaching hard disk July 15, 2008
The present invention is to provide a mechanism for rapidly installing and detaching a hard disk, comprising a U-shaped handle pivotally mounted at both sides of the hard disk and having a latch in a forward side, and a frame for receiving the hard disk having an elastic member in a forw
7400507 Fastening structure July 15, 2008
A fastening structure for securing a heatsink module is provided. The structure includes at least a first fastening piece attached to the circuit board and having a first fastening member, a heat spreader having its attached side connected to the heatsink module, hence able to swing
7395390 System for backing up cache memory in a double backup server structure July 1, 2008
The present invention is to provide a system for backing up cache memory in a double backup server structure, which comprises a first backup server having a first SAS controller; a second backup server having a second SAS controller; and a SAS channel for connecting said first and se
7394664 Fastening mechanism July 1, 2008
The present invention discloses a fastening mechanism, by which an expansion card can be mounted in the housing of an electronic apparatus. The fastening mechanism includes: a base disposed in the housing; a retention member having one side thereof pivotally connected to one side of
7393127 Light-guiding structure July 1, 2008
A light-guiding structure including a plurality of light pipes, a plurality of connecting portions and a fixing socket is provided. The light pipes are disposed on the fixing socket, and the light pipes are connected together by the connecting portions. At least one to-be-destroyed p
7391963 Method of controlling multimedia audio and video playback June 24, 2008
This invention discloses a method of controlling the multimedia audio and video playback by installing an audio/video playback program, a playback control program, and a data storage medium in a computer device, wherein the audio/video playback program adjusts a setup value for each of t
7388747 Heat plate fixing structure June 17, 2008
A heat plate fixing structure is provided, suitable for being used in the heatsink structure of the heating element for an electronic device, which is provided with a support part and a fixing piece, wherein the fixing piece is fixed onto the internal side of the top plate of the support
7388563 Portable information-processing device having a color changing case June 17, 2008
A portable information-processing device with a color changing case includes a transparent case covering the device that contains a layer of color-changing electroluminescent film. When the electroluminescent film is subject to different potential level signals, the color of the film
7386403 Method and system for charging management June 10, 2008
A method and a system for charging management are applied in an electronic device. The system includes a sensing unit, a detecting unit, a signal output unit, a receiving unit and a processing unit. By the method, when the sensing unit senses an external power source inputted to the
7385813 Assembly structure for securing heat-dissipating fan June 10, 2008
An assembly structure provided for securing a heat-dissipating fan, includes a casing board and a fan covering for covering the fan, The casing board has ventilation openings, coupling openings and positioning openings, and the fan covering formed with coupling portions and positioni
7385807 Height-adjustable docking station June 10, 2008
A height-adjustable docking station including a main frame, a hook structure, and a lever is provided. The hook structure and the lever are pivoted on the main frame. The hook structure has a plurality of positioning grooves at different levels. One end of the lever has an adjusting
7382612 I/O port module replacing device June 3, 2008
An I/O port replacing device is disclosed, which is applicable on a computer main body and comprises a mounted frame module, which is mounted to a computer main body and is used as a device for replacing I/O port. The I/O port module replacing device is a mounted frame module with a
7381919 Lever button of electronic product June 3, 2008
A lever button of an electronic product is provided. The lever button is disposed inside a housing, and is deformed under an external force to generate a displacement to press a switch. The lever button includes a fulcrum shaft pivotally disposed in the housing, a pressing section ex
7381079 Locking link rod structure for a docking station June 3, 2008
A locking link rod structure for a docking station that includes a main body, a switch link rod installed in the main body, two holes disposed separately and proximate to an end of the switch link rod, a lock hole disposed on the main body and corresponding to the two holes for locking
7379300 Fixing mechanism for a fan fixing frame May 27, 2008
A fixing mechanism fixes a side of a fan frame having a plurality of cooling fans and provided with a locking elastic tab having a second locking portion to a bottom board of a housing of an electronic device. The fixing mechanism includes a fixing tab fixed to the bottom board; a lo
7379296 Notebook computer with replaceable battery holder module May 27, 2008
A notebook computer with a replaceable battery holder module is provided, which comprises a notebook computer system and a replaceable battery holder module. With the setting of the replaceable battery holder module, when the original standard-equipped rechargeable battery or backup
7378977 Current overload detecting system and method May 27, 2008
A current overload detecting system and method applicable in a data processing device connected with a plurality of electronic devices is disclosed, each of the electronic devices having a USB interface. The data processing device has a plurality of USB ports corresponding to and con
7377806 Circuit board having at least one auxiliary scribed line May 27, 2008
A circuit board including a board body, at least one first connector, and at least one second connector is provided. The board body has an edge and at least one auxiliary scribed line. The auxiliary scribed line is substantially parallel to the edge. The first connector is disposed on
7365644 Method and device for wireless monitoring of system status April 29, 2008
A method and device for wireless monitoring of system status is provided. The method employs a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder and a RFID reader for transmission of system status. When the system monitoring program executed in the computer device detects abnormality,
7363458 Computer platform memory configuration on-board indicating method and system April 22, 2008
A computer platform memory configuration on-board indicating method and system is proposed, which is designed for use with a computer platform, such as a network server, for providing a memory configuration on-board indicating function; and which is characterized by the capability of
7362567 Notebook computer expansion base with slidable cover structure April 22, 2008
A notebook computer expansion base with a slidable cover structure is provided, which is applicable for the expansion of various types of notebook computers. Each notebook computer has an expansion joint and a plug specification, and the expansion base includes a base and a slidable
7360016 Method of protecting data in cache memory of storage system April 15, 2008
A method of protecting data in the cache memory of a storage system is used to protect the data stored in the cache memory of a first storage system and a second storage system coupled together and with the battery backed function. When the first storage system and the second storage
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