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6735083 Porous CPU cooler May 11, 2004
The invention is to provide a porous CPU cooler, which comprises a heat sink having a plurality of pores formed therein and therearound being in fluid communication with one another, and at least one heat-directing member on the heat sink. In operation, a current of air is either directe
6735076 Radiation apparatus May 11, 2004
A radiation apparatus for dispersing heat generated by a processor of an electronic device includes a radiator bonded to the processor and an axial fan for drawing external air into the casing. The axial fan has a nose-shaped spindle with a nose tip close to the radiator to evenly ch
6727678 Rechargeable battery protection circuit with alarm unit April 27, 2004
A rechargeable-battery protection circuit with alarm unit is proposed, which is designed for use with an electronic system with a rechargeable battery unit, such as a notebook computer with a lithium-type of rechargeable battery unit, for protecting the rechargeable battery unit agai
6724616 Electronic device battery pack removal and emplacement lock structure April 20, 2004
The invention is to provide an electronic device battery pack removal and emplacement lock structure consisting of a compartment recessed in the case of an electronic device for the installing a battery pack, a minimum of one hook block proximal to its end at one side between the said ba
6715286 Radiation apparatus April 6, 2004
A radiation apparatus is disclosed. The radiation apparatus completely adheres to a central processing unit for absorbing thermal energy generated by the central processing unit. When disassociating the radiation apparatus from the central processing unit, the radiation apparatus pre
6714947 Method and system for making production plan March 30, 2004
A method and a system for making a production plan are proposed, for allowing a request from a client to be analyzed in real time, and the production plan to be constructed in response to manufactured or semi-manufactured products at a production line, so as to implement production a
6714906 Rapid phase identification method March 30, 2004
The invention provides a rapid phrase identification method, especially for Spanish derivatives. The main concern of the present invention is to provide for an electronic Spanish dictionary device a means for quickly identifying a derivative without demanding large memory space for stori
6714408 Mechanism for pivotably coupling notebook computer to its display March 30, 2004
The present invention is to provide a mechanism for pivotably coupling a notebook computer to its display, wherein a keyboard is received in a forward recess of a housing of the notebook computer, and a substantially rectangular pivot board is received in a rearward recess of the housing
6711736 Method of obtaining the BIOS version date in the windows operating system March 23, 2004
A method of obtaining the BIOS version date in the windows operating system using dynamic virtual device drivers (VxDs). First, input and output parameter buffers are defined and the initial address and area size of search memory are obtained. The physical address is mapped to a linear
6701401 Method for testing a USB port and the device for the same March 2, 2004
A method for testing a USB port and the device for the same. The VCC and GND power lines of the USB port and the twisted paired signal lines of D+ and D- are connected with the corresponding terminals on a parallel port so as to test the connection between the USB port and the USB host
6665626 Network-based computer testing system December 16, 2003
A network-based computer testing system performs a concurrent testing procedure on computer products for quality assurance before shipment. The testing system comprises a communication port expander, an administrator, a network system, a product database, and a file server, and is ch
6651024 Method for automatic testing PCMCIA cards November 18, 2003
This specification discloses a method for automatic testing PCMCIA cards. The method first loads in the main library of the control panel, then checks and displays the PCMCIA module using the application interface of the control panel library. A SetwindowsHook then loads in dynamic link
6644476 Cushion package structure November 11, 2003
A cushion package structure conforming to environmental protection recycling regulations utilizes corrugated paper and elastic cushion materials (EPE) to replace conventional polylone. The corrugated paper and EPE are latched and coupled together without using hot adhesive. Thus EPE
6622192 Method of shutting down a server in safety September 16, 2003
This invention relates to a method of shutting down a server, more particularly, to a method of shutting down the server safely. The present invention uses a pre-setup normal shutting down program, which is in the operating system (OS) of the server to execute the normal shutting down
6615153 Method for managing and using test system September 2, 2003
A method for managing and using a test system is proposed, which is applied to the test system comprising a test server and a test workstation, and allows a user to perform a test and obtain a test report according to the user's right for accessing the test server and an actual operating
6611941 Method for RAMDAC testing August 26, 2003
A method of testing a plurality of registers in a RAMDAC, each of the registers having a plurality of bits. First, the bits of the registers are all reset to a first logic state. Then, one logic pattern is written to the registers so as to convert one bit of one of the registers into a
6587902 I/O port assembly of notebook computer connectable to monitor or TV as needed July 1, 2003
The invention provides an input/output (I/O) port assembly of a notebook computer connectable to a monitor or a television (TV), which comprises an image processor, an I/O port, and a signal transmission circuit interconnected between the image processor and the I/O port. When I/O port
6587350 Ejection mechanism for modular electronic element July 1, 2003
An ejection mechanism for modular electronic elements is used for ejecting a modular electronic element housed in a housing chamber of an electronic device. The ejection mechanism is located in the housing chamber. By moving only one driving member, the latching relationship of the modul
6587342 Snap coupling cooling fan module July 1, 2003
A snap coupling cooling fan module is adopted for use on a computer system to provide the heat dissipation apparatus required by the computer system. The cooling fan module includes a fan lid, which has one side pivotally engaged with a frame and another side latched on a board extending
6581169 Method and device for automatic computer testing on a plurality of computers through a local are June 17, 2003
This specification discloses a method and device for computer testing, which method can perform automatic testing for a plurality of computer on the product line. By describing, recording, and summarizing contents and results of each test item using a script, the defects such as lower
6581021 Method for downloading and managing test tool of test system June 17, 2003
A method for downloading and managing a test tool of a test system is proposed, which is applied to the test system having a test service server and a tested machine. A test tool required for performing a test for the tested machine is available as being downloaded from the test service
6579176 Computer-based growing simulation method and system June 17, 2003
A computer-based growing simulation method and system is adaptable for a game and particularly a role playing game that reflects the growth of a selected role. In the game, the system will generate many different events such as simulated environments. Each simulated environment includes
6577911 System and method for controlling surface mounting process June 10, 2003
A system and a method for controlling a surface mounting process are proposed. Barcodes of feeder trays in a work station are scanned, prompting an inquiry module to retrieve a corresponding work station serial number, which is transmitted to a microprocessor module. This then prompt
6574677 Method for using smart card on HPC June 3, 2003
This specification discloses a method for using a smart card on an HPC, which, through the combination of the HPC and a smart card reader and a driver, controls the smart card reader. This also provides application programs a public interface for the user to manipulate the smart card
6556528 Fixing device for data storage device of computer April 29, 2003
The present invention provides a device for fixing a data storage device, such as hard disk or CD-ROM drive, to a case of computer. The device includes at least a positioning pin formed on a vertical surface located aside a space to hold the data storage device; a base, horizontally
6534955 Pulse charger March 18, 2003
A pulse charger that utilizes a charging strategy to compensate the physical characteristic of a secondary battery. That is, electrical current is supplied is based on the electric voltage of a secondary battery. According to the above concept, the pulse charger of the invention main
6532141 Heat-dissipating device for electronic component March 11, 2003
A heat-dissipating device for an electronic component is proposed, including a main body, at least a heat pipe and at least a heat-dissipating block. The heat-dissipating block detachably coupled to the heat pipe is used to increase the heat transfer area, allowing heat generated fro
6507919 Method of automatically simulating boosting the items of a windows menu and examining the items January 14, 2003
A method of automatically simulating boosting the items of a windows menu and examining the items including the steps of reading the items of the standard first layer menu from the start menu of a standard windows software and the items of the next layer menu contained therein and then
6492968 Method for detecting color mixing defects on liquid crystal monitors December 10, 2002
A method for detecting defects when mixed colors among color channels on a liquid crystal monitor is disclosed. The disclosed method utilizes the interference of four channels of red, green, blue and white colors to check whether a detected liquid crystal monitor can normally show the
6480914 Method for supporting USB input devices via BIOS November 12, 2002
A method for supporting USB input devices via BIOS, which allows BIOS to support USB input devices when the motherboard does not have the keyboard controller (KBC). This method is especially applied to the operating systems that do not support the drivers for USB keyboard and mouse input
6480907 Apparatus and method for testing the wait signal line of a communication interface socket November 12, 2002
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for testing the WAIT signal line of a communication interface socket to detect whether the WAIT signal line of the socket, such as a PCMCIA socket, can work properly. The present invention utilizes an electrical switch and several
6477604 Computer multi-bay devices compatible expansion module and its processing procedure November 5, 2002
A computer multi-bay devices compatible expansion module includes a housing defining a chamber for receiving a notebook computer multi-bay compatible device, for example, a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, hard disk driver, or chargeable battery, a set of control buttons, a control circuit board dispose
6470491 Method for monitoring computer programs on window-based operating platforms October 22, 2002
This invention relates to a method for monitoring an executed process, more particularly for monitoring and tracing the execution of an application program on a window-based operating platform. The method of the present invention is first to collect the information of all executed proces
6470463 Method and apparatus for testing integrity of data transfer of a hardware October 22, 2002
The present invention discloses a hardware data transfer integrity testing module and a hardware data transfer integrity testing method of parallel processing through the use of a ringbuffer. An interruption service program writes data into the ring buffer. When a main application progra
6462954 Modular machine board structure capable of automatically correcting the contact travel for an el October 8, 2002
A connector of a modular machine board disposed on an inner edge of a back board of a display apparatus of an electronic device contacts with joint points of the electronic device, such that metal resilient pieces of said connector are assured to tightly contact with said joint points by
6442710 PC interval timer test method August 27, 2002
A PC interval timer test method used in a personal computer to test the abnormality of the interval timer of a PC (personal computer) by: calculating the difference between the periodic interrupt frequency of the PC's CMOS Real Time Clock (R.T.C.) and the interval timer interrupt fre
6427233 Method for addressing the dynamic windows July 30, 2002
A method for addressing the dynamic windows. The method uses a script interpreter, addressing identification module, and current windows layer description module combined together. When an operational unit is read from a script interpreter, it will generate a windows description. Input
6418449 Method of cloning the file system of a window web operating system by using a bitmap file July 9, 2002
A method of cloning the file system of a window web operating system by using a bitmap file includes the steps of (i) storing file data from a source partition in a bitmap file, (ii) compressing the data of the source partition into an image file and cloning the image file to an object d
6396683 Notebook computer with exchangeable LCD unit May 28, 2002
A notebook computer with exchangeable LCD (liquid crystal display) unit is provided. The notebook computer makes use of a connector secured to the bottom of the LCD unit by fixing to a printed circuit board which is electrically coupled to the LCD unit and an LCD energy converter, en
6385042 Portable computer structure having module room suitable for multiple replaceable modules May 7, 2002
A portable computer structure having a module room suitable for accommodating multiple replaceable modules is disclosed. The module room is arranged at a corner of the computer casing, and includes two openings on two surfaces of the corner, respectively. Further, owing to two openin
6373700 Heat sink modular structure inside an electronic product April 16, 2002
The present invention of a heat sink modular structure inside an electronic product comprises of a heat sink fan mounted on one end of an air channel pipe body blowing the heat thereon outward from an outlet of an air channel disposed inside the said air channel pipe body, and blowing
6373694 Fastening device for hard disk April 16, 2002
A fastening device is configured on a frame to have a plurality of pairs of opposed grooves, a block member on one side of the frame with grooves disposed thereon, and a plurality of latched members disposed on the block member each corresponding to the groove. In fastening hard disk to
6370023 Case assembly for computer mainframe April 9, 2002
A case assembly for computer mainframe is constructed to include a rectangular hollow shell holding a motherboard, a power supply housing perpendicularly fastened to the rectangular hollow shell at one side of the motherboard and partially protruding over the open side of the rectang
6356130 Circuit for enabling servo system to perform an automatic system recovery and the method therefo March 12, 2002
A circuit for enabling a servo to perform an automatic system recovery and a method therefor, involves the provision of a timer and associated circuit in the servo.about.such that the servo system can transmit a system normal signal to the timer at predetermined intervals. Once the s
6345319 Method for installing plug-n-play device by copying INF files to a corresponding directory and d February 5, 2002
The present invention relates to a setting method for installation of plug and play device by utilizing the set-up file (INF) of a hardware driver to directly read the device ID of a new device and copy the driver file to the corresponding directory. And, deleting the device ID and all r
6344825 Antenna apparatus for portable electronic device February 5, 2002
An antenna apparatus built in a cover of an electronic device, such as portable data processors, to serve as a latch of the cover in addition to be an antenna for transmitting and receiving wireless communication signals. An antenna unit is embedded in a movable receptacle mounted on
6342893 Method for testing the correctness of image data transited among memories January 29, 2002
A method used to test the correctness of image data transited between the system memory and display memory is described as follows. First, a image data A is stored in a location B of the system memory. Then, the data of image A and a location C of display memory are stored into a Bitblt
6341753 Fastening mechanism for speaker January 29, 2002
A fastening mechanism for fastening a speaker to a PC is disclosed. The mechanism comprises a fastener and a bracket including a clamp member on one side having a top plate, a side plate, a front plate, and a rear plate and a plate member having a threaded hole on the other opposed side
6317926 Fixing device for LCD unit November 20, 2001
This invention provides a device for fixing an LCD unit for a computer. It includes two slots formed on the main body of computer for receiving two connecting blades of pivots of the LCD unit. Each of the connecting blades is formed with a step portion in the middle of the blade so as to
6317491 Method and apparatus for an intelligent telecommunication base unit and a detachable mobile info November 13, 2001
A telecommunication base unit and a mobile information unit combination is disclosed. The base unit includes circuitry for receiving an incoming telephone call, a caller identification circuit, an on-line/off-line control circuit, a dial circuit, an optional LCD display, and an optional
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