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D615082 Portable terminal device May 4, 2010
D611426 Dimm socket structure March 9, 2010
D606540 Pocket PC December 22, 2009
D606539 Pocket pc December 22, 2009
D581377 Television November 25, 2008
D580932 Print server November 18, 2008
D580931 Print server November 18, 2008
D556753 Network appliance December 4, 2007
D550173 Liquid crystal display TV September 4, 2007
D549672 Television August 28, 2007
D548227 Display stand August 7, 2007
D547755 Display stand July 31, 2007
D544458 Portable communication device June 12, 2007
D539248 TV monitor March 27, 2007
D518705 Standoff April 11, 2006
D517121 Label for peripheral devices March 14, 2006
D515631 Label for panels February 21, 2006
D515141 Label for I/O ports February 14, 2006
D515140 Label for connect ports February 14, 2006
8585425 Fixing structure with interface card module and fixing structure thereof November 19, 2013
A fixing structure with an interface card module comprises a fixing structure and an interface card module. The fixing structure includes a main board, a connector and a fixing frame. The main board has an edge. The connector is disposed on the main board, and the connector has a soc
8585104 Electronic device November 19, 2013
An electronic device including a casing, a cover, a latching member, and a limiting member is provided. The casing has a space and a stopping portion on an inner wall of the casing and in the pace. The cover is detachably assembled to the casing for covering the space. The latching m
8579477 Electronic device November 12, 2013
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a body, a light source, a light shutter, and a light transmissive net structure. The body has a cavity therein. The light source is disposed in the cavity. The light shutter is disposed over the light source, wherein the
8578183 Server system with direct current transformation units receiving power on signal and generating November 5, 2013
A server system including a rack, motherboards and direct current (DC) transformation units is provided. Each of the motherboards is inserted on the rack, and generates a power on signal. Each of the DC transformation units is on the rack and receives a DC voltage. When each of the m
8573990 Cover structure November 5, 2013
A cover structure, adapted for mounting on a housing that is formed with an opening and a connection base having a plugging end exposing by the opening, comprising: a frame, formed with a first end and a second end that are arranged opposite to each other with respect to the radial of a
8296716 Method for setting width of trace on printed circuit board October 23, 2012
A method implemented by a computer layout software for setting the width of the printed circuit board trace is disclosed. The method selects one from several traces set on the printed circuit board traces, obtains the corresponding trace name of the selected trace, obtains the device pin
8291370 Pad layout method for surface mount circuit board and surface mount circuit board thereof October 16, 2012
A pad layout method for surface mount circuit board and a surface mount circuit board are described. The layout method includes the following steps. Firstly, coefficients of thermal expansion of a circuit board and a surface mounted component are obtained, and the circuit board is su
8287059 Rail device and server October 16, 2012
A rail device and a server are provided. The server includes a rack, at least one chassis, and a rail device. The rail device is disposed on the chassis and the rack to move the chassis between a first position and a second position relative to the rack. The rail device includes a first
8286500 Testing device and limiting switch thereof October 16, 2012
A limiting switch suitable for a testing device is provided. The testing device includes a fixed frame and a clamping element pivoted to each other. The limiting switch includes a first rod, a second rod, a first switching element and a second switching element. The first and second
8275960 Method for protecting data in the hard disk September 25, 2012
A method for protecting data in the hard disk is provided. The method is suitable for a computer system and includes the following steps. First, a plurality of specification parameters conforming to the computer system is read. Next, a part of the specification parameters are encoded for
8271462 Method for creating a index of the data blocks September 18, 2012
An method for creating a index of the data blocks is applicable in data de-duplication procedure, includes loading an index file, the index file includes a plurality of location blocks, each location block includes a plurality of storage fields, and each storage field records a primary
8259441 Extracting and installing structure for electrical device September 4, 2012
An extracting and installing structure for electrical device is disclosed, which comprises: a base for receiving an electrical device; a first chute; a linkage rod, configured with a first protrusion and capable of sliding inside the first chute in a first direction; and a rotatable
8255415 Embedded searching system and the method thereof August 28, 2012
An embedded searching system uses an application name to search for the interface specifications for the application. The interface specifications are used to update default registry information of the operating system. Different applications can thus be embedded with a search field.
8238729 Fan controlling circuit August 7, 2012
A fan controlling circuit is provided. The fan controlling circuit includes an integral unit, an operational amplifier, and an output unit. The integral unit transforms pulse width modulation signals to voltages, and then the output unit outputs one of the pulse width modulation sign
8230211 Method for setting basic input/output system July 24, 2012
A BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) setting method is disclosed, which is applicable to a computer equipped with a MEMORY a CMOS RAM (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Random Access Memory), and a BIOS-ROM (Basic Input/Output System Read-Only Memory) storing a first setting document
8228669 Layout structure of server chassis July 24, 2012
A server chassis layout structure includes a chassis body, a partition plate, and a power backplane module. The chassis body includes a bottom plate, first and second top plates, and two side plates. The first and second top plates form a first opening therebetween. The side plates are
8226181 Slide rail structure July 24, 2012
A slide rail structure is provided. The slide rail structure is disposed between a computer case and a rack, and includes a first slide rail and a second slide rail. The first slide rail is fixed to the rack. The second slide rail has a first end, a second end and a carrying part. The se
8215682 Unlocking structure and connector holding structure July 10, 2012
An unlocking structure including a board element, a locking element, and a guiding element is provided. The board element has a first surface, a second surface, and at least one first opening. The locking element with at least one hook and at least one first elastic arm is disposed on th
8209853 Rework soldering jig July 3, 2012
A rework soldering jig is used for heating a surface mounted slot. The rework soldering jig includes a body and an assembly frame. The assembly frame is detachably disposed on the body. The body and the assembly frame together wrap the surface mounted slot. Since the rework soldering jig
8209555 Computer system June 26, 2012
A computer system including a first and second main boards, a judgment unit, a power supply, a first switch and second switch is provided. The judgment unit receives a first and second power start signals from the first and second main boards, and outputs a total power start signal. The
8205918 Locking structure June 26, 2012
A locking structure applied on a board sliding in a track. The board has locating hole. The locking structure includes a moving member and a locking plate respectively disposed on the board. The moving member has a pull ring portion, a first extending arm, a second extending arm, a first
8200075 Camera-based mobile communication device and method for controlling flashlight thereof June 12, 2012
A camera-based mobile communication device includes a light sensor, a camera module, a flashlight, and a micro-processing unit (MPU). The light sensor is operable to detect a brightness value of an external light source. The camera module is operable to photograph an image. The flash
8195894 Data processing apparatus of basic input/output system June 5, 2012
A data processing apparatus of a basic input/output system (BIOS) is provided. The data processing apparatus includes a BIOS unit, a share memory and a control unit. The BIOS unit writes command data into the share memory, wherein the command data includes identification data stored
8190929 Computer system May 29, 2012
A computer system including a power supply and N main boards is provided, herein N is an integer greater than 1. The power supply generates a main power and a standby power. The N main boards respectively correspond to one standby voltage. The to the (N-1) main boards
8180307 Electric device May 15, 2012
An electric device for receiving a radio frequency (RF) signal is provided. The electric device includes an antenna, a first power amplifier, a battery, a second filter and a second power amplifier. The antenna is used for receiving and outputting a RF signal. The first power amplifi
8177504 Fan module May 15, 2012
A fan module including a fan frame, at least one fan unit, and a plurality of resilient pins is provided. The fan frame is provided with an accommodation space therein and is disposed with a plurality of mounting slots thereon. The fan unit is disposed in the accommodation space and
8171271 Server device and method of sharing basic input/output system May 1, 2012
A server device and a method of sharing a basic input/output system (BIOS) include a plurality of mainboards, a circuit board, and a memory unit, and a switching unit disposed on the circuit board. A single memory unit stores a plurality of BIOS entity program segments respectively c
8164896 Electronic apparatus April 24, 2012
An electronic apparatus is disclosed, which comprises: a casing, a cap, a data storage unit and an ejecting module. The casing has an accommodation space formed by the enclosure of two sidewalls of the casing. The accommodation space is further configured with an opening that can be
8151074 Software protection method April 3, 2012
A software protection method to protect the software in a host against an unauthorized usage of a memory unit used in software is provided. The software protection method comprises the steps of: starting the operation of the software; declaring the memory unit such that the software take
8135810 IPMI server management system and method March 13, 2012
An intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) server management system includes a managing side and a plurality of managed sides. The managed sides includes at least on active IPMI managed sides, wherein each of the active IPMI managed side actively provides its service informa
8134843 Server March 13, 2012
A server is disclosed, which includes two dividing plates disposed between the side plates, several rails disposed on the side plates and the dividing plates, at least one adapter board module, and several main boards. The dividing plates are parallel to the side plates. Each dividin
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