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Intex Recreation Corp. Patents
Intex Recreation Corp.
Long Beach, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D455928 Inflatable mattress April 23, 2002
D441205 Inflatable furniture May 1, 2001
D435974 Inflatable furniture January 9, 2001
D435078 Volleyball net December 12, 2000
D434826 Bi-level pool with shade December 5, 2000
D433722 Batting tee November 14, 2000
D433471 Basketball goal November 7, 2000
D414644 Wave beam mattress October 5, 1999
D414365 Quilt beam mattress September 28, 1999
D389875 Inflatable jumping toy January 27, 1998
D315102 Filler cap for a waterbed mattress March 5, 1991
7636970 Air-inflated mattress December 29, 2009
An air-inflated mattress, comprising a top layer, an outer shroud band, a plurality of anchor separators and a bottom layer, wherein said shroud band connects the top and bottom layers together to form an inflatable bladder. A middle layer below said top layer is partially sealed to the
7591036 Air-inflated mattress September 22, 2009
A double air-inflated mattress having an upper chamber and a lower chamber, the upper chamber having a top layer, an outer shroud band, a plurality of anchor separators and a bottom layer, the outer shroud band connecting the top and bottom layers to form an inflatable bladder; a mid
7406735 Air-inflated mattress August 5, 2008
An air-inflated mattress, comprising a top layer, an outer shroud band, a plurality of anchor separators and a bottom layer, wherein said shroud band connects the top and bottom layers together to form an inflatable bladder; further comprising a middle layer below said top layer sealed t
6755281 Swimming pool ladder June 29, 2004
A swimming pool ladder typically utilized with a large capacity swimming pool for enabling bathers to conveniently enter and exit the pool. In its most fundamental embodiment, the swimming pool ladder includes a first ladder section connected to a second ladder section by a top platform.
6749474 Inflatable flotation device having removable canopy June 15, 2004
An inflatable flotation device for use by persons in a swimming or wading pool includes an inflatable floating chamber for providing buoyancy in water. A bottom seat is provided for supporting a person. The bottom seat includes a pair of penetrations formed therein for enabling the perso
6671910 Inflatable bed January 6, 2004
An inflatable bed includes an inflatable mattress that is attached to the top surface of an inflatable air box spring. An inflatable, stabilizing tube is attached to the bottom of the air box spring to provide additional stability and height by increasing the footprint of the inflatable
6571405 Large capacity reinforced swimming pool June 3, 2003
A large capacity reinforced swimming pool for use in an above-the-ground environment includes a flexible plastic liner for containing water. The liner includes a continuous sidewall and a bottom wall bonded to the sidewall by a joining seam. The continuous sidewall is formed from a p
6568011 Inflatable mattress May 27, 2003
An inflatable mattress comprises a flexible bottom layer, a top layer sealed to the bottom layer through a wall, wherein the bottom and top layers and the wall define an outer frame of the inflatable mattress, and a middle layer disposed between the top and bottom layers. The bottom
6565405 Interconnecting inflatable play structure May 20, 2003
An inflatable play structure comprises at least one inflatable house defining a cavity for accommodating a child and an inflatable tunnel detachably attached to the house. The house includes two side walls and front and rear walls connected together to form a continuous wall, and sup
6299420 Dual action air pump October 9, 2001
An air pump is a dual action manually driven with a piston and two intake and two exhaust check values that respectively operate with one intake port and one exhaust port. These check valves operate in tandem with each other during each pumping stroke, either up or down. During each pump
6296459 Electric air pump having multiple impellers and method October 2, 2001
An electric air pump having multiple impellers parallel mounted on the same motor shaft and typically employed for providing a source of low pressure, high volume air for charging inflatable devices. The multiple impellers provide improved motor efficiency in heat dissipation and air vol
6287095 Internal air pump for inflatables September 11, 2001
An internal air pump for charging inflatables with air and method therefore is disclosed which is directed to an air pump mounted internal to an inflatable device for injecting air therein. The inventive air pump is a thin-walled, lightweight, highly elastic, flexible plastic constructio
6257550 Drain valve adapter for aqueous container July 10, 2001
A drain valve adapter is for use with a hose and a drain valve mounted to a container, wherein the drain valve of the container defines a passageway for aqueous solution. The drain valve adapter comprises a tubular body having a mating member and a plunger member which are in fluid c
6209150 Inflatable Sun shade for pool April 3, 2001
A sun shade pool typically used by small children in an above-the-ground environment for use in the out-of-doors and method therefore is disclosed which is directed to an inflatable pool and a removable sun shade canopy mounted upon the inflatable pool for blocking direct sun light. The
6164314 Oversized air valve for use with inflatable devices and method December 26, 2000
An oversized air valve for use with inflatable devices typically in an above-the-ground swimming pool or an inflatable mattress is disclosed. In its most fundamental embodiment, the oversized air valve for use with inflatable devices includes a construction having an outer housing and a
6152530 Inflatable furniture having independent air chambers November 28, 2000
An article of inflatable furniture having independent air chambers for supporting body weight and typically used in the domestic environment includes a plurality of air pressurized subchambers particularly positioned within an outer enclosing chamber for modify the shape of the outer
5960495 Quilt beam mattress October 5, 1999
An inflatable air mattress which includes a top sheet and bottom sheet of flexible air impermeable material. When inflated, the mattress is provided with a series of tube beams running the length of the air mattress. These beams are sealed to the top and bottom sheets of the air mattress
5813946 Inflatable jumping toy and method September 29, 1998
An inflatable jumping toy typically employed in a play area by children performing jumping exercises is disclosed. The inflatable jumping toy comprises a construction incorporating a large torodial-shaped tube utilized as a base element and a vertical retainer wall mounted upon the t
5604945 Inflatable mattress February 25, 1997
An inflatable mattress comprising a pair of exterior tubes longitudinally disposed in parallel on opposite sides of the mattress in combination with a plurality of parallel connected interior tubes smaller in diameter then the exterior tubes and in sufficient number and dimension to part
5603129 Panel wall pool February 18, 1997
The panel wall pool includes a sidewall with spaced apart panels supported in an upright position when the pool is empty by an inflatable ring, which also provides the protection of a cushion along the top of the sidewall area. The sidewall also includes a reinforcing band which encircle
5437068 Body-conforming, multi-foldable, inflatable mattress having phase-shifted sinusoidal seals August 1, 1995
An inflatable air mattress having a generally rectangular mat portion that is foldable or bendable in multiple directions in a fully inflated condition. The mat portion includes rows of generally sinusoidal seals extending transversely across the mat portion. Alternating rows of the
4807554 Inflatable boat for high speed applications February 28, 1989
An inflatable boat for high speed towing applications having a compartmentalized hull and an improved tow-ring mounted beneath the hull, the hull including first and second buoyancy chambers, the second chamber being vertically disposed beneath the first chamber. Inclined, flexible r

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