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International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation Patents
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
New York, NY
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RE31182 Packet-switched data communication system March 15, 1983
A packet-switched digital data communication system operable in a store-and-forward mode is provided for enabling substantially simultaneous full-duplex communication between a plurality of telecommunications terminals, facsimile transceivers or other data input sources over a commun
D278053 Handset telephone March 19, 1985
D277701 Outdoor luminaire February 19, 1985
D274243 Cordless telephone system June 12, 1984
D272906 Telephone console March 6, 1984
D272344 Expansible compact telephone January 24, 1984
D266255 Aviator night vision imaging apparatus or similar article September 21, 1982
D264465 Expansible compact telephone May 18, 1982
D264338 Telephone instrument May 11, 1982
D260997 Camera with integrated flash September 29, 1981
D260992 Phone book telephone September 29, 1981
D259043 Security telephone April 28, 1981
D255838 Plastic storm door July 8, 1980
D254513 Hand held spotlight March 18, 1980
D252234 Luminaire June 26, 1979
D252209 Camera photoflash attachment June 26, 1979
D249819 Enclosure for a luminaire October 3, 1978
D249250 Combined light and speaker housing for an emergency vehicle September 5, 1978
D244790 Field hockey stick June 21, 1977
D244612 Electrical connector retaining clip June 7, 1977
D244527 Camera flash attachment May 31, 1977
D244205 Terminal for a video telephone unit May 3, 1977
D244022 Camera power-pack unit April 12, 1977
4747658 Fiber optic contact May 31, 1988
A fiber optic contact comprising a ferrule having an alignment sleeve mounted on its forward end so that the mating end face of the ferrule is positioned between the front and rear of the alignment sleeve. A releasable positive interlock is provided between the sleeve and the ferrule
4677690 Baseband demodulator for FM and/or AM signals June 30, 1987
A demodulator of the type employed in a "zero-IF" system uses a local oscillator for providing quadrature output signals at the center frequency of a received signal to be demodulated. The demodulator has first and second mixers for separately mixing the received signal with the quad
4653618 Twin tube shock absorber gas seal March 31, 1987
A double-cylinder shock absorber, which is particularly suitable for use in a MacPherson strut, includes an inner cylinder having a closed lower end and which is filled with oil. A piston rod extends into the inner cylinder through the upper end thereof. A piston is secured to the lower
4643519 Wavelength division optical multiplexer/demultiplexer February 17, 1987
A wavelength division multiplexing or demultiplexing optical coupler of the diffraction grating type includes a pure fused silica optical element having a convex spherical surface on one end and a diffraction grating on a portion of its other end. The remaining portion of its other end
4641903 Insulation displacement connector February 10, 1987
An insulation displacement connector is disclosed which is particularly adapted for use with flat cable having very closely spaced conductors. The connector contains two rows of contacts. The contacts in the two rows are staggered relative to each other. Each contact has a slotted plate
4628273 Optical amplifier December 9, 1986
An optical amplifier having, for example, a photocathode to convert light to electrons, an electron multiplier, and a photo-emitter or light emitting diode to convert electrons to light. The electron multiplier may be made of magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide or silicon dioxide having
4624008 Apparatus for automatic speech recognition November 18, 1986
An apparatus and method for recognition of sentences comprised of utterances separated by short pauses, the utterances representative of both isolated words and connected words. Speech to be recognized is converted into frames of digital signals. Selected ones of the frames of digita
4622649 Convolution processor November 11, 1986
The object of the present invention is to provide an improved convolution processor that requires no multiplication operations and can easily be implemented digitally.The convolution processor comprises a first delta analog to digital converter disposed in a first path for one of first a
4598975 Multiple fiber linear array and method of making same July 8, 1986
A multiple fiber linear array comprising a pair of spaced apart plate members separated by spacers having a diameter no greater than the diameter of the largest fiber in the array and defining a passageway in which the fibers are inserted such that the fibers terminate adjacent one e
4598959 Electrical connector grounding ring July 8, 1986
An electrical connector containing a grounding ring in the form of a metal bellows which is axially compressed when the mating halves of the connector are interengaged. The bellows provides a windowless EMI/RFI grounding shield for the connector.
4597629 Solar blind ultraviolet filter July 1, 1986
The solar blind ultraviolet filter includes in an intimate cascade relationship an ultraviolet grade quartz cell containing chlorine gas receiving light energy on an input face thereof, a first Jena UG5 glass cell containing potassium iodide doped with thallium, a second Jena UG5 gla
4593882 Zone control valve June 10, 1986
A zone valve of the type using a heat motor includes a biasing spring that operates on a lever, the lever operating on a valve. The spring includes arms that slidingly engage the lever. The arms each include a bent portion adjacent the point of contact with the lever. By providing the be
4591962 Regulated power supply for rapid no-load to full-load transitions May 27, 1986
The power supply converts alternating current voltage to a direct current voltage which is in turn converted to a pulse width modulated voltage. A circuit arrangement is provided responsive to the pulse width modulated voltage to produce N output direct current voltages each having a
4588866 Modular wall phone latching mechanism May 13, 1986
A mechanism for latching a modular wall phone to a mounting receptacle plate. As is conventional, the plate has a central aperture for a modular jack and spaced on each vertical side of the aperture is a headed stud or rivet. The wall phone has a base plate with a central slot through wh
4577909 Wheel cover center retention system March 25, 1986
A center retention system for retaining a wheel cover on a vehicle wheel. The system includes a center piece coaxially disposed about the axis of the wheel. A plurality of radially extending straps are provided. The radially outer ends of the straps include hook portions which respective
4577157 Zero IF receiver AM/FM/PM demodulator using sampling techniques March 18, 1986
Apparatus is depicted which enables the sampling of the phase angle of a modulated signal and manipulates the sample signals to demodulate the same. The apparatus is particularly adaptable for use in demodulating the I and Q channel signals of a zero IF receiver. The system contains an
4569638 Pump with resiliently mounted impeller February 11, 1986
A motor pump is described wherein an air cooled, oil-lubricated motor has its rotor axially displaced from its stator and in which the bearing support for the motor shaft is entirely on one side of the rotor. The drive shaft is coupled to the impeller in the pump unit by means of a f
4569366 Position indicator for rising stem valve February 11, 1986
A rising stem valve includes a scale plate attached to the stem and rising with the stem. A stationary reference mark on the valve bonnet indicates the degree of opening of the valve on the scale plate. The scale plate is rotatable around the valve stem to permit viewing from any positio
4567606 Data processing apparatus and method for use in speech recognition January 28, 1986
A continuous speech recognition system includes a plurality of processors doing template comparisons of speech data. Each processor has an associated memory shared with the other processors by direct memory access (DMA) through a shared data bus. The DMA circuitry is distributed between
4565241 Process for preparing a slurry structured metal composition January 21, 1986
A process for preparing a slurry structured metal composition comprising degenerate dendritic solid particles contained within a lower melting matrix composition, the process comprising vigorously agitating at a given shear rate molten metal as it is solidified. Greatly improved processi
4565038 Yoke for use with guyed structures January 21, 1986
A guy yoke for use in a guyed structure terminate two support guys coupled to said structure and to transfer loads entered on said supported guys to anchor means, said guy yokes includes two arms pivotally coupled to an anchor plate at one end and coupled to guy wires at the other end. A
4562572 Cellular mobile radio service telephone system December 31, 1985
An improved cellular mobile radio telephone system is described wherein the switching matrices used to provide communication paths between subscribers is also used to provide paths for carrying control information between a network control and the various transceivers, receivers and tran
4560140 Zone control valve December 24, 1985
A zone valve is described in which the frame for the operator unit is assembled without separate fasteners. Tongue and groove on the frame pieces fit together in an interlocking manner to provide a rigid frame construction. The assembly of the frame, hinges the parts against each oth
4560125 Supporting apparatus for pipelines systems December 24, 1985
An apparatus for supporting a pipe or similar article includes a bottom skid member which has a relatively flat central bottom surface surrounded by an upwardly extending arcuate surface to form a saucer-like configuration.Positioned on the top of the skid member and above the flat secti
4559607 Arrangement to provide an accurate time-of-arrival indication for a plurality of received signal December 17, 1985
The arrangement comprises N signal channels each responsive to a different one of N signals where N is an integer greater than one. Each of the N signal channels includes a sampling circuit to sample the associated one of the N signals by a different one of N phase clocks with each of th
4559606 Arrangement to provide an accurate time-of-arrival indication for a received signal December 17, 1985
The arrangement comprises a plurality of correlation means coupled to the received signal with the received signal being clocked into each of the plurality of correlation means by a different one of a plurality of different phased clocks with the different phased clocks occurring at a
4557605 Apparatus for the continuous production of metal alloy composites December 10, 1985
A process and apparatus for the continuous production of shaped aluminum alloy-particulate composites. The process comprises metering at a substantially constant ratio a particulate solid molten aluminum alloy containing at least 0.10% by weight of magnesium into a mixing station whi
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