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International Standard Electric Corporation
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RE30643 Method of aluminizing the inside of the panel of a television picture tube June 9, 1981
The invention relates to a method of aluminizing the inside of the panel of a television picture tube. When aluminizing the inside of the panel, blisters caused by the vaporizing lacquer, are likely to develop in the layer of aluminum, especially on the side walls of the panel portion. W
D289649 Visual display unit May 5, 1987
D285921 Telephone set September 30, 1986
D284760 Combination handset and base telephone set July 22, 1986
D272441 Telephone instrument body January 31, 1984
D271393 Telephone handset November 15, 1983
D264581 Housing for laser optical focusing elements for laser welding machine May 25, 1982
D262875 Telephone answering device February 2, 1982
D262622 Case for an information display terminal or the like January 12, 1982
D261951 Adjustable chair November 24, 1981
D261884 Information display terminal November 17, 1981
D261139 Telephone apparatus October 6, 1981
D259638 Telephone subset June 23, 1981
D250192 Remote copying apparatus November 7, 1978
4959246 Screen printing process and apparatus and electrical printed circuits obtained therewith September 25, 1990
A process for providing through plated holes in a substrate by screen printing provides uniformly thick plating of the holes. One side of the substrate is screen plated while being subjected to an underpressure between 10 and 200 gr/cm.sup.2 from a chamber fed by a large volume vacuum
4793474 Controlled delivery agricultural capsule and method of making December 27, 1988
A capsule for the controlled release of an active material, e.g. into soil, is described. The capsule comprises an insoluble tubular housing (11) containing a number of water soluble or biodegradable partition walls (13) defining one or more hermetically sealed compartments, (12) filled
4781276 Hydraulically actuated wheel brake with a built-in pressure control device November 1, 1988
A hydraulically actuated wheel brake with a built-in control device comprising a brake piston including two pressure surfaces each of which defines a different one of two working chambers. The pressure fluid inlet is connected directly to one of the two working chambers and via a valve
4715486 Low-wear frictionally engaging device December 29, 1987
A frictionally engaging device, such as a disc brake, includes a first and a second friction element which engage one another as the device is operated to reduce the extent of and/or eliminate relative movement between these elements. The first element consists of an organically bond
4698637 Device for pulse modulation automatic control October 6, 1987
A device for pulse modulation automatic control, where the modulation is a combined plurality of pulse components. Each pulse component is singly controlled by a respective control voltage or current, the control voltages and/or currents being fully independent from the output demodu
4677441 Two-way ranging system June 30, 1987
A two-way ranging system in which deviations of transmit times of interrogation signals from a nominal transit time are determined at a transponder. These deviations are dependent upon the propagation conditions for interrogation and reply signals in the medium of propagation. A norm
4675987 Method of sealing a relay June 30, 1987
A relay is sealed with a sealing compound when the relay housing is in a closed state, thus causing an air cushion to be formed in the inside, with an afterflow of sealing compound into the interior being prevented. Following gelling or curing of the sealing compound, a vent hole is
4672387 Antenna systems for omnidirectional pattern June 9, 1987
An antenna system which has omnidirectional coverage in azimuth and sectoral coverage in elevation. A main reflector including a reflecting surface has polar symmetry about the Z-axis. It also has a cross section in any plane containing the Z-axis which satisfies the laws of power co
4672216 Liquid quality monitor having a plurality of photodiodes for detecting light scattered at variou June 9, 1987
A power station boiler condensate water monitor employs a light-scatter cell for the detection of oil and/or particulates in the water. In order to determine background scatter levels, provision is made to alternatively pass clean water through the cell (FLUSH). The offset voltages obtai
4671905 Method of a forming a secondary coating on an optical fiber June 9, 1987
A stable secondary coating, for example of nylon, is applied to a primary coated optical fiber by a process including high-speed (.gtoreq.100 meters per minute) extrusion of the secondary coating material, cooling of the extruded material by quenching in cold water at a position up to fo
4668914 Circular, amorphous metal, Hall effect magnetic field sensor with circumferentially spaced elect May 26, 1987
A magnetic field sensor is disclosed with which the direction of a magnetic field can be determined by using the planar Hall effect. An active layer of the sensor is made of a ferromagnetic amorphous metal which is magnetically isotropic. Thus, the magnetization in the active layer alway
4665347 Circuit for producing the operating voltages and the horizontal-deflection current for picture-r May 12, 1987
In picture-reproducing equipment with higher scanning frequencies (e.g., flicker-free television, visual display unit), the generation of the horizontal-deflection current is separated in frequency from the generation of the operating voltages by supplying the horizontal-deflection c
4662818 Tangential blower May 5, 1987
In a tangential blower having side walls near the air outlet provided with lugs projecting into the high pressure chamber.
4662704 Coaxial cable connection to a terminal strip May 5, 1987
A connecting arrangement comprises a crimp barrel which is crimped against the outer conductor of a coaxial cable and contains a shield wire to be connected to a wrap post of a terminal strip, and a holding device which engages the cable over the edge of the terminal strip board. Two cli
4661136 Process of fabricating an elongated glass body particularly a preform for optical waveguides April 28, 1987
For fabricating porous bodies from a glass starting material, particularly in connection with the fabrication of an optical waveguide preform, it is proposed to fill powdery glass starting material under a pre-compaction into a compression mold, and to compress it thereafter. When the po
4660972 Arrangement for visualizing the cores of optical waveguides April 28, 1987
The spatial position of the core of an optical waveguide (1) can be observed exactly in that the optical waveguide is irradiated, in two mutually perpendicular directions, with parallel light, which thereafter passes through each time one rod lens (31, 32) and into a deflecting optic
4660418 Flexible hinge device April 28, 1987
A flexible hinge device comprises a laminar silicon body having a groove portion etched away to define a thin flexible strip joining two rigid end portions. The silicon forming the hinge is usually of a single crystal structure. Break-off supports may be provided to support the structure
4659378 Solderable adhesive layer April 21, 1987
Electrical contacts to or mechanical connections between components and provided by using a thin layer of an alloy consisting of metals and metalloids. Such a layer shows excellent adhesion to glass or semiconductor substrates.
4655550 Ferro-electric liquid crystal display with steady state voltage on front electrode April 7, 1987
A ferro-electric liquid crystal display in which the individual pixels are addressed via an address matrix that includes one field effect transistor for each pixel, and a plurality of row and column conductors whereby data is written into each pixel to change or to maintain its display c
4655091 Rotational movement April 7, 1987
A transducer responsive to rotational movement comprises a support member on which a shaft is rotatably mounted. Relative movement between the member and the shaft is sensed by flexure of a strip of a piezo-resistive mateial. Typically, the strip is facribed from signle crystal silicon.
4654866 Combined narrow band and broad band telephone communication system March 31, 1987
An integrated communication system (e.g., BIGFON) includes the narrow-band telephone network and a superposed video-telephone network. The path search for setting up calls in the telephone network is carried out with the aid of the telephone call numbers. To permit a video-telephone netw
4654810 Facility for determining delay variations March 31, 1987
The time required for several calibration signals to traverse a signal path (1, 2, 3) is determined and compared with a nominal value. The individual calibration signals have different values for at least one signal parameter. Depending on the results of the comparison, a control signal
4653851 Fire resistant fiber optic cable March 31, 1987
A fiber optic cable includes layers and elements for mechanical and fire protection of the cable, all having the same or substantially the same thermal coefficient of expansion as the optical fibers. The fiber optic cable core is protected against flames by at least two layers of mica
4653844 Prism couplers March 31, 1987
Prism couplers are manufactured by disposing a prism (10) on an optically flat waveguide (11) such that the region therebetween is shaped for substantially optimum coupling of optical energy therebetween, and securing the prism to the waveguide without deformation of the waveguide. T
4653086 Communication terminal for processing voice and graphical information March 24, 1987
A communication terminal for processing voice and graphical information having a telephone set including a handset supported by a housing with an input device mounted within the housing for establishing communication with a distant terminal. The input device includes a flat display scree
4652097 Glass article having renewable optical surfaces March 24, 1987
A transparent glass article, e.g., for use as an inspection window in contact with water, including at least a surface layer of a glass which is adapted to dissolve at a preselected uniform rate. Slow dissolution of the glass provides a continuously renewable clear surface.
4649755 Sensor for magnetizable materials March 17, 1987
A sensor for magnetizable materials is comprised of an inductive component and an evaluating circuit. The inductive component is constructed by thin-film techniques. The core is made of a ferromagnetic amorphous metal. Such a sensor can detect the presence of magnetizable materials with
4648110 Circuit arrangement for a voice-controlled hands-free telephone facility March 3, 1987
A voice-controlled hands-free facility contains a microphone, an internal and an external loudspeaker, and two series combinations of an input amplifier (EV), a variable attenuator (DR), and an output amplifier (AV), one for the send path and one for the receive path, and is controlled b
4647762 Optical receiver March 3, 1987
An optical receiver of the so-called high impedance type has a photo-diode onto which the modulated light beam from an optical fiber, or received via free space, falls to produce a current in that diode. One end of the diode is coupled directly to the gate of a FET, the other end of the
4647203 Fiber optic sensor March 3, 1987
An optical fibre Fabry-Perot etalon can be used as a sensor if the parameter being monitored is allowed to influence the etalon's length, e.g. by pressure, temperature, magneto-strictive effects, piezo-electric effects, acoustically, etc. However, with single-mode fibre and only one
4647151 Optical communication cable March 3, 1987
The cable core containing one or more optical waveguides is protected from longitudinal and transverse forces by being loosely disposed within a sheathing. The sheathing consists of a tubing which is divided into two sections in the longitudinal direction. Following the placement of the
4646344 Mobile radio set February 24, 1987
The mobile radio set has a rectangular parallelepiped-shaped case suitable for mounting in the dashboard of an automobile. The handset can be locked at its earpiece and mouthpiece into a cradle mounted on the front panel of the case so that the handset can be positioned in a rest positio
4646091 Airborne set for a two-way distance-ranging system February 24, 1987
In the standard DME system, an airborne station having transmitted a pair of interrogation pulses receives a plurality of pairs of space-coded reply pulses from which the pulse pairs intended for the airborne station are selected by a decoder (DK) and a correlator (KR).The invention uses
4644579 Shunt regulator for hands-free telephone February 17, 1987
In a loudspeaking telephone the power supply to the loudspeaker amplifier is shunted by a regulator which functions as a programmable Zener diode. Under conditions of low available line current, e.g. where two similar instruments are operated in parallel at the end of a long line, the
4644315 Push-button switch February 17, 1987
In a push-button switch, the switch element is a cantilever (2) of thin silicon strain gauge material with a small magnet (1), e.g. of samarium cobalt alloy at its free end. Adjacent to the free end there is an annular magnet (3), e.g. of plastics material impregnated with samarium cobal
4641375 Local area network February 3, 1987
In a local area network (LAN), of the Ethernet type, one of the segments, i.e. one bus, is replaced by a star coupler connected via optical fibre pairs to a number of stations. Each pair includes a GO fibre and a RETURN fibre. As in the usual Ethernet system, collision detection relies o
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