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El Segundo, CA
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RE42658 Gate driver multi-chip module August 30, 2011
A multi-chip module (MCM) provides power circuitry on a computer motherboard in a package of reduced size without sacrificing performance. The MCM co-packages essential power circuit components on a ball grid array (BGA) substrate. Two power MOSFETs disposed on the BGA substrate are
RE41770 Cascoded rectifier September 28, 2010
A high voltage rectifier device exhibiting low forward resistance and fast switching time formed of a high voltage structure connected in a cascode configuration with a low voltage structure. The high voltage structure is a bidirectional normally on semiconductor switch have two pairs of
RE41766 Self-driven synchronous rectified boost converter with inrush current protection using bidirecti September 28, 2010
A boost converter in which the conventional boost diode is replaced by a bidirectional normally conducting semiconductor switch. The circuit may be implemented so the bidirectional switch is self-driven by connecting a low voltage Schottky diode between a first gate-source terminal pair.
RE41719 Power MOSFET with integrated drivers in a common package September 21, 2010
A driver stage consisting of an N channel FET and a P channel FET are mounted in the same package as the main power FET. The power FET is mounted on a lead frame and the driver FETs are mounted variously on a separate pad of the lead frame or on the main FET or on the lead frame term
RE41559 Semiconductor device package with improved cooling August 24, 2010
A chip scale package has a semiconductor MOSFET die which has a top electrode surface covered with a layer of a photosensitive liquid epoxy which is photolithographically patterned to expose portions of the electrode surface and to act as a passivation layer and as a solder mask. A s
RE41509 High voltage vertical conduction superjunction semiconductor device August 17, 2010
A high voltage vertical conduction semiconductor device has a plurality of deep trenches or holes in a lightly doped body of one conductivity type. A diffusion of the other conductivity type is formed in the trench walls to a depth and a concentration which matches that of the body so th
RE40843 Electronic dimmable ballast for high intensity discharge lamp July 14, 2009
A dimmable electronic ballast for an HID lamp includes a rectifier stage for rectifying an AC input and providing a rectified DC output, a power factor correction stage for modifying a power factor of the AC input and for providing an increased voltage DC output from the rectified DC
RE40549 Circuitry for a high voltage linear current sense IC October 28, 2008
A high voltage linear current sense integrated circuit includes a differential amplifier circuit that can amplify a differential signal in the hundreds of millivolts near the power supply. In addition, a constant current using opposing minus temperature coefficient MOSFETs is provided.
RE40016 Power factor correction control circuit January 22, 2008
A power factor control circuit for an AC to DC power converter includes an inductor receiving AC rectified power. The charging time of the inductor is controlled by a switching circuit based on a comparison between a DC bus voltage and a fixed reference voltage. The circuit operates with
D503691 Conductive clip for a semiconductor package April 5, 2005
D502151 Semiconductor package February 22, 2005
D456772 Power module housing May 7, 2002
D249883 Solid state relay October 10, 1978
8587269 Cycle by cycle synchronous buck converter control based on external clock November 19, 2013
A DC-DC voltage converter having a switching stage including high- and low-side switches connected in series at a switched node across a DC voltage bus; a control circuit; and a feedback loop connected between an output of the switching stage and an input of the control circuit, the
8587101 Multi-chip module (MCM) power quad flat no-lead (PQFN) semiconductor package utilizing a leadfra November 19, 2013
Some exemplary embodiments of a multi-chip module (MCM) power quad flat no-lead (PQFN) semiconductor package utilizing a leadframe for electrical interconnections have been disclosed. One exemplary embodiment comprises a PQFN semiconductor package comprising a leadframe, a driver integra
8581343 Electrical connectivity for circuit applications November 12, 2013
According to example configurations herein, a leadframe includes a first conductive strip, a second conductive strip, and a third conductive strip disposed substantially adjacent and substantially parallel to each other. A semiconductor chip substrate includes a first array of switch cir
8575737 Direct contact semiconductor package with power transistor November 5, 2013
Some exemplary embodiments of an advanced direct contact leadless package and related structure and method, especially suitable for packaging high current semiconductor devices, have been disclosed. One exemplary structure comprises a mold compound enclosing a first contact lead frame
8575736 Direct contact flip chip package with power transistors November 5, 2013
Some exemplary embodiments of an advanced direct contact leadless package and related structure and method, especially suitable for packaging high current semiconductor devices, have been disclosed. One exemplary structure comprises a mold compound enclosing a first contact lead frame
8575660 Group III-V semiconductor device with strain-relieving interlayers November 5, 2013
According to one exemplary embodiment, a group III-V semiconductor device includes at least one transition layer situated over a substrate. The group III-V semiconductor device further includes a first strain-relieving interlayer situated over the at least one transition layer and a
8569883 Package for high power devices October 29, 2013
A semiconductor device package is formed of DBC in which thinned MOSgated and/or diode die are soldered to the bottom of an etched depression in the upper conductive layer. A via in the insulation layer of the DBC is filled with a conductive material to form a resistive shunt. Plural
8564124 Semiconductor package October 22, 2013
A semiconductor package that includes a semiconductor die and a heat spreader thermally coupled to the semiconductor and disposed at least partially within the molded housing of the package.
8564051 Power semiconductor device with buried source electrode October 22, 2013
A power semiconductor device that includes a buried source electrode disposed at the bottom of a trench below a respective gate electrode, and a source connector including a finger electrically connecting the buried source to the source contact of the device, and a process for fabricatin
8299527 Vertical LDMOS device and method for fabricating same October 30, 2012
A vertically arranged laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (LDMOS) device comprises a trench extending into a semiconductor body toward a semiconductor substrate. The trench includes sidewalls, a bottom portion connecting the sidewalls, a dielectric material lining the trench
8294208 Semiconductor device having a gate contact on one surface electrically connected to a gate bus o October 23, 2012
A power semiconductor device which includes a gate contact on one surface thereof connected to a gate bus on another opposing surface thereof using a conductive body extending through a via between the two surfaces of the device.
8280655 Digital power monitoring circuit and system October 2, 2012
A digital power monitoring circuit for monitoring power through an output inductor of a switching power supply in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a first analog to digital converter receiving a current sense signal indicative of the current through the
8274450 Current sensing bi-directional switch and plasma display driver circuit September 25, 2012
A discharge sustain driver circuit for a plasma display device, the driver circuit comprising a first transistor switching circuit for switching a DC bus voltage across the plasma display device; a storage capacitance; at least one inductor; and first and second bi-directional switch
8270189 Charge circuit for optimizing gate voltage for improved efficiency September 18, 2012
A charge circuit for providing a gate driver supply voltage for a gate driver of a switching power supply in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a first voltage source providing a first voltage and a charge pump circuit connected to the first voltage source
8270137 Interposer for an integrated DC-DC converter September 18, 2012
An interposer electrical interface for placing a DC-DC converter in close proximity with an IC powered by the converter, the DC-DC converter including at least one switching node power supply stage, the at least one switching node power supply stage providing regulated power to the I
8269259 Gated AlGaN/GaN heterojunction Schottky device September 18, 2012
Some exemplary embodiments of a semiconductor device using a III-nitride heterojunction and a novel Schottky structure and related method resulting in such a semiconductor device, suitable for high voltage circuit designs, have been disclosed. One exemplary structure comprises a firs
8269253 Rare earth enhanced high electron mobility transistor and method for fabricating same September 18, 2012
According to one embodiment, a high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) comprises an insulator layer comprising a first group III-V intrinsic layer doped with a rare earth additive. The HEMT also comprises a second group III-V intrinsic layer formed over the insulator layer, and a group
8264073 Multi-phase voltage regulation module September 11, 2012
A voltage regulator module that includes components for a multi-phase converter, the converter including a plurality of power stage elements on one circuit board, a control element, driver elements, and elements for the output stages of the power stage elements on another circuit board.
8264003 Merged cascode transistor September 11, 2012
A merged gate transistor in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes a semiconductor element, a supply electrode electrically connected to a top surface of the semiconductor element, drain electrode electrically connected to the top surface of the semiconductor
8258727 Regenerative torque shifter September 4, 2012
The regenerative torque shifter is a system for electric/hybrid electric vehicles that includes a driver-operated control device mounted in the vehicle and a control unit linked to a motor controller. The driver sets a level of regenerative braking desired by manipulating the control
8253224 Semiconductor package with metal straps August 28, 2012
A copper strap for a semiconductor device package having a contact electrically connected to a die electrode, a leg portion electrically connected to a lead frame, a web portion positioned between the contact and the leg portion and connected to the leg portion and a connection regio
8243476 HEMT/GaN half-bridge circuit August 14, 2012
A half-bridge circuit in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes an input voltage terminal operable to receive an input voltage, a first bi-directional switch, a second bi-directional switch connected in series with the first bi-directional switch, wherein t
8242759 Power supply circuit and multi-phase control based on peak and average current August 14, 2012
According to one configuration, a multi-phase power supply adjusts a number of active phases based at least in part on a peak current supplied to a dynamic load. For example, a controller associated with the multi-phase power supply can monitor or receive a value indicative of a peak
8232635 Hermetic semiconductor package July 31, 2012
A hermetically sealed semiconductor package that includes a power semiconductor die having electrodes thereof electrically connected to the external surface mountable terminals of the package without the use of wirebonds.
8228051 Switched mode power supply with frequency modulation control July 24, 2012
A frequency modulation controller for use in controlling a switched mode power supply including an input terminal for receiving an input voltage and at least one switch selectively turned on and off to control the output voltage of the power supply in accordance with an embodiment of
8198712 Hermetically sealed semiconductor device module June 12, 2012
A sealed semiconductor power module that may include a rectifier, such as a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), is provided. The module includes an AlN substrate having a bottom surface positioned on a metallic base plate and a top surface that includes a first pad and a second pad, the
8193786 Driving circuit for depletion mode semiconductor switches June 5, 2012
A driving circuit for a half bridge utilizing bidirectional semiconductor switches in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a high side driver operable to control a high side bidirectional semiconductor switch, wherein the high side driver provides a negative
8193612 Complimentary nitride transistors vertical and common drain June 5, 2012
A semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing the device are disclosed in which the semiconductor device includes ohmic contacts on different planes and the method for manufacturing the device includes etching a semiconductor stack of different conductivity semiconductor laye
8184830 Audio amplifier with simplified electrical isolation May 22, 2012
A power amplifier that can provide electrical isolation between an input signal and an amplified output signal avoids isolation between the amplifier output and the load to reduce complexity, component count, cost and size over prior power amplifiers. The power amplifier avoids the use
8184456 Adaptive power converter and related circuitry May 22, 2012
A resonant power converter circuit stage can be configured to: i) receive a rectified voltage derived from an AC input voltage; ii) convert the rectified voltage to an internal voltage based on the application of a duty cycle that varies depending on the input voltage and the output
8183595 Normally off III-nitride semiconductor device having a programmable gate May 22, 2012
A III-nitride semiconductor device which includes a charged gate insulation body.
8174855 Power factor correction integrated circuit with critical conduction mode May 8, 2012
A power factor correction integrated circuit housed in an integrated circuit package for controlling a boost converter circuit having an input inductor coupled in series with a boost rectifier between a rectified AC line input voltage and a DC bus voltage, on a DC bus, the rectified AC
8174250 Fixed frequency ripple regulator May 8, 2012
A ripple regulator for providing a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal for regulating an output voltage of a power converter switching stage. The regulator including a ripple circuit for providing a ripple voltage; a comparison circuit for comparing the ripple voltage to an output of an
8174051 III-nitride power device May 8, 2012
A III-nitride power device that includes a Schottky electrode surrounding one of the power electrodes of the device.
8174048 III-nitride current control device and method of manufacture May 8, 2012
A III-nitride device includes a recessed electrode to produce a nominally off, or an enhancement mode, device. By providing a recessed electrode, a conduction channel formed at the interface of two III-nitride materials is interrupted when the electrode contact is inactive to prevent cur
8173245 Peelable tape carrier May 8, 2012
A support tape used in semiconductor wafer processing that includes an adhesive tape and a plurality of spaced support ribs arranged on the adhesive tape.
8168000 III-nitride semiconductor device fabrication May 1, 2012
A method of fabricating a III-nitride power semiconductor device which includes selective prevention of the growth of III-nitride semiconductor bodies to selected areas on a substrate in order to reduce stresses and prevent cracking.
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