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International Harvester Co. Patents
International Harvester Co.
Chicago, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D276710 Motor vehicle cab December 11, 1984
D276422 Vehicle instrument display panel November 20, 1984
D276040 Vehicle operator's station October 23, 1984
D276038 Face for vehicle steering wheel keyboard October 23, 1984
D276037 Vehicle steering wheel keyboard housing October 23, 1984
D276036 Combined vehicle steering wheel and keyboard housing October 23, 1984
D270351 Hood portion of a tractor vehicle August 30, 1983
4501532 Thermal shock barrier for injection pump February 26, 1985
A diesel fuel injection pump having a rotary fuel distributor head including a rotor disposed in very close clearance thereinside wherein a thermal shock barrier of an elastomeric material having a low thermal conductivity is disposed about the outside of the distributor head, the ba
4501138 Dynamic engine power assessment February 26, 1985
A dynamic engine power test method comprises operating the engine at a low speed, accelerating the engine at full throttle to a predetermined high speed, such as high idle, without absorbing or dissipating power therefrom, measuring the engine speed and elapsed time to determine the
4501112 Cotton harvesting machine pneumatic duct system February 26, 1985
The present invention provides an improved cotton duct structure for a cotton harvester. The air supply line has a nozzle which releases air on the cotton ducts ascending front wall, thereby projecting harvested cotton in a direction towards the receptacle on the cotton harvesting machin
4496004 Rearwardly folding agricultural implement January 29, 1985
This invention teaches an improved collapsible farm implement of the type having a wheeled frame or cart and right and left side elongated toolbars pivoted at their inboard ends about vertical axes relative to the frame so as to allow toolbar rotation rearward through approximately a qua
4494418 Multi-directional single lever control for transmissions January 22, 1985
A multi-directional single lever control for a transmission with at least two modes of operation comprises two juxtaposed sets of speeds correlating to these modes. The shift lever pivoting with a lever mount in one direction engages speeds working in one mode and pivoting about the leve
4482023 Self-looking portable panel November 13, 1984
A self-locking portable panel having an impact actuated and self-locking hinge mechanism at one end thereof and a latch at another.
4479399 Chip system to monitor and digitally control a multiple clutch transmission October 30, 1984
Three clutch system for operating the composite transmission power train of a farm tractor, comprising first and second power shift clutches, and a master clutch connected by intervening gearing in separate paths to the different power shift clutches so as to be in series with either one
4477801 Seed monitor apparatus harness adapter for a convertible planter October 16, 1984
A harness adapter is disposed between the seed monitor logic circuitry and the individual row unit seed detectors upon conversion of a planter for operation of only a portion of its planting units. The adapter provides a continuous series of connections from the detectors associated with
4475601 Variable width plow system with shim means adjustment October 9, 1984
A plow system that includes a plurality of equally spaced plows, each of which is mounted on the inclined beam of the system by a mechanically adjustable mounting structure. The system also has a tail wheel that is associated with the last plow and steering linkage for the tail wheel. Th
4473144 Transmission clutch hub September 25, 1984
A clutch hub for a motor vehicle transmission is used for transferring torque to a driven shaft rigidly and detachably connected thereto. The hub body comprises inclined tunnels with slanted corridors providing additional rotational effect and more even fluid distribution through int
4466519 Drive and brake system for motor vehicles with four-wheel drive August 21, 1984
A braking arrangement for a four-wheel drive vehicle, facilitating an engagement of the front-wheel drive when the service brakes acting on the vehicle rear axle are actuated.
4464933 Steering console providing digital readout displays August 14, 1984
A steering console for tractors providing digital readout displays activated by a keyboard strategically located within easy finger reach of the operator. A multitude of vital tractor functions are automatically continuously monitored and, simply by touch of appropriate colored switch
4464604 Tractor work lighting with automatic deluminizing control August 7, 1984
Tractor with speed-responsive circuit-interrupting switch for automatically dousing, at night, flood work lamps provided in a lighting circuit on the tractor. Switching is controlled according to a microcomputer chip program by which frequency of a ground speed transducer is compared wit
4462477 Tractor bogie suspension with steering and weight transfer control July 31, 1984
Tractor bogie suspension with steering and weight transfer control, effective to pitch such a front-steered machine as to convert from a non-all-wheel drive, three axle operation to an all-wheel-drive, two axle operation, doing so both automatically and on the go.
4454926 Air intake on a tractor engine hood June 19, 1984
A tractor vehicle (10) is provided with a heat exchanger (64) compartment supplied with ambient air from an intake grille (24) above the heat exchanger compartment. The intake grille (24) covers a top air intake port for supplying air to a heat exchanger (64). Ambient air is drawn throug
4452318 Folding frame implement with wing mounted support stand June 5, 1984
An implement having a tool equipped tool bar with a central horizontal section, a wing pivotally mounted to each end of the central section, a hydraulic cylinder mounted on the central section for each wing and connected with the wing to move the wing from a working position in gener
4448357 Rotary macerator May 15, 1984
An improved macerator adapted to shred crop material and having an annular perforated die ring and a roller operative within the die ring to extrude crop material through the perforations as the die ring and roller are power-rotated. The roller is journalled on a pivotable arm which is
4446953 Clutch oil shield and diverter May 8, 1984
A hydraulic fluid shield and diverter encompassing the multiple disc clutch transmitting torque from input shaft to an output shaft, intensifying the cooling effect of the hydraulic fluid passing through the clutch and also reducing aeration of the fluid entering the vehicle hydraulic sy
4442477 Steering light arrangement April 10, 1984
A steerable and height adjustable light pod comprising a multi-directional light emitting means is mounted atop a vehicle guide wheel for synchronous angular movement therewith.
4437295 Automatic header height control March 20, 1984
The method for automatically controlling the height of a header used with a farm implement comprises the steps of: sensing the height of the header above ground; selecting a desired height of the header above ground; determining any difference error between the selected height and the
4436289 Method and apparatus for controlling the atmosphere in a carburizing furnace utilizing a cascade March 13, 1984
An automatic control for a multi-zone push type carburizing furnace capable of controlling the flow of either an endothermic gas atmosphere or a nitrogen methanol atmosphere at both high and low flow rates and during normal and suspend carburizing utilizes cascaded multi-stage valving to
4433762 Opposed reaction transmission brake February 28, 1984
A tractor vehicle transmission is provided with a two piston brake where each piston operates in opposite directions. A pair of gears are spaced apart and the brake resides between them. Thus upon actualization the brake will contact each gear causing retardation of the gear, its att
4433531 Forage harvester corn snapping header February 28, 1984
A corn snapping header for a forage harvester is provided with corn snapping units of the snapping plate type which are disposed with their crop passages converging to a single rear outlet. A single transverse drive line with flexible drive means is provided to drive the snapping uni
4425857 Lock-up mechanism for a planter row unit January 17, 1984
A row unit with a mechanism which provides normal planting via a parallel bar linkage connection to the planter and which can be locked up in a raised, non-planting position when desired. The mechanism includes curved slotted openings in the lower bars of the linkage for frame mounted
4425058 Forage blower discharge conduit January 10, 1984
A centrifugal blower has an offset between a housing rim sheet and discharge conduit outer wall. A vertical panel attached to the rim sheet guides the feed material into the silo pipe center portion without contacting the conduit outer wall and discharge duct. An air inlet for second
4423788 Agricultural furrow forming apparatus depth control January 3, 1984
An apparatus to be towed that includes a frame supported, rotatably mounted, pair of furrow forming disks that are arranged to substantially contact each other at the approximate point of entry into the soil and diverge apart rearwardly and upwardly, a pair of rotatable gauge wheels
4421215 Park lock interlock control system December 20, 1983
A park lock interlock control system preventing the shifting of the vehicle transmission in gear positions when the drive train park lock is engaged. A two part interlock system comprises a park lock control including a crossover shaft and a transmission shift lever connected with a plat
4418763 Agricultural folding tool bar December 6, 1983
A tool bar having a hollow central section and oppositely extending offset hinged wings movable from a generally horizontal, transversely extending working position to a folded transport position. A hydraulic cylinder is positioned in the central section adjacent each wing and has its ro
4417230 Guide wheel angle indicator November 22, 1983
An indicator system connected with a guide wheels steering hydraulic cylinder and informing a vehicle operator about the guide wheel angular position relative to the vehicle rectilinear travel direction under any weather, terrain or light conditions. Right and left contact plates loc
4416573 Plow bolt November 22, 1983
A bolt for attaching an earth engaging plow component to a plow frog has an improved head configuration represented by planar surfaces having inclined angular displacement similar to the slope of the truncated cone portion of the plow bolt head.
4415040 Fully mounted variable width plow November 15, 1983
A fully mounted variable width plow of the roll-over type or not in which the tractor hitch links are pivoted about generally vertical axes permitting the hitch limited movement in a horizontal plane, which will allow the adjusted plow to maintain correct alignment under the action of
4412761 Self-regulating air inlet November 1, 1983
In a centrifugal blower used for conveyance of certain materials, a self-regulating air inlet assembly which automatically adjusts the amount of secondary air flow according to the needs of the blower, thereby supplementing the principal air flow and stabilizing the air flow in the d
4412752 Method and apparatus for determining the cooling characteristics of a quenching medium November 1, 1983
A method and apparatus for determining the cooling characteristics of a quenching medium includes a temperature probe having a predetermined thermal mass and conductivity and a temperature sensor affixed to the probe. The probe and sensor are heated to a predetermined temperature and
4408684 Sequence shifting coupling October 11, 1983
A gear clutch for selective locking engagement of the coupling element with a corresponding gear comprises a rocker reciprocably pivoting on a coupling element and movable therewith. The rocker alternately interlocks with related gears via shifting and spring means operatively interc
4407394 Dynamic brake mount assembly October 4, 1983
A dynamic brake mount assembly is disposed within the fluid filled chamber and comprising a brake housing immobilizingly supported by an actuator mechanism housing on one side and by support elements attached to a chamber casing on the other side.
4407372 Disk harrow with cushion gang October 4, 1983
A harrow that includes a frame having a generally laterally extending rigid beam, a shaft located below the beam, a plurality of spaced disks mounted on the shaft for rotation therewith and a pair of spaced bearing standards for resiliently mounting the shaft on the beam with each standa
4407109 Hydraulic circuit for lifting the reel of an agricultural harvester October 4, 1983
An agricultural harvesting combine is provided with a hydraulically positioned reel at the forward end of the combine. One single acting hydraulic cylinder is carried at each end of the reel. Hydraulic fluid is supplied to the cylinders through a rotary flow divider to cause each cyl
4406442 Rotary valve September 27, 1983
A rotary valve having a hollow spool with a metering notch rotatable on a sleeve which is pressed into a valve body, the sleeve having an opening selectively and progressively alignable with said notch. A thrust needle bearing is trapped between a shoulder on the spool and a cap threaded
4404262 Composite metallic and refractory article and method of manufacturing the article September 13, 1983
A composite metallic and refractory article and a method for manufacturing the article is described in which a metallic layer is partially adsorbed within a refractory layer, such as a ceramic layer. The density of the refractory layer increases as it extends away from the metallic layer
4403670 Adjustable drawbar September 13, 1983
An adjustable drawbar, which is capable of longitudinal adjustment to accommodate implements having power lines of different lengths, having a hitch pin hole at one end to permit attachment of an implement and a plurality of bores through its other end. A bracket having aligned apert
4402549 Receptacle lift apparatus September 6, 1983
A receptacle lift apparatus for a cotton harvester or other dumping vehicle including a linear hydraulic motor including a first rod and piston assembly attached to the receptacle and a second rod and piston assembly attached to the chassis and a floating cylindrical housing receiving th
4400988 Single gear opposed reaction transmission brake August 30, 1983
A tractor vehicle transmission is provided with a two piston brake where each piston operates in opposite directions. A gear is located adjacent the brake which is located in proximity to a wall of the transmission. Thus upon actuation the brake wall contact the gear causing retardation
4398745 Three point hitch lower link claw August 16, 1983
A claw hitch for a lower link of a three point tractor linkage comprising a self-locking mechanism with over-center spring biased lever lockingly engageable with a ball of an implement coupling rod.
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