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T998008 Computer system and method for decision tree analysis September 2, 1980
A tool to aid decision-makers in making non-programmed decisions in an uncertain environment. A small computer having graphic display capabilities is combined with a program which provides the means for operating the computer directly by the decision-maker. Problems are stated in dec
T998003 Apparatus for clamping sheets of variable length onto a rotating drum September 2, 1980
In a printing mechanism, the leading edge of a sheet of paper is fed onto the printing surface of a cylindrical drum and is clamped thereto. A gear is rotatively attached to the drum, and a sensor controlled gear segment clutch, which is mounted for rotation independently of the drum, co
T988007 Laser deposition of metal upon transparent materials November 6, 1979
The present invention contemplates a method and apparatus for selectively depositing metal or other materials upon a transparent substrate utilizing a laser source. More particularly, the invention contemplates depositing material in highly selective areas with a high degree of adhesion
T987004 System for determining the extent of overlap between two polygons October 2, 1979
a system for determining the extent of overlap between two primary polygons which are simply connected and have vertices of known coordinate values. Each of the sides in each polygon is first defined in terms of parameters which have limits of constant values as shown by block 14 in FIG.
T983011 Arrangement for stabilizing a bipolar semiconductor device utilized in emitter follower or curre June 5, 1979
an arrangement for stabilizing a bipolar semiconductor device such as might be commonly used in emitter follower or current switching configuration by the addition of lumped capacitance between the base of the semiconductor device and ground. In one preferred embodiment the lumped capaci
T980008 Interactive design of character-recognition logics March 6, 1979
a stored-program computer reads a sequence of input patterns and outputs a decision-tree logic for recognizing those patterns. A terminal is coupled to the computer for producing a graphic display of the pattern portions or locations, a list of pattern-class names and a menu of operation
T979005 Light emitting diodes with back-side emission February 6, 1979
a back-side light-emitting diode comprised of an N-type free-standing monocrystalline planar substrate of a III-V ternary compound in which a P-type impurity is diffused into one of the planar surfaces, of the substrate, with the distance x in microns from the junction depth to the o
T977006 Read only memory with optimized dimension for improved performance and chip area utilization December 5, 1978
a read only memory on a semiconductor substrate having metal word lines and diffused bit lines with optimized dimensions for a selected performance and storage capacity with the metal lines being along an X dimension and the diffused lines being orthogonally related to the metal lines al
T973008 Method for removing layers of organic material August 1, 1978
organic materials, such as organic polymer resist layers, are removed from substrates by contacting the materials with a mixture consisting essentially of an alkali metal persulfate and concentrated (96%) sulfuric acid wherein the mixture contains from above about 13 to about 50 grams of
T971005 Method for synchronizing sets of interacting processes June 6, 1978
allows a set of processes to operate cyclically on a set of shared resources (e.g. I/O buffers). Each process is allowed to proceed at its own speed, subject only to a synchronization condition that it does not operate simultaneously on a resource with any member of the next (cyclic)
T969010 Monolithically integrated semiconductor structure containing at least two devices in a common zo April 4, 1978
to prevent a parasitic lateral transistor or thyristor effect in an integrated structure including a transistor and a further device sharing one common zone, a doped region which is more highly doped with regard to the common zone and which simultaneously constitutes a contact region is
T966011 Pattern-recognition system and method January 3, 1978
a plurality of binary logic trees converts a pattern to a signature word. Each logic has addressable test-node words with branch, status and pattern-bit address fields. The status field has flags for indicating a desired value of a pattern bit and for identifying leaf-node logic words
T966009 Static free fluid bearing track system January 3, 1978
an improved fluid bearing track structure in which the metal surface of the track is enclosed by a transparent envelope having the inner surface coated with a transparent metal film which is grounded with the metal track surface to prevent static buildup.
T961002 Electron current regulator for an electron discharge device August 2, 1977
circuit for controlling the electron discharge from a cathode, of an electron discharge device, which provides a control voltage signal, proportional to the cathode current, for comparison with a reference value to provide a correction bias to a grid interposed between the cathode and
T957007 Voltage-mode logic circuitry with improved input/output characteristics April 5, 1977
coupling of signals between Large Scale Integrated Circuit chips is facilitated by provision of an emitter follower output stage for the chip. Special input circuits are also provided. The logic circuits may be DTL or Schottky TTL. The special input circuit may be a DTL type or a CTL
T955010 Hardware/software monitoring system February 1, 1977
A machine-implemented method of controlling, through software, the collection of data relating to the performance of a data processing system, where the data is gathered by hardware monitoring equipment and/or software monitoring methods whereby a simultaneous or separate hardware/so
T955008 Flip chip structure including a silicon semiconductor element bonded to an Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 base February 1, 1977
A semiconductor device and carrier assembly package having a silicon integrated circuit semiconductor device provided with at least three raised electrical contacts on a first surface, a device support substrate of Si.sub.3 N.sub.4 provided with a conductive metallurgy pattern on at
T955006 Delay circuits using negative resistance CMOS circuits February 1, 1977
A negative resistance circuit constructed of complementary field effect transistors has several applications. A voltage change at an input to the negative resistance circuit alters the current at the input node in a direction inverse to that normally caused by such a voltage change. The
T954011 Method and apparatus for operating computer apparatus in response to program statements January 4, 1977
method and apparatus for directly translating higher-level language program statements into machine readable form, the translation including syntax information for each item of each statement and having type bits included therein to indicate its type. The types include names, operators a
T954010 Method of coating oxidized inorganic substrates with polyimide January 4, 1977
substrates with oxidized surfaces, as e.g. SiO.sub.2 layers on silicon semiconductors and aluminum surfaces, are wetted with an organic silicon compound, for example, .gamma.-aminopropyltriethoxysilane dissolved in an organic solvent such as trichlorotrifluoro ethane. The solvent is then
T954009 Method for the thermal oxidation of silicon with added chlorine January 4, 1977
the dry thermal oxidation of silicon semiconductor material to produce an oxide layer, such as the gate oxide of a field effect transistor, is carried out by flowing oxygen over the surface of the semiconductor at an elevated temperature to form a layer of silicon oxide. The electrical
T954008 Narrow channel field effect transistor January 4, 1977
a field effect transistor having a channel width of such small dimension that threshold voltage becomes inversely related to channel width allowing the fabrication of field effect transistors of differing threshold voltages while using the same process steps. Reduced threshold voltage du
T954002 Process for increasing mask life January 4, 1977
a method for semiconductor device manufacture comprising the steps of, (a) repetitively aligning photomasks over a surface of a semiconductor substrate, said substrate having a layer of opaque material on said surface, said opaque material being adapted to receive and retain a photog
T953005 Schottky barrier diode having chargeable floating gate December 7, 1976
A Schottky barrier diode having an encircling floating polycrystalline silicon gate which becomes charged upon avalanche breakdown of the diode. The gate is self-aligned with respect to the Schottky barrier diode metal so that the gate uniformly overhangs the depletion area in the se
T100402 Method and means for defective bit processing in a fault tolerant bubble storage system March 3, 1981
A method and means for modifying up to k bits in each byte of (n+k) bits to be accessed with respect to counterpart minor loops of a sequentially accessed byte-organized major/minor loop memory array. The combination of bad byte location pointers and a byte mask is used to delete bits on
RE42271 Wireless telephone system including voice over IP and POTS April 5, 2011
A telephone capable of placing or receiving calls over the PSTN or a packet network. The telephone can store multiple telephone numbers for each potential called party along with preferences that govern the order of selecting telephone numbers to service any given outgoing call. Some
RE41440 Gathering enriched web server activity data of cached web content July 13, 2010
A method and system for gathering enriched web server activity data in a global communications network in which requested information files are cached at a plurality of network devices. With the prevalence of web caching on the Internet, the origin web servers do not serve the majority
RE40983 Method to plate C4 to copper stud November 17, 2009
A method for plating a second metal directly to a first metal without utilizing a mask. A semiconductor substrate is provided including at least one metal feature and at least one insulating layer covering the metal feature and the substrate. At least one recess is formed in the at l
RE40444 Four-party credit/debit payment protocol July 29, 2008
A method, system, program, and method of doing business are disclosed for electronic commerce that includes the feature of a "thin" consumer's wallet by providing issuers with an active role in each payment. This is achieved by adding an issuer gateway and moving the credit/debit card
RE40339 Silicon-on-insulator chip having an isolation barrier for reliability May 27, 2008
An SOI chip having an isolation barrier. The SOI chip includes a substrate, an oxide layer deposited on the substrate, and a silicon layer deposited on the oxide layer. A gate is deposited above the silicon layer. A first metal contact is deposited above the gate to form an electrica
RE39925 Fast JPEG huffman encoding and decoding November 27, 2007
Huffman encoding, particularly from a packed data format, is simplified by using two different table formats depending on code length. Huffman tables are also reduced in size thereby. Decoding is performed in reduced time by testing for the length of valid Huffman codes in a compressed
RE39426 Thermally enhanced flip chip package and method of forming December 12, 2006
A thermally conductive planar member is in thermally conductive communication with a flip chip encapsulated within a dielectric material that surrounds portions of the thermally conductive planar member, the flip-chip, and a predefined portion of a substrate member. The present inven
RE38865 System and method for optimizing computer software and hardware November 1, 2005
A method of optimizing the operation of a computer system in running application programs in accordance with system capabilities, user preferences and configuration parameters of the application program. More specifically, with this invention, an optimizing program gathers informatio
RE38596 Methods for performing intelligent network services with an ISDN network terminator located at a September 21, 2004
Disclosed are call processing methods which are performed by a network terminator located at a subscriber's premise. The network terminator is coupled to a digital network and a communication device at the subscriber's premise and can perform call waiting, caller identification, call
RE38375 Method and system for the secured distribution of multimedia titles December 30, 2003
A method and system for detecting authorized programs within a data processing system. The present invention creates a validation structure for validating a program. The validation structure is embedded in the program and in response to an initiation of the program, a determination i
RE38282 Process for using bilayer photoresist October 21, 2003
The invention relates to a process for forming bilayer resist images with a chemically-amplified, radiation-sensitive bilayer resist. The bilayer resist is disposed on a substrate and comprises (i) a top imaging layer comprising a radiation-sensitive acid generator and a vinyl polymer ha
RE37965 Method for localizing execution or subqueries and determining collocation of execution of subque January 7, 2003
A method for localizing execution of subqueries and determining collocation of execution of subqueries in a shared-nothing database. The concept of compatible partitioning is used to localize database operations in order to eliminate excess processes and communication, and thereby improv
RE37840 Method of preparing a printed circuit board September 17, 2002
Disclosed is a printed circuit board and a method of preparing the printed circuit board. The printed circuit board has two types of plated through holes. The first type of plated through holes extend to and through an exterior surface of the printed circuit board for receipt of a pi
RE37601 Method and system for incremental time zero backup copying of data March 19, 2002
Backup copying of designated datasets representing a first selected point in time consistency may be performed in a data processing system on an attached storage subsystem concurrent with data processing system application execution by first suspending application execution only long
RE37364 Method and system for sidefile status polling in a time zero backup copy process September 11, 2001
A method and system are disclosed for enhanced efficiency of backup copying of designated datasets stored within a plurality of storage devices coupled to the data processing system via a storage subsystem control unit having subsystem memory therein. Application execution within the dat
RE37305 Virtual memory address translation mechanism with controlled data persistence July 31, 2001
A memory address translation and related control system for performing the dual functions of converting virtual memory addresses generated by the CPU into real memory addresses in a highly efficient and versatile manner and for controlling certain memory functions such as journalling. Th
RE37299 Atomic force microscopy July 31, 2001
An atomic force microscope includes a tip mounted on a micromachined cantilever. As the tip scans a surface to be investigated, interatomic forces between the tip and the surface induce displacement of the tip. A laser beam is transmitted to and reflected from the cantilever for meas
RE37145 Apparatus for laser texturing disks April 24, 2001
A disk texturing tool is used, for example, to provide textured spots in an annular portion of both sides of a hardfile disk. Disks are moved into and out of the texturing process in cassettes, through two disk-handling stations. In each disk-handling station, a lifter raises each indivi
RE37038 Method and system for automated termination and resumption in a time zero backup copy process January 30, 2001
A method in a data processing system for automatically terminating or resuming backup copy sessions after an abnormal interrupt or reset notification occurrence during a backup copy process. A status indication is entered into activity tables associated with a plurality of storage su
RE36864 Optical disk drive and methods for counting the number of tracks on an optical disk September 12, 2000
The invention is a positive peak level comparator for generating a positive peak pulse when a TES (Tracking Error Signal) is higher than a predetermined positive level, a negative peak level comparator for generating a negative peak pulse when the TES is lower than a predetermined ne
RE36846 Recovery from errors in a redundant array of disk drives August 29, 2000
Fault tolerance in a redundant array of disk drives is degraded when error conditions exist in the array. Several methods for rebuilding data of the array to remove the degradation are described. Data rebuilding for entire disk drives and partial data rebuilds of disk drives are describe
RE36656 Generalized shape autocorrelation for shape acquistion and recognition April 11, 2000
The invention provides automatic acquisition and recognition of complex visual shapes within images. During an acquisition phase, models are derived from interest points acquired from a target shape. The models are stored in and can be retrieved from a lookup table via high dimension
RE36538 Combination transducer/slider/suspension and method for making February 1, 2000
A disk drive assembly in which the suspension, slider and transducer are integrated and fabricated to produce a combination assembly. The combination transducer-slider-suspension assembly is batch produced by forming a plurality of the combination assemblies onto a single wafer. The
RE36462 Method to control paging subsystem processing in virtual memory data processing system during ex December 21, 1999
A method to logically serialize a plurality of independent system events in a virtual memory data processing system. Each event causes interrupt servicing routines to be executed and requires data structures that record the status of virtual pages to be updated. The system events include
RE36448 Memory controller with parity generator for an I/O control unit December 14, 1999
A memory controller performs parity encoding on a plurality of data strings moving between a memory connected via a read path to a data bus connected to a corresponding plurality of storage devices. A write buffer has one input for receiving data for storage in the memory and another inp

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