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Institut Gornogo Dela Sibirskogo Otdelenia Akademii Nauk SSSR Patents
Institut Gornogo Dela Sibirskogo Otdelenia Akademii Nauk SSSR
Novosibirsk, SU
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5057198 Method and electrolyzer for softening water October 15, 1991
The invention relates to the field of water purification. A method for sening water by way of its electrochemical treatment involves causing water to pass in the form of two streams through anode and cathode chambers of a membrane electrolyzer. According to the invention, the water
4867252 Single-stroke pneumatic apparatus September 19, 1989
A single-stroke pneumatic apparatus incorporates a hollow cylindrical frame 1) with inlet and outlet ports (2,3). A handgrip (4) containing a directional flow control (5) is attached to the upper end of the frame. A striker (6) is provided in the bore of the frame (1) with provision for
4776407 Clamping attachment to a device for driving rod elements of low rigidity into the ground October 11, 1988
A clamping attachment to a device for driving elongated rod elements of low igidity into the ground comprises a housing (1) having a through tapered interior (2) and shoulders (7) on the outer surface. The interior (2) of the housing accommodates two spring-biased wedging elements (3) wit
4722403 Annular air-hammer apparatus for drilling holes February 2, 1988
The annular air-hammer apparatus for drilling holes comprises a shell hav fitted co-axially therein a chips-receiving sleeve, a hollow cylindrical case, and a ring-shaped hammer capable of reciprocating back and forth. The lower part of the shell accommodates a rock-cutting tool cap
4697647 Reversible percussive action machine October 6, 1987
A reversible percussive action machine includes a housing accommodating a mmer capable of reciprocating motions under the action of a working fluid under pressure, and a valving member with grooves movably connected to the hammer and provided with members for fixing it relative to the ho
4690225 Percussive tool September 1, 1987
A percussive tool comprises a percussion mechanism and a pressure pulser. The percussion mechanism has a hollow housing with a piston hammer arranged thereinside to form two chambers of variable volume. The pressure pulser has a hollow housing and a fluid displacer defining inside the
4637476 Percussive action machine for making holes in the ground January 20, 1987
A percussive action machine includes a housing in which a hammer is movably secured to define a forward stroke chamber and a return stroke chamber. The hammer is provided with an air-distributor fashioned as a sleeve having holes. The hammer is further provided with a device for alternat
4629008 Reversible percussive action machine December 16, 1986
A reversible percussive action machine comprises a housing which accommods a hammer capable of reciprocating motions under the action of a pressurized fluid, and a fluid valving member for controlling the distribution of fluid with parts for fixing it in two fluid control positions
4606414 Percussive air tool August 19, 1986
A hollow housing has a piston hammer arranged for reciprocation therein. hammer has a rear end chamber, an air distributing valve secured in the rear end portion of the housing and adapted to be received by the rear end chamber of the piston hammer. A headpiece is secured to the forwar
4570723 Machine for driving holes in the ground February 18, 1986
A machine for driving holes in the ground comprises a cylindrical housing, hammer disposed inside the housing, and an air distribution mechanism. Longitudinal recesses and projections are provided on a portion of the outer surface of the housing at its head end section. The diameter of t
4440240 Method of making holes in the soil and apparatus for performing this method April 3, 1984
The method of making holes in the soil includes driving a capsule into the oil by percussive action and filling the capsule with the soil. Then the driving of the capsule into the soil by percussive action is continued, with the soil passing therethrough. The capsule is then withdrawn fro
4194435 Percussion mechanism March 25, 1980
The fluid-actuated percussion mechanism includes a housing with an internal ylindrical space wherein a reciprocating piston, which divides the space into a working stroke chamber and an idle stroke chamber, is received. The mechanism further includes fluid distributing means and a distrib

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