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Insightec Ltd. Patents
Insightec Ltd.
Tiret Carmel, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8251908 Motion compensated image-guided focused ultrasound therapy system August 28, 2012
An image-guide therapy system comprises a thermal treatment device (e.g., an ultrasound transducer) configured for transmitting a therapeutic energy beam, and The system further comprises an imaging device (e.g., a magnetic resonant imaging (MRI) device) configured for acquiring images
8235901 Focused ultrasound system with far field tail suppression August 7, 2012
A method for treating body tissue using acoustic energy includes identifying a target focal zone of tissue to be treated, delivering a first pulse of acoustic energy from a transducer to generate bubbles in a tissue region located distally, relative to the transducer, of a focal cent
8088067 Tissue aberration corrections in ultrasound therapy January 3, 2012
A system for focusing ultrasonic energy through intervening tissue into a target site within a tissue region includes a transducer array including transducer element, an imager for imaging the tissue region, a processor receiving images from the imager to determine boundaries between
8002706 Acoustic beam forming in phased arrays including large numbers of transducer elements August 23, 2011
A focused ultrasound system includes a transducer array, a controller for providing drive signals to the transducer array, and a switch. The transducer array includes a plurality of "n" transducer elements, and the controller includes a plurality of "m" output channels providing sets of
7652410 Ultrasound transducer with non-uniform elements January 26, 2010
An ultrasound transducer comprises a multiplicity of piezoelectric transducer elements attached to a backing layer and forming a two-dimensional array, the transducer elements each comprising one or more piezoelectric members that collectively form an energy transmitting surface of t
7535794 Transducer surface mapping May 19, 2009
Method for adjusting the output of a phased array ultrasonic transducer using surface mapping. The transducer surface is mapped using a sensor, such as a hydrophone, to determine the actual location of each transducer element relative to the expected location of each transducer element.

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