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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4690371 Electromagnetic valve with permanent magnet armature September 1, 1987
A modulating valve is described for controlling the flow of a working fluid through a flow orifice. The valve includes a encapsulated armature having a permanent magnet and a pair of soft iron pole pieces within its interior. The armature is axially movable by the passage of current
4685331 Thermal mass flowmeter and controller August 11, 1987
A mass flowmeter and controller measures the mass flow rate of liquid or gaseous fluids and controls the flow rate of the fluids being utilized in a processing operation. A series of flow channels and blocked channels are micro-etched from a silicon substrate leaving an integral membrane
4647133 Electrical interconnect system March 3, 1987
A corrosion resistant electrical interconnect system has a flexible circuit with buried conductor patterns in an insulative film coating which is juxtaposed to a feed-through connector having inlet/outlet electrical contact pins therethrough. Sharp ends are present on the pins which pier
4542650 Thermal mass flow meter September 24, 1985
The flow meter (10), particularly useful in monitoring flow in semiconductor manufacturing operations, measures mass flow rate of fluids and is fabricated by providing spaced webs (16) deposited on a silicon substrate (11) and fluid flow grooves (13) etched across a substrate surface

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