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Ingersoll Equipment Co., Inc. Patents
Ingersoll Equipment Co., Inc.
Winnecone, WI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D285080 Trailing lawn mower August 12, 1986
4723933 PTO linear control latch February 9, 1988
A linear control latch assembly controls the clutching operation of a power take-off system. A driving means produces kinetic mechanical energy which is taken off by a power take-off means. Clutch means effects a union between the driving means and the power take-off means. A linear actu
4662646 Trailing mower and drawbar articulation May 5, 1987
An articulate tow bar for use with a ride-on for pulling an independent mower unit. The tow bar has first and second members pivotally attached at adjacent ends by a lockable coupling that permits the members to be positioned alternately in a transport position or working position. The
4582504 Trailing mower, belt, clutch and brake assembly April 15, 1986
A clutching mechanism for a suspended belt driven mower assembly that automatically removes the mower drive belt from the pulley system when the mower assembly is raised. A brake contacts the endless drive belt when the mower is in the raised position to prevent movement of the belt. A b
4580669 Mower drive mechanism April 8, 1986
A mower drive mechanism including a clutch-brake assembly, a travel control and neutral lift-off assembly, and a traction sensor assembly for a friction disc transmission having a driven disc engageable with a drive disc. The clutch-brake assembly includes a rockshaft, bellcrank actuator
4558881 Tractor-mounted implement hitch arrangement December 17, 1985
An improved, integrated three-point hitch arrangement is disclosed which includes a mounting arrangement for conveniently effecting a fixed connection to a tractor or the like. The hitch includes a pair of upper and lower arms pivotally connected to a mounting plate, with a pair of a
4535647 Control handle arrangement for power takeoff valve August 20, 1985
A control arrangement is disclosed which is particularly suited for selective operation of a reciprocable member, such as the valve spool of a hydraulic power takeoff valve on a material handling implement. The arrangement includes a handle bracket which is adapted to be mounted in a
4502344 Self-energizing friction drive transmission March 5, 1985
A friction disc transmission including a conventional drive disc rotatable about a vertical axis and a vertical friction disc engaging the top horizontal face of the drive disc to be driven about a horizontal axis. The driven friction disc is rotatably supported between a fixed frame
4474357 Valve control linkage October 2, 1984
A valve control linkage is disclosed which provides a variable rate of relative motion between a valve spool and a control lever. The relative rate of valve spool displacement with respect to the lever motion is lowest adjacent the neutral position of the lever.
4470441 Hydraulic wood splitter September 11, 1984
A hydraulic wood splitter is disclosed which is configured for highly efficient and convenient wood splitting operation. In order to retain wood being split in proper position on the frame of the splitter, the construction includes a wood-retaining configuration for the wood-abutting
4458737 Wood splitter height adjusting mechanism July 10, 1984
A self-elevating wood splitter is disclosed which includes an arrangement for selectively adjusting the vertical position of the wood-supporting frame of the splitter. The splitter includes a height adjusting arrangement which generally comprises a pair of four-bar linkages, and furt
4446898 Self-elevating wood splitter and mounting arrangement May 8, 1984
A hydraulic wood splitter is disposed which includes a mounting arrangement for effecting a fixed connection to a tractor or the like, and vertically positionable wood supporting frame adapted to be moved vertically with respect to the mounting arrangement. A four-bar linkage arrangement
4437529 Detachable hinge assembly March 20, 1984
A detachable hinge assembly consisting of a generally L-shaped member secured to a movable structure and a second generally z-shaped member secured to a frame, the L-shaped member having openings in each of its leg portions through which leg portions the Z-shaped members extend. The

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