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Ingenieursbureau Marcon Patents
Ingenieursbureau Marcon
Marine Consultants) B.V. (Leiden, NL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4232624 Reservoir structure November 11, 1980
An underwater gas/liquid reservoir 1, particularly designed to be used as a ballast/buoyancy tank in an offshore drilling platform, has a pressurized supply duct 2 for introducing gas into the reservoir to control the liquid level therein. The gas supply duct has two openings 8, 11, one
4212561 Marine structure connecting structures at different levels July 15, 1980
A marine structure for guiding a plurality of ducts from deeper to higher submerged devices such as an oil well at the sea bottom and a production or storage station, respectively. The apparatus provided in accordance with the present invention compensates for relative movement between t
4169296 Connecting bridge for personnel to connect two mutually movable marine structures October 2, 1979
A personnel bridge for connecting a stationary offshore working platform 1 to a floating housing platform 2. A first span 3 is vertically pivoted at 5 to the platform 1 on one end, and vertically pivoted at 6 to the outer end of a second span 4 whose inner end is mounted to the platform
4025976 Submarine pivoting structure with ducting May 31, 1977
A flexible, universal coupling structure for underwater oil lines including an anchored base 1 having upstanding bracket plates 2 defining a horizontal axis 4 between them. A pivot piece 5 in the shape of an open tetrahedron is journalled about the axis 4, and at its upper end has lugs

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