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RE42980 Method for applying a resist layer, uses of adhesive materials, and adhesive materials and resis November 29, 2011
A method in which a resist layer is applied to a base layer is disclosed. The resist layer includes an adhesive material, and the adhesive force of the adhesive material decreases or increases during an irradiation process. Residues of the resist layer may be stripped using the disclosed
RE41734 Read-only memory having specially output circuits and word line connected to a group of memory c September 21, 2010
A read-only memory having a multiplicity of memory cells whose contents can be read out with appropriate addressing by word, bit and source lines. The read-only memory is distinguished by the fact that the memory cells which can be addressed via an individual word line are divided into
RE41684 Set of integrated capacitor arrangements, especially integrated grid capacitors September 14, 2010
A set of integrated capacitor arrangements is presented, each of which has a circuitry-effective main capacitor and a connectable correction capacitor. Each capacitor arrangement has an electrically conductive antifuse connection and antifuse interruption between the correction capac
RE41583 Frequency-stabilized transceiver configuration August 24, 2010
A transceiver configuration has an integrated circuit (IC) with an A/D and/or D/A converter, a VCO with a reference oscillator, which provides a sampling clock for the A/D and/or D/A converter, and a digital data processing circuit. The IC is connected to a radio-frequency section, the
RE41510 Lead frame August 17, 2010
A lead frame (1) has a first portion (2) adapted to have a semiconductor device (10) mounted thereon and a second portion (3) including a main member (5), a number of first contact members (6) and a number of second contact members (7). The first and second contact members (6, 7) depend
RE40352 Switch mode power supply with reduced switching losses June 3, 2008
The invention relates to a switching transistor presenting reduced switching losses. In the switching transistor, output capacitance is very high when drain/source voltages are low. As the drain/source voltage increases, the capacitance falls to such low values that the energy stored
RE40292 Bandpass filter May 6, 2008
The bandpass filter has a comparatively large pass bandwidth, with, at the same time, comparatively steep edges up to the stop band and low attenuation in the passband. The bandpass filter contains three parallel LC elements, one of which is connected between the bandpass filter input
RE40275 Method for producing a memory cell April 29, 2008
A method for producing a memory cell includes masking a desired polysilicon structure with an oxidation-inhibiting layer, preferably a nitride layer. The polysilicon above source/drain regions and field regions is then converted into silicon dioxide. At the same time, filling with si
RE39799 Memory cell array and method for manufacturing it August 28, 2007
In a storage cell array, a first and a second line are provided which have a crossing point, at which a storage element with magnetoresistive effect is disposed. A yoke is provided which surrounds one of the lines and that contains magnetizable material with a permeability of at least 10
RE39283 Method for selective filtering September 12, 2006
A method for digital clock recovery and selective filtering includes prescribing or calculating first coefficients of a prototype of a selective filter at a characteristic frequency fc for a given sampling frequency fa. Second coefficients of a selective filter are calculated at the
RE39124 Integrated circuit having capacitive elements June 13, 2006
An integrated circuit having capacitive elements for smoothing a supply voltage is described. In this case, at least one additional metal electrode, which is configured as a high frequency-optimized capacitance and is distinguished by an extremely low sheet resistance, is connected i
RE38280 Optoelectronic module for bidirectional optical data transmission October 21, 2003
An optoelectric module for bidirectional optical data transmission has a molded element provided as a beam splitter, which consists essentially of a material that is transparent for the emitted radiation and the received radiation, and in which a beam splitter is embedded. A transmitting
RE38184 Circuit for displaying operating states of a device July 15, 2003
A circuit receives at least two input signals and produces exactly three output signals in response to the two input signals, whereby two of the output signals shine constantly in an activated state and the third output signal shines constantly or flashes in the activated state. Each tim
RE37930 DRAM including an address space divided into individual blocks having memory cells activated by December 10, 2002
A DRAM with an address space divided into blocks, in which storage cells of individual blocks can be activated by a row address signal (RAS) furnished by a controller. Each individual block can then be activated by an independent activation signal derived from the row address signal. The
D609191 Package for electronic device February 2, 2010
D474473 Multimedia chip card May 13, 2003
D446769 Process plug August 21, 2001
8589775 Error tolerant flip-flops November 19, 2013
One embodiment of the present invention relates to an error tolerant memory circuit having a low hardware overhead that can tolerate both single volatile soft errors and permanent errors. In one embodiment, the method and apparatus comprise a memory circuit having a plurality of memo
8587361 RF switch circuit including a series connection of a plurality of transistors, RF switch includi November 19, 2013
An RF switch circuit for switching RF signals includes a first terminal and a second terminal and a series connection of a plurality of transistors between the first terminal of the RF switch circuit and the second terminal of the RF switch circuit. Furthermore, the RF switch circuit
8587297 Integrated circuit including sensor having injection molded magnetic material November 19, 2013
An integrated circuit includes a magnetic field sensor and an injection molded magnetic material enclosing at least a portion of the magnetic field sensor.
8587116 Semiconductor module comprising an insert November 19, 2013
A power semiconductor module is fabricated by providing a base with a metal surface and an insulating substrate comprising an insulation carrier having a bottom side provided with a bottom metallization layer. An insert exhibiting a wavy structure is provided. The insert is positione
8587110 Semiconductor module having a semiconductor chip stack and method November 19, 2013
A semiconductor module having a semiconductor chip stack and a method for producing the same is disclosed. In one embodiment, a thermally conductive layer with anisotropically thermally conductive particles is arranged between the semiconductor chips. The anisotropically thermally co
8587055 Integrated circuit using a superjunction semiconductor device November 19, 2013
In an embodiment, an apparatus includes a source region, a gate region and a drain region supported by a substrate, and a drift region including a plurality of vertically extending n-wells and p-wells to couple the gate region and the drain region of a transistor, wherein the plurality
8587025 Method for forming laterally varying doping concentrations and a semiconductor device November 19, 2013
A method for forming a laterally varying n-type doping concentration is provided. The method includes providing a semiconductor wafer with a first surface, a second surface arranged opposite to the first surface and a first n-type semiconductor layer having a first maximum doping con
8586472 Conductive lines and pads and method of manufacturing thereof November 19, 2013
A semiconductor device and method are disclosed. The semiconductor device includes a substrate having a first region and a second region and an insulating layer arranged on the substrate. A first conductive layer is arranged in or on insulating layer in the first region and a second
8586420 Power semiconductor arrangement and method for producing a power semiconductor arrangement November 19, 2013
In a method for producing a power semiconductor arrangement, an insulation carrier with a top side, a metallization, and a contact pin with a first end are provided. The metallization is attached to the top side and a target section of the metallization is determined. After the metal
8583710 Identification circuit and method for generating an identification bit using physical unclonable November 12, 2013
An embodiment of the present invention is an identification circuit installed on an integrated circuit for generating an identification bit, comprising a first circuit to generate a first output signal that is based on random parametric variations in said first circuit, a second circ
8581656 Transmission gate and control circuit for transmission gate inputs November 12, 2013
A transmission gate includes first and second transmission path terminals, a series connection of first and second field effect transistors (FETs), and a control circuit. The channels of the first and second FETs are coupled in series between the first transmission path terminal and
8581405 Integrated circuit having a semiconductor substrate with barrier layer November 12, 2013
An integrated circuit having a semiconductor substrate with a barrier layer is disclosed. The arrangement includes a semiconductor substrate and a metallic element. A carbon-based barrier layer is disposed between the semiconductor substrate and the metallic element.
8581371 Connection element for a semiconductor component and method for producing the same November 12, 2013
A connection element is arranged on a connection area of a semiconductor component. The connection element includes at least one bonding wire portion fixed on the connection area. The connection area is covered by an electrically conductive material, the fixed bonding wire portion being
8580687 Semiconductor structure and method for making same November 12, 2013
One or more embodiments relate to a method for forming a semiconductor structure, comprising: providing a workpiece; forming a dielectric barrier layer over the workpiece; forming an opening through the dielectric barrier layer; forming a seed layer over the dielectric barrier layer
8580612 Chip assembly November 12, 2013
A method of manufacturing an array of semiconductor devices comprises providing a first carrier having multiple chip alignment regions. Multiple chips are placed over the multiple chip alignment regions. Then, alignment of the chips to the multiple chip alignment regions is obtained.
8577004 Predictive contact information representation November 5, 2013
A probability that one or more contacts may be selected is determined. The probability that one or more contact may be selected may be determined based on one or more information types stored in a device and which may be used by a prediction engine module to determine the probability
8576183 Devices and methods for controlling both LED and touch sense elements via a single IC package pi November 5, 2013
Devices and methods for minimizing a number of I/O pins needed to control LED and touch sense operations are described and disclosed herein. In an embodiment, a method comprises controlling at least one light emitting diode (LED) element via a single pin, and controlling at least one tou
8575920 Magneto-resistive magnetic field sensor November 5, 2013
A system includes a magnet, a first magneto-resistive sensing element, and a second magneto-resistive sensing element. The magnet is configured to provide a magnetic field having a substantially non-diverging magnetic field line and diverging magnetic field lines. The first magneto-r
8575723 Detection circuit and method for detecting damage to a semiconductor chip November 5, 2013
A semiconductor chip having a current source coupled between a first potential and an electrical node, a detection circuit having an input coupled to the electrical node, and a first active component coupled in series with the current source and further coupled between the electrical
8575037 Method for fabricating a cavity structure, for fabricating a cavity structure for a semiconducto November 5, 2013
Embodiments show a method for fabricating a cavity structure, a semiconductor structure, a cavity structure for a semiconductor device and a semiconductor microphone fabricated by the same. In some embodiments the method for fabricating a cavity structure comprises providing a first
8575026 Method of protecting sidewall surfaces of a semiconductor substrate November 5, 2013
One or more embodiments may include a method of making a semiconductor structure, comprising: forming a first opening partially through a semiconductor substrate; forming a first dielectric layer over a sidewall surface of the first opening; and forming a second opening partially thr
8574966 Semiconductor device having a semiconductor chip, and method for the production thereof November 5, 2013
A semiconductor device having a semiconductor chip having an active surface with flip-chip contacts and a passive surface is disclosed. The flip-chip contacts are surrounded by an electrically insulating layer as underfill material, the layer having a UV B-stageable material. The UV
8573045 Indirect tire pressure monitoring systems and methods November 5, 2013
Embodiments relate to indirect tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMSs) and methods that utilize anti-lock braking system (ABS) signals. In embodiments, information from the ABS Hall signal is obtained before pulse forming. The information can be analyzed for resonance within the ABS
8569881 Semiconductor device October 29, 2013
A semiconductor device includes a baseplate and a first and a second insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) substrate coupled to the baseplate. The semiconductor device includes a first and a second diode substrate coupled to the baseplate and a first, a second, and a third control
8569865 Integrated circuit and production method October 29, 2013
An integrated circuit and a production method is disclosed. One embodiment forms reverse-current complexes in a semiconductor well, so that the charge carriers, forming a damaging reverse current, cannot flow into the substrate.
8569820 Capacitor having a plurality of parallel conductive members October 29, 2013
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof are disclosed. In one embodiment, a capacitor plate includes a plurality of first parallel conductive members, and a plurality of second parallel conductive members disposed over the plurality of first parallel conductive membe
8569109 Method for attaching a metal surface to a carrier, a method for attaching a chip to a chip carri October 29, 2013
A method for attaching a metal surface to a carrier is provided, the method including: depositing a porous layer over at least one of a metal surface and a side of a carrier; and attaching the at least one of a metal surface and a side of a carrier to the porous layer by bringing a m
8565967 Acceleration detection and angular position determination systems and methods in tire pressure m October 22, 2013
Embodiments relate to tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). In embodiments, a TPMS comprises a wheel unit and a control unit. Each wheel unit collects acceleration data and uses that data to determine a time at which the wheel unit will be at an angular position desired for signal
8564470 Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter October 22, 2013
A current input analog-to-digital converter and a corresponding current measurement circuit is disclosed. In accordance with one example of the invention, an analog-to-digital conversion circuit includes a register for storing a digital register value and a digital-to-analog converter
8564286 GMR sensors having reduced AMR effects October 22, 2013
Embodiments related to giant magneto resistance (GMR) angle sensor layouts having reduced anisotropic magneto resistance (AMR) effects. Embodiments provide GMR angle sensor layouts that reduce or eliminate distortion related to AMR effects, can be more easily scaled up or down, and a
8564061 Semiconductor device October 22, 2013
A semiconductor device has elongate plug structures extending in the lateral direction. The plug structures serve as electrical lines in order to enable locally defined lateral current flows within the cell array, within edge regions or logic regions of the semiconductor device.
8564026 Chip, method for producing a chip and device for laser ablation October 22, 2013
In various embodiments, a chip may include a substrate; a coating, the coating covering the substrate at least partially and the coating being designed for being stripped at least partially by means of laser ablation; wherein between the substrate and the coating, a laser detector la
8563387 Transistor and method of manufacturing a transistor October 22, 2013
In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention a transistor is disclosed. The transistor comprises a collector, a base and an emitter, wherein a first end width of the base is larger than a middle width of the base, wherein a first end width of the collector is larger than a

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