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Hsinchu, TW
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42878 Analog-to-digital converting system November 1, 2011
A novel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) architecture using subranging successive approximation approach is disclosed. The ADC architecture is capable of achieving high sampling rate, low power consumption and low complexity. It is also able to advance the chip production yield and area
RE42537 Apparatus for controlling multi-mode radio access and method for the same July 12, 2011
A method and apparatus for controlling multi-mode radio access, more particularly, to a method and apparatus that supports multi-mode reconfigurable, quality of service (QoS) and seamless handoff in different radio systems so as to provide wire-line like QoS guarantee. The apparatus
RE38830 Stand alone videophone October 18, 2005
D669375 Gas detector October 23, 2012
D640367 Ring type halitosis detector June 21, 2011
D634839 Sling type halitosis detector March 22, 2011
D605962 Plug meter December 15, 2009
D605961 Plug meter December 15, 2009
D602387 Wireless drip monitoring apparatus October 20, 2009
D598923 Graphic user interface for a display panel August 25, 2009
D583046 Nebulizer December 16, 2008
D579456 Graphic user interface for a display panel October 28, 2008
D464044 VOIP access gateway October 8, 2002
D420676 Cable modem February 15, 2000
D413600 Remote controller September 7, 1999
D408139 Wafer pod April 20, 1999
D402978 Stand alone videophone December 22, 1998
D397346 Wafer-boat positioning member of wafer container August 25, 1998
D380447 Ethernet switching hub July 1, 1997
D377762 Desk clock February 4, 1997
D356530 Automatic wheel chair March 21, 1995
D333128 Portable computer February 9, 1993
D332615 Laser processing machine January 19, 1993
D314536 Motorcycle February 12, 1991
D307119 Motorcycle April 10, 1990
8589718 Performance scaling device, processor having the same, and performance scaling method thereof November 19, 2013
A performance scaling device, a processor having the same, and a performance scaling method thereof are provided. The performance scaling device includes an adaptive voltage scaling unit, a latency prediction unit, and a variable-latency datapath. The adaptive voltage scaling unit ge
8589470 Down conversion filter November 19, 2013
A down conversion filter with a plurality of sampling capacitor, wherein at least one sampling capacitor is discharged in sampling phases or charge-summing phases of the other sampling capacitors.
8588779 Wireless communication system, communication device and base station thereof November 19, 2013
A wireless communication system delivering neighbor information (NBR-INF) and a base station and a wireless communication device thereof are proposed. The wireless communication system includes at least a mobile station and a base station. The base station decides delivering the NBR-
8588471 Method and device of mapping and localization method using the same November 19, 2013
A mapping method is provided. The environment is scanned to obtain depth information of environmental obstacles. The image of the environment is captured to generate an image plane. The depth information of environmental obstacles is projected onto the image plane, so as to obtain pr
8588438 Driving interface device adaptive to a flat speaker November 19, 2013
A driving interface device adaptive to a flat speaker is introduced herein. The driving interface device is coupled with an external sound source for receiving sound signals, and boosts voltage levels of the sound signals to drive the thin flat speaker without using an external power
8588163 Random access method, parameter assignment method, wireless communication device, and base stati November 19, 2013
A random access method, a parameter assignment method, a wireless communication device, and a base station using the same are provided. The random access method is adapted for the wireless communication device to perform a random access process with the base station, and includes fol
8587857 Electro-wetting display device and non-polar color solution thereof November 19, 2013
An electro-wetting display device and a non-polar color solution thereof are provided. The electro-wetting device includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a polar solution layer and a non-polar color solution layer. The first substrate is opposite to the second substrate. The pola
8587212 Lighting system, dimming control apparatus and dimming control method November 19, 2013
A lighting system, a dimming control apparatus, and a dimming control method are provided. The dimming control apparatus includes a control unit and a dimming driving unit. In response to a dimming command and a number, the control unit decodes the dimming command into a plurality of
8587017 Light emitting device and method of fabricating a light emitting device November 19, 2013
A light emitting device and a method of fabricating a light emitting device are provided. The light emitting device includes a carrier substrate, at least one epitaxy structure, a high resistant ring wall, a first electrode, and a second electrode. The epitaxy structure is disposed o
8586940 X-ray active pixel sensor (APS) readout circuit and readout method November 19, 2013
An APS readout circuit includes a pixel sensing unit, an integrating unit, and a voltage offset unit. The pixel sensing unit senses an X-ray irradiation amount to obtain a current signal in varying. The current signal is obtained by subtracting a sensing current in varying from a bas
8586095 Thermosensitive nanostructure for hyperthermia treatment November 19, 2013
A thermosensitive nanostructure for hyperthermia treatment. Magnetic nanoparticles are encapsulated in a thermosensitive polymer nanostructure having a lower critical solution temperature (LCST) of about C. The thermosensitive polymer nanostructure may carry a drug. Whe
8582930 Fiber sensing systems and fiber sensing methods November 12, 2013
A fiber sensing system is provided, including a plurality of ring structures, an optical coupler and a switching unit. Each of the ring structures has at least one fiber sensor to receive and reflect a light source signal. The optical coupler is directly connected to the ring structu
8582816 Method and apparatus for video analytics based object counting November 12, 2013
A video analytics based object counting method which can obtain and process video frames from one or more video sources is proposed. By setting a variety of parameters, calculating a reference point, and a mapping table, a sampled referenced image can be constructed to obtain image p
8582307 Wireless communication apparatus November 12, 2013
A wireless communication apparatus in one embodiment includes a bag body and a radio frequency device. The bag body has at least a first slot, which extends to an edge of the bag body. The radio frequency device including a wireless integrated circuit chip is for radio-frequency sign
8582040 Functional device array with self-aligned electrode structures and fabrication methods thereof November 12, 2013
A functional device array with self-aligned electrode structures and fabrication methods thereof are presented. The functional device array includes a transparent substrate. A patterned lower electrode array is disposed on the transparent substrate. A spacer structure is disposed ove
8581979 System and method for constructing high resolution images November 12, 2013
A system for constructing high resolution images includes a beam splitter assembly, a light intensity modulator, an image capturing module and an image processing module. The beam splitter assembly is utilized to reflect a light beam generated from a light source generating device and
8581419 Multi-chip stack structure November 12, 2013
A multi-chip stack structure including a first chip, a second chip, a shielding layer, and a plurality of conductive bumps is provided. The second chip is stacked on the first chip. The second chip has a plurality of through silicon via (TSV) structures to conduct a reference voltage.
8579604 Floating apparatus for scroll compressors November 12, 2013
An improved floating apparatus for scroll compressors is disclosed, which is a multi-function device integrating a temperature protection mechanism, a pressure protection mechanism and a backflow-proof mechanism and therefore substantially is a floating seal member with overheating p
8578299 Method and computing device in a system for motion detection November 5, 2013
A computing device in a system for motion detection comprises an image processing device to determine a motion of an object of interest, and a graphical user interface (GUI) module to drive a virtual role based on the motion determined by the image processing device. The image proces
8578047 Methods and systems for resource allocation November 5, 2013
A method and apparatus for performing resource allocation in a communication system is provided. The method includes receiving a data frame including encapsulated data and a transmission opportunity, the data frame being divided into sub-frames which include primary resource blocks t
8576345 Choloesteric liquid crystal display and fabrication thereof November 5, 2013
A cholesteric liquid crystal display is provided, including a substrate, a first electrode layer disposed on the substrate, and a liquid crystal layer disposed on the first electrode layer, wherein the liquid crystal layer comprises at least two liquid crystals having different sensi
8576098 Device and method for compressing feature descriptor November 5, 2013
A device for compressing a feature descriptor includes a non-uniform quantizer and a run-length encoder. The non-uniform quantizer accesses a source feature descriptor from a storage device, and non-uniformly quantizes the source feature descriptor having source vectors into an inter
8575754 Micro-bump structure November 5, 2013
A dished micro-bump structure with self-aligning functions is provided. The micro-bump structure takes advantage of the central concavity for achieving the accurate alignment with the corresponding micro-bumps.
8575530 Photosensitive circuit and system for photosensitive display November 5, 2013
A photosensitive circuit is provided. The photosensitive circuit is adapted to a pixel in a pixel array. The photosensitive circuit includes a display element for generating light, transmitting light, or reflecting light, a control circuit coupled to the display element for controlling
8575235 Removable hydrophobic composition, removable hydrophobic coating layer and fabrication method th November 5, 2013
A removable hydrophobic composition, a removable hydrophobic coating layer and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The removable hydrophobic composition comprises 0.1-50 parts by weight of nano-particles having diameters smaller than 100 nm and of which surfaces are modified w

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