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ILEX Products, Inc. Patents
ILEX Products, Inc.
San Antonio, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7208481 Aminodiphosphonate apolipoprotein E modulators April 24, 2007
The present invention relates to methods of use of aminodiphosphonate to modulate apolipoprotein E levels and the use of such compounds in therapy, including cardiovascular and neurological disease states.
6797838 Process for preparing homophthalate derivatives September 28, 2004
The present invention provides a process for the preparation of homophthlate esters useful in the preparation of homophthalic anhydride reactants.
6706698 .alpha.-Substituted .beta.-aminoethyl phosphonate derivatives March 16, 2004
The present invention relates to novel .alpha.-substituted-.beta.-aminoethylphosphonate and .alpha.-substituted-.beta.-aminovinylphosphonate derivatives and their uses for lowering plasma levels of apo (a), Lp(a), apo B, apo B associated lipoproteins (low density lipoproteins and ver
6680382 Process for preparing purine nucleosides January 20, 2004
The present invention provides for the preparation .beta.-adenine nucleosides by coupling an adenine derivative containing an unprotected exocyclic amino group at the C-6 position and a blocked arabinofuranosyl derivative, in the presence of a base and solvent. The present invention
6664401 Process for preparing isocoumarins December 16, 2003
The present invention provides a process from preparing isocoumarin-3-yl derivatives comprising reacting a homophthalic anhydride derivative with a carbonyl compound, wherein the carbonyl group is substituted with an acyl activating group, in the presence of a reaction medium comprising
6660724 Compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them December 9, 2003
Aminophosphonates alpha substituted by phenol groups of formula (I) have lipoprotein(a) lowering activity. ##STR1##

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