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Ivac Corporation Patents
Ivac Corporation
San Diego, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE32294 Drop sensing unit and associated drip chamber for IV fluid administration November 25, 1986
A drop sensing unit and associated, disposable drip chamber for dedicated use with the sensing unit in an IV fluid administration system, the sensing unit being adapted for convenient installation on and removal from the drip chamber, with cooperable engaging means on the sensing unit an
D371194 Pumping segment for use with an infusion pump June 25, 1996
D367528 Dual channel infusion pump February 27, 1996
D367527 Single channel infusion pump February 27, 1996
D341420 Combined universal spike and drip chamber November 16, 1993
D334626 Combined medical instrument base and probe cover dispenser April 6, 1993
D327123 Syringe pump June 16, 1992
D325631 Medical tube clamp April 21, 1992
D325440 Instrument stand April 14, 1992
D325255 Fluid delivery pump for intravenous solutions April 7, 1992
D323894 Vital signs monitor February 11, 1992
D318812 Disposable speculum for an infrared thermometer August 6, 1991
D317414 Handheld infrared thermometer June 11, 1991
D308725 Base for medical instrument stand June 19, 1990
D300909 Probe for electronic thermometer May 2, 1989
D300728 Electronic thermometer case April 18, 1989
D297262 Combined spike and drop former housing for enteric set August 16, 1988
D293130 Support flange for IV drip chamber December 8, 1987
D293129 Drug delivery valve for IV fluid infusion system December 8, 1987
D291353 Flow sensor for IV fluid administration August 11, 1987
D291119 Enteric pump July 28, 1987
D290458 Electrical plug for IV instrument June 23, 1987
D289327 IV infusion controller April 14, 1987
D287053 Syringe plunger for an IV infusion pump December 2, 1986
D282002 Intermittent medical delivery controller December 31, 1985
D279217 Air-in-line sensor for fluid delivery systems or the like June 11, 1985
D278743 Parenteral infusion pump May 7, 1985
D278655 Combined bottom cap and drop former with a sensor-mounting flange for an I.V. burette chamber April 30, 1985
D269998 Drop sensing unit August 2, 1983
D268698 IV Spike and drop former housing April 19, 1983
D268284 Parenteral fluid administration instrument March 15, 1983
D267743 Pressure diaphragm January 25, 1983
D265243 Fluid delivery apparatus June 29, 1982
D260737 Housing for an electronic thermometer September 15, 1981
D259485 Electrical connector June 9, 1981
D257429 Temperature probe October 21, 1980
D257428 Electronic thermometer October 21, 1980
D248490 Sphygmomanometer July 11, 1978
D244879 Sphygmomanometer sensor and cuff coupling mechanism June 28, 1977
5709534 IV fluid delivery system January 20, 1998
An IV pump for delivering fluid through a resilient, deformable tube to improve the accuracy, consistency, and predictability of flow through the tube, wherein a plurality of pinching fingers occlude the tube against a flat portion of a pressure pad, and a plurality of pumping fingers
5568912 Sliding flow controller having channel with variable size groove October 29, 1996
A sliding flow controller for controlling flow through a pumping segment used in a fluid delivery system. The flow controller includes a slider that travels along a channel defined by an elastomeric membrane and a variable size groove formed in a rigid component. The slider includes a
5549577 Needleless connector August 27, 1996
A needleless connector allowing infusion and withdrawal of fluid in medical applications is disclosed. The injection site has a housing which contains a blunt cannula within it. An elastomeric pre-slit plunger is movably carried within the housing by the housing and said blunt cannula.
5549460 IV fluid delivery system August 27, 1996
An IV fluid delivery system for use with a resilient, deformable tube, wherein a mechanism is provided to restore the cross-sectional shape of the tube after it has been deformed by a plurality of pinchers, so as to improve the accuracy, consistency, reliability and predictability of flo
5545140 Syringe plunger driver August 13, 1996
A plunger driver system which engages a plurality of different sizes of syringes. A pushing surface includes a detector to determine syringe plunger presence. In the event that the plunger is not present and the pump is operating, a processor provides an alarm and may stop the pump m
5542826 Fluid delivery system with mounting linkage August 6, 1996
A fluid delivery system in which the pressure platen for a fluid conduit is fixedly mounted to the pump and the pumping mechanism is movable in relation to the platen to control the force exerted on the conduit. A mounting system comprising a four-bar linkage retains the movable pumping
5537853 Air-in-line sensing apparatus July 23, 1996
An air-in-line sensing apparatus for use with a parenteral fluid administration set to detect the passage of air through a fluid conduit. The apparatus comprises a first housing having a first arcuate section mounting a first transducer adjacent the first arcuate section and a second
5534691 System for determining pumping mechanism position while limiting volume of fluid pumped July 9, 1996
A drive member of a peristaltic pumping mechanism includes a disk that rotates with the drive member and has two transparent sectors and two opaque sectors alternating with the transparent sectors. As a stepper motor rotates the drive member to pump fluid, a single optical sensor sen
5513957 IV fluid delivery system May 7, 1996
An IV pump for delivering fluid through a resilient, deformable tube to improve the accuracy, consistency, and predictability of flow through the tube, wherein a plurality of pinching fingers occlude the tube against a flat portion of a pressure pad, and a plurality of pumping fingers
5499906 IV fluid delivery system March 19, 1996
An IV fluid delivery system for use in connection with a resilient, deformable tube, wherein pinching fingers occlude the tube and pumping fingers deform the tube (without occluding it) against a first pressure pad or support means in a pumping action, while restoring fingers urge the
5489265 Restrictor fitting for an infusion pump February 6, 1996
A restrictor fitting is provided at the discharge side of an infusion pump to substantially reduce or eliminate the presence of undissolved gas such as air within the detection field of an air-in-line sensor. The restrictor fitting defines a flow orifice of reduced cross-sectional size d
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