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8240622 Integral clip of plastic material August 14, 2012
The disclosure concerns a clip having a first shank including a distal end and a proximal end, a head attached to the distal end, a resilient flange attached to the first shank proximate to the proximal end, a second shank extending downwardly from the resilient flange, wherein the s
8205802 Premounted unit of a tube portion and a thermostat valve June 26, 2012
A premounted unit includes a pipe stub and a thermostatic valve. The pipe stub includes a valve seat mechanically biased by a valve spring against the valve seat and resting at its other end against a mating rest element. The unit further includes an expansible element which is confi
8177467 Fastening device having fastening element May 15, 2012
A fastening device having a fastening element includes a plug-in region and a contact area at a distance therefrom, and a shaft between the plug-in region and the contact area. The plug-in region is axially pressable through a through opening in a wall area in a plugged position of t
8167342 Outer door handle for automotive vehicles May 1, 2012
An automobile outer door handle, comprising a lever-shaped handle portion which is manually gripped from the door's outer side and which is fitted with at least one bearing element resting in pivotably manner on a mating bearing element of the door and is coupled by a linkage to a door l
8162579 Undetachable plastic anchor April 24, 2012
A plastic, undetachable anchor (10) to affix a component (52) to a support (54), comprising a rectangular affixing aperture (56), the anchor comprising a resilient, flange-like head (12), a hollow shank (16) subtending an axis and connected at one end to the head (12) and receiving a
8083432 Connection element December 27, 2011
A connection element includes first and second retaining elements adapted to be connected to be freely rotated relative to each other about The first retaining element has a first outer annular portion and a first inner annular portion concentric to the first outer annul
8075060 Sleeve for a headrest December 13, 2011
A plastic headrest sleeve receiving a headrest rod and comprising a tube fitted at its top end with a flange within which a slider is displaceably supported between a locked position, wherein it locks the headrest rod, and a release position, the wall of the said tube being fitted betwee
8070126 Device for actuation of a valve December 6, 2011
A valve operating device defined by the following features: a slider supported in axially displaceable manner in a housing and linked by an actuation segment to the valve, a first biasing spring configured in the housing and pre-stressing the slider against a first stop, an expansible
8070008 Sealing plug with a pressure-compensating chamber December 6, 2011
A plug to hermetically seal an aperture in a sheetmetal, or in the floor of a vehicle, comprising, a cap covering the aperture and comprising an external, circumferential flange resting on one side of the sheetmetal or of the floor and fitted with a first circumferential seal, an affixat
8028926 Thermostat valve arrangement October 4, 2011
A thermostat valve arrangement for the cooling circuit of an internal combustion engine includes a main valve member movably mounted in a housing adapted to be pressed against a main valve seat by a spring. The valve arrangement further includes a bypass valve member cooperating with
7998395 Method for injection molding of hollow articles of plastic material August 16, 2011
In an injection molding method to manufacture hollow plastic parts, at least one plastic part's hollow is shaped by evacuating an internal portion of the flowable material of an injection mold's cavity using a pressurized gas, and a gate of the mold and thereupon the molded article's
7971797 Thermostat valve July 5, 2011
A thermostatic valve comprising a valve head and a flat, annular, elastomeric sealing element at the valve head, a valve spring mechanically biasing the valve member against a valve seat and a temperature-sensitive expansible element the valve member displacing the valve member again
7963455 Thermostat valve June 21, 2011
A thermostatted valve used in an internal combustion engine and comprising a housing fitted with at least three ports, namely an engine port to communicate with the engine cooling system, a radiator port to communicate with the radiator, and a bypass port to communicate with a bypass
7950425 Filler neck to fill fuel into a vehicle tank May 31, 2011
A filler neck an actuation ring (16) having a slot (18) and an entrance portion which is conically narrowed towards the tank, the most narrow cross-section of the entrance portion being smaller than the diameter of a diesel-nozzle and larger than that of an otto-nozzle the actuation ring
7862274 Fastener to affix a component to a support with aperture January 4, 2011
A fastener to affix a component in a support fitted with an aperture, comprising an affixation casing of resilient plastic, further a hollow conical shell, and at one end a radial flange that cooperates in sealing manner with the support surface facing it when the affixation casing has
7802762 Automobile cable/conduit retainer September 28, 2010
A retainer for a conduit, cable or the like, preferably a fluid conduit in an automobile, includes a retainer body having attaching portions to be mounted to an automobile body part, damping portions for dampening conduit vibrations, an insertion portion that constricts from the outside
7757960 Thermostat valve for a cooling system of a combustion engine July 20, 2010
A thermostat valve for a cooling system of a combustion engine, comprising a disc-shaped valve member, having a sealing portion and biased by a spring against an annular valve seat provided in a valve housing, a thermal extension element (DWE) within the valve housing which acts on t
7658350 Retaining member February 9, 2010
A retaining member for holding and supporting an elongated element from a support includes a base portion and a holding portion. The base portion is attachable to the support. The holding portion is connected to the base portion and has a recess for holding the elongated element therein.
7621707 Fastener November 24, 2009
A fastener, for connecting a first component having a first hole to a second component having a second hole, includes a cage which is fitted at its end with a radial flange and further a cross-sectionally rectangular or square shank segment. This shank segment is insertable into the seco
7618088 Buffer stop for a motor hood of automobiles November 17, 2009
An automobile hood bumper includes a sleeve-like seat fitted with an axial passage and an external thread that can be screwed into a hole of a sheet-like support, an upper segment having a rest head and a shank. A connection member joins the shank to the seat to release said shank when
7618078 Fuel flap for automobiles November 17, 2009
In a fuel flap, a first fastening element is attached to a hinge arm. The hinge arm has a second fastening element co-acting with the first fastening element in order to attach the fuel flap to the hinge arm at a predetermined position. The first fastening element includes at least two
7429086 Sleeve for a neck rest with tolerance compensation September 30, 2008
A sleeve for a neck rest with tolerance compensation, includes a sleeve body of plastic material for the accommodation of a rod of the neck rest. The sleeve body includes at least one integrally formed resilient portion which is biased toward or away from the interior of the sleeve body.
7392769 Cooling system for a combustion engine July 1, 2008
A cooling system for a combustion engine having a cooling passage system in an engine block comprising a main cooler HWK which is arranged in a cycle with the cooling passage system of the combustion engine, a water pump and a first thermostat TH1 in said cycle, a hot water heat exchange
7380861 Plastic fuel inlet compartment June 3, 2008
The invention relates to a plastic fuel inlet compartment which can be inserted into an opening in the bodywork of a motor vehicle. The invention is characterized by a two-hole embodiment for bivalent tanking whereby the second through hole can also be selectively covered. A controll
7377559 Locking system for a fuel door housing May 27, 2008
The tank flap of an automobile is locked via a wire spring with which an extension connected to the tank flap will cooperate. A spring-biased locking body keeps the wire spring in the releasing position when the tank flap initially is forced inwards.
7284793 Expandable crash-active neck rest October 23, 2007
A neck rest for a seat of an automobile has a neck rest body which includes a neck rest cushion and at least two neck rest rods connected with the neck rest body, the neck rest rods being accommodated in the back rest of the seat. Each of the neck rest rod has a support portion attac
7278810 Grommet October 9, 2007
A grommet for an opening of a sheet member includes a shank, a head and at least a flexible locking tab. The shank includes, in a region adjacent the head and outside the locking tab, a shoulder to be placed below an edge of the opening when the shank is rotated an angle about the axis o
7267307 Retaining member September 11, 2007
A retaining member in plastic, suited for retaining at least one line on a support, includes a basic body with a mounting area for mounting on the support and retaining area projecting from at least one side of the mounting area with at least one line seating for at least one line, and a
7258483 Device for measuring the level and/or the temperature in a container August 21, 2007
A device for measuring at least one of a level and a temperature of a liquid in a container includes a resistor arrangement adapted to be immersed in the liquid. An immersed length of the resistor arrangement in the liquid corresponds to the level of the liquid in the container. The
7213877 Neck rest for the front seats of automobiles May 8, 2007
A neck rest for the front seats in automobiles, a neck rest body being supported by the back rest of the front seats, characterized in that a support member being integrated in the backside of the neck rest body, the support member being movable in the neck rest body between a closed
7185938 Fuel door housing for automobiles March 6, 2007
A fuel door housing for the fueling of an automobile including a tub-like body, a flap which is hingely linked to the body, a thrust spring biasing the flap toward an opened position, a locking element having a locking and an unlocking position, and an actuating element for placing the
7178206 Fastener element for connecting a structural part to a support part February 20, 2007
A fastener element includes a fastener body and a locking part. The body includes a shank having two outer webs interconnected by a transverse web. The outer webs have projections including upper and lower ramp surfaces. The locking part includes an aperture having first and second p
7165814 Sleeve arrangement for a neck rest January 23, 2007
A sleeve arrangement for a neck rest, including a sleeve body adapted to be inserted into an opening in a frame of a vehicle seat, the sleeve body having a through going axial passage adapted to accommodate a rod of the neck rest, and the sleeve body having further a head portion which
7144067 Arm rest for a door paneling of an automobile December 5, 2006
An arm rest for a door paneling in automobiles, whereby a support member for an arm rest padding has an elongated guiding member at the lower side, the guide member being liftable in guide means, the guide means being fastened to the paneling, in that further locking means for the gu
7128232 Adjustable assembly of a first structural part to a second structural part, in particular for au October 31, 2006
An adjustable assembly of a first structural part and a second structural part, in particular for automobiles having a flap and a pivotable arm for the flap, is such that the first structural part is displaceable along two orthogonal axis with respect to the second structural part and is
7108269 Plug for the sealing closure of an opening in a sheet of a body or the bottom of an automobile September 19, 2006
A plug for the sealing closure of an opening in a sheet includes an integral body including a cap portion having an annular shirt portion and a cover portion connected to one end of the shirt portion. The body further includes a flange portion extending obliquely outwardly and downwa
7059454 One-way braking device June 13, 2006
A one way braking device has a first sealed chamber filled with a viscous fluid, a braking rotor being rotably supported within the chamber, a housing or the braking rotor, respectively, coacting with a pinion which in turn cooperates with a tooth rod or a gear or the like. The first
7048336 Neck rest for the seat of an automobile May 23, 2006
A neck rest includes first and second supports having first and second positions where the supports are at approximately the same level and the second support is elevated relative to the first support, respectively. A first spring is supported by the first support and rotatably connected
6959733 Closure plug for sealingly closing a hole in a structural member November 1, 2005
A plug for closing a hole in a structural member includes a shank having an upper end with a recess extending toward the lower end of the shank. The recess divides the upper end into a central portion and an outer, deformable portion radially outwardly spaced from the central portion by
6942293 Neck rest for the back rest of automobile seats, in particular rear seats September 13, 2005
Neck rest for the back rest of the seats of automobiles, in particular for the back seat, the neck rest including two supporting rods which are accommodated by sockets in the back rest, by which a guiding portion and a supporting portion located above the guiding portion are provided, wi
6910841 Thread-forming screw June 28, 2005
A thread-forming screw includes a head and a shank, the shank having a thread and a thread-forming zone at the end opposite to the head, the thread-forming zone also having a thread portion. The shank at the end opposite to the head has a spherical portion with a maximum diameter in a
6874829 Inner actuator for automobile door locks April 5, 2005
An inner actuator for automobile doors includes a lever-like handle adapted to be pivoted about an axis within a housing which is attached to the door, a linkage or an actuating cable which is led to a door lock and engages the handle, a spring which biases the handle into a rest positio
6843630 Fastening clip having annular portion and legs formed with locking means, and structure having p January 18, 2005
A fastening clip has an annular portion and two legs extending therefrom, each leg having a locking element. Two identical clips can be fastened together with the locking elements securing against separation. The clips can be used to fasten a panel to opposite walls of an accommodating m
6837543 Seat, for automobiles or the like January 4, 2005
A seat for an automobile includes a backrest fitted with a frame, an adjusting device inside the backrest in the region of the lumbar vertebral column, an elongated, resiliently bending element running transversely inside the frame, two bowden cables each with a sheath and a traction
6729822 Fastening having inner deformable hollow element and outer sleeve May 4, 2004
A plastic fastening element is configured to be fastened on a threaded bolt welded to a support member. The fastening element includes a first hollow element portion made of plastic material and having an axial through hole. The through hole has a polygonal cross section and radially res
6676345 System for attaching a structural member to a supporting member January 13, 2004
A system for attaching a structural member to a supporting member, the supporting member having at least one stud which extends through an opening of the structural member, the system comprising a sleeve having as radial flange at one end adapted to be introduced into the opening, an
6666516 Neck rest for a seat for automobiles December 23, 2003
An automobile-seat headrest has a fixed support enclosed by a fixed pad and two rods which are connected to the support and which are received in the headrest bushes in a seat backrest, a second support for a displaceable pad being displaceably resting in the fixed support and allowing t
6588071 Clip-like member of plastic material July 8, 2003
A clip member for sealing an opening in a sheet material includes a body which is fluid tight in an axial direction, at least one flange portion adapted to engage a surface of the sheet material, at least one resiliently deformable arm attached to the body and radially bendable relat
6561667 Actuation means for actuating a functional part in an automobile by means of a handle portion or May 13, 2003
Actuation means for actuating a functional part in an automobile by means of a handle portion or the like, whereby at least a portion, e.g. a stripe of an electro luminescence sheet is applied to a surface of the handle portion or adjacent to the handle portion and connected to an electr
6540298 System for the displacement of a neck rest in response to the displacement of a vehicle seat in April 1, 2003
A system for the displacement of a neck rest in response to the displacement of a vehicle seat in an automobile, wherein the neck rest is mounted to a first structural part which is height-displaceably mounted to a second structural part, the latter being fixedly secured to the rest of
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