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ITT Industries, Inc.
New York, NY
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4444296 Spot-type disc brake with additional axial force application to a region of the brake shoe April 24, 1984
A spot-type disc brake unit which cooperates with a brake disc when in use to form a disc brake includes a brake shoe carrier member and at least one brake shoe carried by the carrier member for axial movement toward and away from the brake disc, and with freedom of limited circumferenti
4444052 Compensating brake fluid reservoir April 24, 1984
Compensating brake fluid reservoirs with a brake fluid alarm device are required for master cylinders of hydraulic brake systems in automotive vehicles. A float chamber, which is disposed in a compensating reservoir and surrounds a float, is defined by a tubular body suspended from an
4441372 Vortex flowmeter April 10, 1984
An elongate body extends as a bar across a fluid flow passage and has a vortex shedding tapered head portion pointing upstream and a tail portion downstream of the head. The head has an axial length equal to or less than half the head width. The tail has a width less than head width thro
4440580 Method of fabricating an integrated bipolar planar transistor by implanting base and emitter reg April 3, 1984
The invention relates to an ion-implantation process for fabricating integrated bipolar planar transistors, particularly transistors for very high frequencies. To prevent the variations in the thicknesss of the insulating layer, through which the dopants for the base region are impla
4440454 Pressure control arrangement for vehicle braking system with antiskid control equipment April 3, 1984
An antiskid control arrangement of a hydraulic vehicle braking system includes a master cylinder device and a throttling valve device arranged between the master cylinder device and the brake pedal. The throttling valve device is incorporated in a circulating circuit which includes a
4433012 Process for the pyrolytic deposition of aluminum from TIBA February 21, 1984
A method for the deposition of aluminum on a solid body of pyrolysis of tri-isobutyl aluminum vapor diluted with an inert carrier gas.
4429770 Friction lining carrier member having replaceable friction linings February 7, 1984
The circular friction lining carrier member having replaceable friction linings comprising radially inner and outer circumferential grooves in the carrier member to guide and hold the linings and a supporting element disposed between adjacent ones of the linings to transmit circumferenti
4428774 Corrosion inhibiting paint compositions January 31, 1984
A corrosion inhibiting paint comprises a resin vehicle containing a water soluble glass which, on dissolution in water, releases corrosion inhibiting materials. The glass itself, or the combination of the glass and the paint, are so constituted that conditions of low acidity, i.e. ab
4428463 Retaining spring for the brake shoe of a spot type disc brake January 31, 1984
There is disclosed a retaining spring for a brake shoe of a spot-type disc brake having resilient arms which abut on guide pins at both sides of the brake shoe backing plate. The spring provides good alignment of the brake shoe parallel to the brake disc when the brake is released.
4428071 Integrated circuit having non-volatile programmable semiconductor memories January 24, 1984
A circuit arrangement is provided to supervise the supply voltage of the programming logic of a non-volatile integrated circuit comprising insulated-gate field-effect transistors whose threshold voltages are altered by the programming logic and whose gate electrodes are connected wor
4427929 Window and door locking system for vehicles January 24, 1984
A synchronizing circuit for a combination window and door locking system for automotive vehicles. During normal operation the door's are locked and unlocked by continued rotation of the window lifter motor. If the door locks have been manually operated between motorized operations, the l
4427239 Dual-circuit pressure control valve January 24, 1984
Dual-circuit brake force control systems are known in which the initial preloading force is changeable dependent on the vehicle load. The initial preloading force is distributed to the control pistons by a lever. Due to manufacturing tolerances and erosion of the individual elements,
4427096 Device for mounting a guiding bolt of a floating-caliper spot-type disc brake January 24, 1984
A mounting arrangement for use in a floating-caliper spot-type disc brake including a carrier component and a caliper component, for mounting on one of the components a guide bolt which is slidably received in a bore of the other component, includes a recess in the one component for part
4426117 Brake pressure control valve and a method for its assembly January 17, 1984
A brake pressure control valve for a vehicular brake system comprises a stepped piston having a large-diameter portion guided in a bore of a threaded housing plug and a small-diameter portion guided in a bore formed in a housing for the control valve. At the end of the piston adjacent an
4425699 Method of connecting two ringformed elements January 17, 1984
A method of connecting a mechanical seal ring made of hard metal or ceramic to a supporting ring made of aluminum or stainless steel includes pressing the two rings against each other with such a force that the material of the supporting ring yields.
4425631 Non-volatile programmable integrated semiconductor memory cell January 10, 1984
A non-volatile programmable integrated semi-conductor cell comprises a semiconductive substrate of one conductivity type, a reading insulated-gate field effect transistor partially incorporated in said substrate and having an insulated gate at the active surface of the substrate, and
4424886 Floating caliper spot-type disc brake, particularly for automotive vehicles January 10, 1984
A floating caliper spot-type disc brake includes a stationary carrier member and a caliper member which is guided for sliding along a predetermined plane in and opposite to a given direction relative to the carrier member. The caliper member has a pair of bores and the carrier member
4423665 Mechanically controllable power booster January 3, 1984
In order to reduce the forces transmitted by the reaction device of a vacuum brake booster, there is provided a first booster piston directly connected to the booster's output member and a second booster piston of smaller size acting solely on the reaction device. Both booster pistons
4423402 Temperature sensitive capsules December 27, 1983
A capsule for use as a temperature responsive element in a temperature sensitive electrical switch. The capsule is provided in a transistor mounting can configuration to facilitate printed circuit board mounting. The capsule contains a fluid and a concave disc. At a predetermined tem
4422694 Braking pressure control unit for a hydraulic brake system December 27, 1983
Problems exist in known braking pressure control units for brake systems in which the rear wheels of a vehicle are assigned to different brake circuits. These problems include unequal outlet pressure to the two brake circuits due to manufacturing tolerances and that upon failure of one
4422157 Binary MOS switched-carry parallel adder December 20, 1983
A fast and inexpensive MOS switched carry parallel full adder is disclosed. Each stage includes only one inverter and two shunting transistors for the carry signal, one transistor being of the depletion type. Each stage further includes two EXCLUSIVE-OR gates and two NOR gates.
4421212 Brake control valve arrangement December 20, 1983
An arrangement for controlling the pressure of a hydraulic braking fluid supplied to a brake actuating cylinder includes an elongated hollow valve member mounted for axial movement in a bore of a housing. A compression spring acts on the valve member in one axial direction, and a control
4419688 Color-television receiver with at least one digital integrated circuit for processing the compos December 6, 1983
The color television receiver includes a square-wave clock generator used as a chrominance subcarrier oscillator generating at least four clock signals, the first of which has a frequency four times the chrominance subcarrier frequency, and the second to fourth of which have a frequency
4418963 Control system for a vehicular braking system incorporating a hydrodynamic brake and a friction December 6, 1983
A control system for a vehicular braking system incorporating a hydrodynamic brake and a friction brake acting in parallel comprising logic elements to optimize the operation of the friction brake with a minimum amount of friction brake pad wear, the logic elements operating dependen
4418613 Vacuum brake booster December 6, 1983
The vacuum brake boosters used today require a relatively heavy vacuum housing to gain the necessary stiffness for transmitting the mechanical actuating force. According to the present invention draw bars extend from one housing wall to the other parallel to the push rod and penetrating
4416491 Pressure controlling arrangement for use in a vehicle brake system November 22, 1983
A control arrangement of a hydraulic vehicle braking system provided with antiskid control equipment includes a master cylinder device which is actuatable by a brake pedal and is provided with at least one master piston cooperating with an associated replenishment chamber. The replen
4416490 Pressure control valve for a hydraulic brake system November 22, 1983
In a pressure control valve for a hydraulic brake system for vehicles, the closure member is carried by a control piston which has one of its ends guided through an annular seal and in a housing bore, which is preferably connected to atmosphere, and carries adjacent its other end a suppo
4416159 Vortex flowmeter November 22, 1983
A bluff body is placed in a fluid pipe with one flat face facing the oncoming fluid. Vortices are then generated and shed alternately from opposite edges of the body. This body is of a scalene triangle cross section, and in one version a hole extends transversely therethrough. A long
4415210 Arrangement for controlling the pressure in brake actuating cylinders of a vehicle November 15, 1983
An arrangement for controlling the pressure in brake actuating cylinders incorporated in a hydraulic vehicle braking system which is supplied with auxiliary energy includes a master cylinder device having at least one master piston accommodated in a bore communicating with a replenishmen
4415209 An integral wheel brake cylinder and pressure regulating valve November 15, 1983
A brake pressure regulating valve inserted inside the pressure chamber of a wheel brake cylinder of a vehicle comprises a differential or stepped piston having its smaller diameter section slidably supported in a bore of a wheel brake cylinder piston and its larger diameter section guide
4414810 Fluid reservoir for a hydraulic brake system November 15, 1983
A fluid reservoir for use with a tandem master cylinder is divided into two compartments by a partition wall with one of the two compartments being directly connected to a first outlet port connected to the master cylinder and the other of the two compartments being connected to a second
4411477 Two-circuit pressure control unit for hydraulic brake systems October 25, 1983
There are known dual-circuit pressure control valves including a pressure control valve having a stepped piston for each of the dual brake circuits with each of the stepped pistons being subjected to a common control force by a circular compensation member. This known device is, however,
4409885 Brake booster October 18, 1983
To provide a space inside the housing of a brake booster for installation of an end portion of a master brake cylinder, the hub member of the booster piston (movable wall) comprising an axial sleeve adapted to embrace an end portion of the master cylinder in the actuated position of
4409790 Mechanically controlled brake booster October 18, 1983
To reduce the load or force exerted on the housing of a vacuum brake booster, the master cylinder housing extends axially through the booster housing thereby connecting the two end walls of the booster housing together. The master cylinder housing is directly attached to the splashbo
4408457 Mechanically controllable brake booster October 11, 1983
To reduce the overall weight of mechanically controlled brake boosters it is known to transmit the axial reaction forces by means of axial draw bars or pipes extending axially within the booster housing. According to the present invention the weight reduction and a decrease in axial leng
4408389 Arrangement for assembling a working cylinder October 11, 1983
During assembly of a brake booster employed in a hydraulic brake system of an automotive vehicle, the two casing shells of the booster are moved relative to each other by compressing the elastic seal disposed between the two casing shells an amount until a predetermined distance is achie
4408093 Cryptographic encoder-decoder October 4, 1983
An electronic cryptographic encoder-decoder is disclosed which performs the equivalent operations of a known simple hand-held cryptographic encoder-decoder. The electronic cryptographic encoder-decoder includes a parallel addressable, programmable read only memory receiving parallel
4406213 Mechanically controlled brake power booster September 27, 1983
To reduce the manufacturing costs of a vacuum brake booster, there is provided a holding member radially inserted into the control casing of the control piston, the holding member attaching the movable wall (booster piston) to the control casing and at the same time providing an axial st
4404803 Brake unit with a hydraulic boosting device September 20, 1983
A brake unit comprising a hydraulic booster unit connected to hydraulic auxiliary energy and controllable by a brake pedal via a control piston drives a master brake cylinder unit to supply brake pressure to wheel brake cylinders through at least one hydraulic line connected to an output
4402554 Pressure control device for a pressure accumulator September 6, 1983
Pressure control systems for a pressure accumulator are known in which the pressure accumulator is fed by a controllable pump. When the pressure accumulator serves to supply at least two user components each requiring a different minimum feed pressure for correct operation, it is desired
4401921 Monolithic integrated vertical-deflection circuit for television sets with tangent-corrected, li August 30, 1983
A monolithic integrated vertical deflection circuit for television sets is provided for digital generation of the pulse width modulated signal for directly driving a vertical deflection stage. The integrated circuit is implemented using counters, clock generators, a frequency divider, a
4401919 Indirectly heated Wehnelt cathode August 30, 1983
To achieve an optimum reduction of the warmup time of a Wehnelt cathode, by maintaining a good efficiency, it is proposed to use as a cathode a triode system arranged within the usual cathode sleeve, with the inside of the base plate, on the outside of which the electron-emitting layer i
4400943 Brake unit for automotive vehicles August 30, 1983
A brake unit for automotive vehicles includes a low-pressure brake booster and hydraulic tandem brake master cylinder fastened thereto between the splashboard of the vehicle and the brake booster. The brake pedal force is transmitted via a pressure sleeve extending through a primary pist
4400942 Method of connecting a master brake cylinder to a brake booster and the assembly resulting from August 30, 1983
In the prior art, a master brake cylinder is connected to a brake booster by a flange and nut and bolt arrangement. According to the present invention the connection can be made with a reduced number of parts and the large flange of the master cylinder can be eliminated. This is acco
4400693 MOS Parallel A/D converter August 23, 1983
For the dynamic compensation of the offset voltage in such converters each non-inverting comparator input (+) is connected via a first transfer transistor (T11, T12, T1p) to the signal input (SE) and via a second transfer transistor (T21, T22, T2p) to the associated voltage divider tap
4400598 Slider switch August 23, 1983
A slider switch mechanism especially adapted for use on the steering column of an automotive vehicle for use as a speed control mechanism. The switch mechanism uses a slider constrained to translatory motion within guides of an enclosing housing. The slider is first assembled to a suppor
4399424 Gas sensor August 16, 1983
A semiconductor gas sensor comprises an insulating substrate (11) on which a resistive heater track (15) coupled to a pair of electrodes (12, 14) is deposited. A film (16) of a semiconductive metal oxide, typically a doped oxide, is ion-plated on to the assembly so as to contact the resi
4398135 Windshield wiper electric drive unit August 9, 1983
An electric motor drive unit for windshield wipers includes an electric motor having an electrical connection plug housing and a brush holder plate. The plug housing and brush holder plate are provided as an integral unit. The unit is secured between the motor housing and the gear housin
4398073 Fastening device for a switch August 9, 1983
A fastening device which permits snap-in assembly of a switch to a panel or receiving member includes a resilient latching member connected to the switch housing and adapted to engage a shoulder of the receiving member. A second resilient member serves to urge the resilient latching memb
4398071 Snap-action switch August 9, 1983
An electrical snap-action switch has as its moving member a strip (15) of a springy metal with which there is integrally formed a contact-carrying arm (18). This strip is held bowed into a C shape in a metal carrier (10) with a concave inner face (11) near which the strip lies when in on
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