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ITT Industries, Inc.
New York, NY
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5753968 Low loss ridged microstrip line for monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) applications May 19, 1998
A microstrip line device is disclosed of the type which typically includes a strip conductor disposed on the top of a substrate. The device further includes a layer of dielectric material disposed between the strip conductor and the substrate for reducing the dissipation loss in these
5751246 Accountability and theft protection via the global positioning system May 12, 1998
A system is provided which includes a GPS receiver which determines its location as defined by three spatial coordinates and an associated time reference. The system includes a control logic unit which determines whether the location of GPS receiver is outside the permitted boundaries
5748056 Compact monolithic GaAs coupler for wireless applications May 5, 1998
A coupler device is disclosed which has an improved structure. The structure includes a substrate and, input ports and output ports disposed over the substrate. A plurality of inductors and capacitors are further included, which are arranged in a predetermined configuration and coupled
5734189 Low parasitic source inductance field-effect transistor device having via connections disposed a March 31, 1998
An FET device is disclosed of the type typically fabricated on a substrate and including an active FET region, an input port, an output port, a common connection and via ground connections for coupling the common connection to a ground. The improvement includes the via connections being
5712490 Ramp cathode structures for vacuum emission January 27, 1998
A photocathode device is disclosed including an active layer, a composition ramp layer and an emission layer including an emission surface. The active layer, ramp layer and emission layer each have both a predetermined material composition and a predetermined doping level for maintaining
5692124 Support of limited write downs through trustworthy predictions in multilevel security of compute November 25, 1997
A method is disclosed for limited write downs of data from higher security classification users to lower security classification users across computer networks, while preserving the security of classified data at the higher security classification user from covert transmission via ac
5570508 Method of making a high strength automotive seat frame November 5, 1996
A motor vehicle seat recliner includes an upper member (34) which is supportive of a seat back (22) and a lower member (36) which is supportive of a seat cushion (21) and is carried for longitudinal adjustment within a host vehicle. An adjuster (40) is operative to establish a substantia
5563562 RF feed-through connector October 8, 1996
A miniature coaxial connector with a mating end for mating to another connector and a termination end for direct connection to a circuit, provides a closely controlled impedance along its entire length. The connector comprises a coax assembly (14, FIG. 2) having a glass bead (120), a
5538437 Connector assembly for IC card July 23, 1996
A connector assembly is disclosed having a latching mechanism for locking the assembly to the rear of an IC (integrated circuit) card. The assembly incorporates an actuator for operating the latching mechanism. The actuator is rotatably mounted at the rear portion of the housing of the
5538437 Connector assembly for IC card July 23, 1996
A connector assembly is disclosed having a latching mechanism for locking the assembly to the rear of an IC (integrated circuit) card. The assembly incorporates an actuator for operating the latching mechanism. The actuator is rotatably mounted at the rear portion of the housing of the
5520223 Extruded multiple plastic layer coating bonded to the outer surface of a metal tube having an op May 28, 1996
A multi-layer tube having a metal tube having an outer surface and a zinc layer bonded to the metal tube outer surface. The zinc layer being selected from the group consisting of zinc plating, zinc nickel alloys, zinc cobalt alloys, zinc aluminum alloys, and mixtures thereof. A surface
5460549 Connector with sealed contacts October 24, 1995
A connector is described which has contacts projecting through passages of an insulator, which provides a reliable fluid-tight seal at each contact. Each insulator passage (36, FIG. 7) has first and second passage portions (51, 52) of different diameters, and each contact has contact por
5454734 Electrical connection system October 3, 1995
A connection apparatus for a mobile telephone, includes a plug (2) and a receptacle (1) that each has both beam contacts and coaxial contacts. The plug includes a receiver (10) with a cavity (46) and with a sheath (50) lying within the cavity, and with a gap (22) between them. The recept
5446819 Termination tool and method for optical fibre cables August 29, 1995
An optical fibre cable terminating tool (16) and method for terminating a cable to a connector (13) of the type having at one end a ferrule (14) provided with a meltable adhesive therein. The tool (16) has a recess 16a for receiving and locating a connector (13) with its ferrule end
5423688 Clip for small outline IC device June 13, 1995
A clip is described for making connections to the leads of an IC device whose leads are very closely spaced, which can be constructed reliably and at low cost. The clip includes a flat cable (112, FIG. 8) mounted on a clip frame (44), the cable having parallel conductors (114) mounted on
5374089 High pressure quick connector December 20, 1994
The present invention is a high pressure quick connector especially for use in connecting brake lines of a vehicle. The connector includes a housing which selectively receives a tube retainer cap. Retaining means such as a garter spring or snap ring allow for a low force insertion of the
5366389 Connector peg holdown November 22, 1994
A connector is described, of the type that has a plastic housing with pegs (15, FIG. 2 ) that project through round holes (16) in a circuit board to hold the connector in place, wherein the pegs are shaped to minimize warping of the circuit board and facilitate construction of the pegs.
5352128 Connection assembly with fast break switches October 4, 1994
An electrical connector assembly includes two connectors (22, 24), wherein the first connector has a pair of contacts (46A, 46B, FIG. 9 ) which rapidly break engagement as the connectors slowly approach each other. An actuator (60), has a ridge deflector (72) for moving back a contact en
5288238 IC chip to PC board connector system February 22, 1994
Apparatus is provided for connecting rows of contact pads on a leadless integrated circuit (22, FIG. 1 ) to rows of traces on a circuit board (24), which facilitates the connection and which facilitates substitution of a probe for the integrated circuit. The apparatus includes a socket
5123858 Lockable electrical connector June 23, 1992
A lockable electrical connector is provided with two connector halves, and a locking device which includes at least one pin on one connector half and at least one receiving sleeve on the other connector half. The pin embodies an annular securing groove and the receiving sleeve is provide
4868535 Miniaturized thermal contact breaker for printed circuit board September 19, 1989
The invention relates to a contact breaker of the type that includes a slider (22, FIG. 1) that slides longitudinally within a housing to allow a moving contact 50 (FIG. 3) on a sudden actin bimetal strip (44) to pass through a slider opening (62) against a fixed contact (40), or to keep
4819544 Two-stage reaction device for vacuum brake booster valves April 11, 1989
In a two-stage reaction device for vacuum brake boosters, the clearance at the piston rod will be reduced by the piston rod acting directly on the valve piston which comprises a head portion connected via a neck portion at its end close to the vacuum chamber. The head portion and the rea
4819433 Hydraulic brake system April 11, 1989
The hydraulic brake system having at least one wheel brake is adapted to be pressurized by a master brake cylinder actuated by a hydraulic power booster. An auxiliary pressure is adjustable in a pressure chamber of the hydraulic power booster by means of a brake valve. Interposed between
4817764 Spot-type disc brake April 4, 1989
A spot-type disc brake with a floating-caliper comprises a brake support member and a brake caliper that is arranged at the wheel axle in a manner slidable parallel to the brake disc axis by a single guide element (5,6) includes brake shoes which are replaceable tangentially relative to
4809143 Vehicle light assembly including several incandescent lamps February 28, 1989
A vehicle light including several incandescent lamps which are inserted in sockets of plastic lamp holder by means of the lamp base or cap which forms the connection for the incandescent lamp. A lug is punched from a thin sheet metal billet in one piece with a lead for the respective
4807942 Hydraulic brake system with slip control February 28, 1989
The hydraulic brake system with slip control comprises two master cylinder pistons for the operation of the vehicular brakes and in which hydraulic medium tapped from the wheel brake during slip control is returned to the wheel brakes from an auxiliary pressure source via a master cylind
4802783 Sleeve joint February 7, 1989
A sleeve joint for driving an impeller on a rotatable shaft includes a sleeve positioned between the shaft and the impeller and including at one end a closed groove which is positioned adjacent a corresponding groove in the shaft, the grooves jointly receiving a wedge permitting joint ro
4770616 Variable vane-type pump September 13, 1988
A variable vane-type pump in which a cam ring with variable eccentricity encompasses a rotary piston comprising vanes guided in radial slots. At least one lateral surface of the rotary piston abuts on the contact surface of a control disc with pressure pocket and suction pocket. A ch
4758134 Radial piston machine July 19, 1988
A radial piston pump includes an axially slidable rotor which is rotatably connected to a connected shaft through a spring clutch engaging one end face of the rotor. The rotor is located in a housing or in the stator so as to constitute a frontal gap between the rotor and the housing or
4750158 Integrated matrix of nonvolatile, reprogrammable storage cells June 7, 1988
In an integrated matrix of nonvolatile, reprogrammable storage cells, additional memory is provided to replace defective rows of storage cells. The addresses of the defective rows are stored in a region of the matrix. A correction register can be loaded with the addresses of the defectiv
4750126 Method and a device for monitoring an antiskid system June 7, 1988
To avoid dangerous pressure decreases in antiskid systems, it is necessary to continuously monitor the operability of the electrical components. The present invention ensures maximum reliablity and a simple circuit configuration. Electrical signals are generated during the period of time
4742253 Integrated insulated-gate field-effect transistor circuit for evaluating the voltage of a node t May 3, 1988
The circuit merely comprises three transistors, namely one transfer transistor (t) arranged between the input (e) and the output (a), a load transistor (l) connected as a resistor, and a clamping transistor (k), with both of the latter connecting the output (a) to the source of opera
4739484 Method and device for controlling the braking variation in vehicular brakes with brake slip cont April 19, 1988
A method and device for controlling the variation of braking pressure in the wheel cylinders of brake-slip controlled vehicle brakes. The wheel rotational behavior (v.sub.Rad) and further a vehicle reference velocity (v.sub.Ref) are determined by sensors and logically combined to produce
4729289 Power brake booster for an automotive vehicle March 8, 1988
In a power brake booster for an automotive vehicle, with a housing (1, 2) subdivided into two compartments by a partition wall (41), the compartment close to the brake pedal contains a working chamber (25) and a vacuum chamber (33), while the compartment close to the master cylinder cont
4724511 Dielectric compositions February 9, 1988
A dielectric composition comprising a base of non-stoichiometric lead magnesium niobate, non-stoichiometric lead zinc niobate, lead zirconate, titanium dioxide and bismuth titanate, together with a further oxide additive, in particular nickel oxide, manganese oxide, cobalt oxide or a
4723412 Hydraulic brake system for automotive vehicles February 9, 1988
A hydraulic brake system for automotive vehicles with a master brake cylinder and with a hydraulic power booster (1) connected upstream of the master brake cylinder, in which a pressure medium pump (6) drivable by an electric motor (9) is employed for providing auxiliary hydraulic energy
4721190 Mechanical actuating device for spot-type disc brakes January 26, 1988
The mechanical actuating device for a disc brake has an automatic adjusting device to compensate for wear of the brake pads. The actuating device enables an easy resetting of the adjusting device for brake pad replacement and has a compact construction of all parts. The adjusting spi
4715665 Brake slip controlled brake for automotive vehicles December 29, 1987
A brake-slip-controlled brake system for automotive vehicles comprises a master cylinder (1) acted upon by the pedal force (F) in a direct or auxiliary-force-assisted manner and connected with the wheel brake cylinders in the vehicle wheels (VR, HR) e.g. via diagonally allocated hydr
4710658 Connection socket for a submersible electric motor December 1, 1987
A connection socket for a submersible electric motor includes a connection box of the motor provided with two plates, one of which holds connection pins. The other plate is arranged to divide the connection box into two sealed rooms to prevent liquid coming into the box along the electri
4702531 Method for the control of a slip-controlled brake system and device for implementing the method October 27, 1987
For the control of a brake-slip controlled brake system the brake pedal force assisted by auxiliary force is transmitted onto a master cylinder (10, 10', 33) and from said onto the wheel brake cylinders via several pressure fluid paths that are adapted to be closed independently of one
4702330 Hydraulic braking and steering brake system October 27, 1987
The braking and steering brake system of the present invention comprises two master cylinders, operable singly or jointly via brake pedals, with the master cylinders having a primary and a secondary piston each operating in a bore. The primary pressure chambers formed by the pistons
4701855 Method and circuit configuration for suppressing undesired control actions in slip-controlled br October 20, 1987
A method and a circuit configuration for suppressing undesired control actions in slip-controlled brake systems, which, for example, may be caused by oscillations of the axle. The wheel rotational behavior is determined and the braking pressure is controlled in dependence upon slip c
4699570 Vacuum pump system October 13, 1987
A vacuum pump aggregate utilizes a microprocessor in conjunction with pressure and temperature sensors and motor control circuits to regulate the pressure by varying the speed of one or more vacuum pumps. Measured temperature and/or pressure values are compared with predetermined values
4699436 Brake system for automotive vehicles October 13, 1987
A pressurized fluid brake system for automotive vehicles of the type where the brake pedal pressure (F) is transmitted with assistance of an auxiliary pressure force to the wheel brake cylinders through pressure lines containing pressure modulator valves. The wheels are provided with
4696018 Digital FM detector for digitized FM signals September 22, 1987
Digitized FM signals are fed to a sample-and-hold circuit followed by a first sampling stage which is clocked by a second sampling signal whose frequency is an integral multiple of the frequency of a first sampling signal. The output of the first sampling stage is coupled to the input of
4692101 Liquid ring vacuum pump arrangement having minimized operating liquid consumption September 8, 1987
To minimize water consumption and to provide enhanced suction ability in a liquid ring vacuum pump the temperature of the exhaust liquid is measured and the amount of operating liquid supplied to the pump is varied.
4686558 CMOS memory cell having an electrically floating storage gate August 11, 1987
An electrically programmable memory cell contains a source-drain series arrangement of a field-effect select transistor arrangement and a complementary pair of memory transistors arranged between a first bit line and a second bit line. The pair of memory transistors comprises a common
4683718 Method and apparatus for monitoring hydro turbine plants August 4, 1987
A method and a device for monitoring hydro turbine plants. The device comprises one or several hydro turbines, at least one of them having adjustable vanes. For optimum utilization of the available amount of water, the vane angles in the turbine are automatically adjustable in depend
4683548 Binary MOS ripple-carry parallel adder/subtracter and adder/subtracter stage suitable therefor July 28, 1987
The adder/subtracter disclosed sums a plurality of n-digit binary-coded numbers (A, B, C . . . Z) successively by forming corresponding partial sums (Sb, Sc . . . Sz) according to the following recursive formula:The partial sums are formed by means of parallel adders/subtracters which, i
4683363 Microwave apparatus for processing semiconductor July 28, 1987
Dopants in semiconductor bodies which have been deactivated during processing are reactivated by pulse heating the body to a temperature within the region in which the semiconductor sheet resistivity decreases with increasing anneal temperature. Typically this comprises raising the b
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