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ITT Industries, Inc.
New York, NY
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4351571 Dual-circuit pressure control valves for brake systems September 28, 1982
With a known brake pressure control valve for a dual-circuit brake system, a tilting lever device is provided for the distribution of the preloading force on the control pistons, which increases the change-over point of the brake circuit in operation when the other brake circuit fails. T
4351420 Sliding guide for a floating caliper disc brake September 28, 1982
The sliding guide for a floating caliper disc brake comprises, at one side of the brake disc, two axially extending pins secured to the brake support and projecting through elastic bushings inserted in guide holes in the brake caliper and, at the other side of the disc, there are provide
4350537 Semiconductor annealing by pulsed heating September 21, 1982
A process for annealing crystal damage in ion implanted semiconductor devices in which the device is rapidly heated to a temperature between and C. and allowed to cool. It has been found that such heating of the device to these relatively low temperatures results
4350395 Pressure control unit September 21, 1982
In known brake pressure control units having two pressure control valves arranged in parallel, a tipping lever arrangement is provided for the distribution of the preload force provided by a spring to the control valves which in the event of a failure of one brake circuit will increase
4350228 Mechanical actuating device for a spot-type disc brake September 21, 1982
The actuating device comprises an actuating nut and spindle combination disposed in a brake piston, the spindle being rotated by an actuating lever and the nut having an outer thread engaging an inner thread of the brake piston thereby providing a brake pad clearance adjusting device. Th
4350076 Vacuum brake booster September 21, 1982
In the brake booster known in the prior art, the partition wall comprises a metal disc supported by a control hub made of a plastic material. The force exerted on the partition wall is transmitted through the hub to a force transmitting member actuating a master brake cylinder. According
4349712 Push-button switch September 14, 1982
A push-button switch using one dome sheet of plastics with an electrode on one face and a second flat sheet of plastics with an electrode on the face opposite the first one. Between the sheets and below the second one plates of rigid material with holes below the dome are arranged. When
4348655 Control circuit for vehicle turn-signal flasher systems September 7, 1982
A control circuit for the turn-signal flasher system of an automotive vehicle. The flasher system includes a relay having switch contacts which are serially connected, together with a direction indicator switch, between the vehicle battery and the turn-signal lamps. A measuring or sa
4347779 Vacuum brake booster September 7, 1982
To reduce the overall weight of a vacuum brake booster, the booster housing is provided with an axially extending central tube connecting the end walls of the housing in order to transmit the occurring axial forces. Two separate pistons are provided, a differential pressure piston surrou
4347642 Wiper arm September 7, 1982
A windshield wiper arm is described wherein a press fit connection is provided between the wiper rod and a link. The rod carries projections which bite into the softer material of the link.
4347641 Wiper arm September 7, 1982
A wiper arm includes a wiper rod which is directly formed from wire rod.
4347465 Circuit arrangement for power windows August 31, 1982
A safety control circuit for electric motors of power windows of automotive vehicles and which differentiates between a tight fitting of the window pane and an obstacle blockage. The motor current is selectively detected to provide a signal representative of the instantaneous rather than
4346313 Monolithic integrated threshold switch August 24, 1982
This invention relates to a monolithically integrated threshold switch which switches on at an upper voltage value of a hysteretic characteristic and switches off at a lower voltage value especially adapted to I.sup.2 L ICs. Over a resistance the value of which determines the upper volta
4346274 Fastening device for a switch August 24, 1982
An assembly for switches of the type which are pushed into a receptacle by means of webs guided in grooves. On each guide groove one side wall is staggered backwards relative to the other side wall in the longitudinal direction. It is then possible to bring webs and grooves into contact
4344451 Pressure responsive distributing valve device August 17, 1982
The disclosed valve device includes first, second and third user ports. A pressure accumulator connects with the first user port. With the accumulator fully charged, a pressure port connected to a pump communicates with the second user port. With the accumulator evacuated, the pressu
4341588 Semiconductor processing July 27, 1982
Crystalline semiconductor material is produced in strip or sheet form by a gas process. The corresponding amorphous semiconductor is vapour deposited on to a substrate material which is subsequently removed from the amorphous semiconductor. The semiconductor is then selectively heated to
4341571 Method of making planar devices by direct implantation into substrate using photoresist mask July 27, 1982
An ion implantation process uses exclusively photoresist masks to cover a substrate except in the regions to be implanted with ions. The photoresist masks are removed after each ion implantation by plasma etching.
4341076 Hydraulic brake booster July 27, 1982
The brake booster comprises a working piston for activation of a master cylinder piston and a transmitting piston having a greater diameter than the working piston in a tandem relationship with the working piston. A transmission pressure chamber is disposed between adjacent ends of the
4340257 Hydraulic brake system July 20, 1982
Hydraulic brake systems are known including a master cylinder, wheel brake cylinder and antiskid control apparatus in which a fluid flow from a fluid source to the pressure chamber of the master cylinder is controlled by a valve device. The antiskid control apparatus activate valves to m
4339921 Brake booster for an automotive vehicle July 20, 1982
The vacuum casing of vacuum brake boosters is conventionally made of sheet steel. The vacuum casing is subjected to pneumatic and mechanical forces absorbed by the casing parts. Accordingly, the casing parts must be suitably strong, which results in added costs and added weight. To e
4339661 Fibre optic transducer July 13, 1982
An optical fibre strain gauge arrangement is employed to take advantage of a so-called speckle effect. As used in a simple strain gauge, a coherent light source, e.g. a laser, launches light via a suitable launching device into a multimode optical fibre or fibre bundle. Due to slight dif
4336482 Rear window wiper motor control June 22, 1982
A windshield wiper system having an electric motor for driving windshield wipers through repeating wiper cycles by reversing the direction of rotation of the motor through a reversing switch comprising a pair of relays which control the polarity of current applied to the motor. A limit
4336429 Switch unit June 22, 1982
A snap-action switch unit uses as its movable element a spring strip (23) mounted in a frame (20) such that the strip is bowed. A rod or the like (22) across the strip at its middle constrains the strip so that one half is bowed away from a flat surface (21) while the other half is adjac
4335922 Pressure control unit June 22, 1982
A pressure reducing control unit for brake system connected in the pressure connection between a master cylinder and a slave cylinder is known. The known arrangement is, however, of great overall length and is not safe against failure as well as being expensive with regard to production.
4335806 Spot-type disc brake having a simple guiding arrangement for the caliper and shoes at the carrie June 22, 1982
An arrangement of guiding a caliper of a floating caliper disc brake comprising two axial pins fixed to a carrier member and projecting away from the disc through guiding openings in the caliper. At the other side of the disc the caliper is detachably fixed to a brake pad having a ba
4334459 Mechanically controlled vacuum booster June 15, 1982
A light weight brake booster is disclosed having an internal axial tube for transmitting axial forces with a working or boosting piston surrounding the tube and a control piston slideably guide inside the tube. These two pistons are connected by reaction levers extending through longitud
4332423 Two-circuit pressure control unit June 1, 1982
Twin brake force control units, for a two circuit brake system are known in which the initial control force is changeable dependent on the vehicle load. The control force is distributed to the control pistons by a lever. Due to tolerances and erosion of the individual elements considerab
4332270 Flow control and accumulator charging valve June 1, 1982
The valve device disclosed includes first, second and third user ports. A pressure accumulator connects with the first user port. With the accumulator fully charged, a pressure port connected to a pump communicates with the second user port. With the accumulator evacuated, the pressu
4331892 Monolithic integrated circuit for a digital-to-analog converter May 25, 1982
A monolithic integrated digital-to-analog converter is provided wherein the resistors are replaced by insulated-gate field-effect transistors thus avoiding any detrimental effects of variation between supposedly identical components. The equivalent resistance values of the insulated-gate
4331363 Brake pressure control unit for vehicle brake systems May 25, 1982
The control valve is disposed between the master cylinder and the wheel cylinder for controlling the brake pressure. The control valve comprises a differential piston which has a control force applied thereto and a valve which is controlled dependent on the movement of the differential p
4330996 Vacuum brake booster May 25, 1982
The brake booster comprises two booster units in a tandem arrangement each having a movable wall. A stationary partition is provided between the two movable walls. In order to increase the axial stiffness of the booster casing, the partition is provided with bolt projections extending in
4328261 Metallizing semiconductor devices May 4, 1982
Silicon semiconductor devices, e.g. integrated circuits are metallized with a silicon/aluminum alloy by exposure to silane and an aluminum alkyl vapour at an elevated temperature and reduced pressure. The process eliminates the prior hydrogen plasma treatment and subsequent annealing of
4327414 Vehicle brake system April 27, 1982
The vehicle brake system includes electronic control logic and an electrically controllable pressure modulator for the brake actuating device of each wheel responsive to the output of the control logic. A brake-signal transmitter transmits to the control logic the value of the desire
4327264 Fastening device for a switch April 27, 1982
A fastening device which permits snap-in assembly of a switch to a panel or receiving member includes a resilient latching member connected to the switch housing and adapted to engage a shoulder of the receiving member. A second resilient member serves to urge the resilient latching memb
4325407 Pressure control unit April 20, 1982
Pressure control devices with a valve connected between an inlet chamber and an outlet chamber and a non-return valve operating as a by-pass are known. The non-return valve opens due to a reduction in pressure in the inlet chamber relative to the pressure in the outlet chamber against a
4325218 Vacuum brake booster April 20, 1982
Known vacuum brake boosters are provided with a heavy sheet metal vacuum housing for transmitting reaction forces of the mechanical actuation to the booster carrier plate secured to a vehicle. According to the present invention the weight of the booster is remarkably reduced by providing
4325007 Hazard warning circuit April 13, 1982
A turn-signal flasher circuit for automotive vehicles wherein a turn-signal switch controls one of two turn-signal lamp circuits, and in which a hazard warning switch controls both lamp circuits simultaneously. A pulse generator controls the frequency of the flashing light output of the
4324955 Pushbutton switch arrangement April 13, 1982
The locking bar for mutually acting upon several push button switches, which is slideably arranged within an U-shaped fastening bar for the switches, which are arranged in parallel to each other, consists of a metal bar with punched holes, on which plastic locking elements can be sna
4324271 Pressure reducing valve April 13, 1982
Known pressure reducing valves for brake systems of automotive vehicles are provided with a stepped piston and a valve. Upon attainment of the switching pressure the valve is closed and the pressure is reduced at the outlet according to the ratio of surfaces of the stepped piston. These
4323869 Armature mount for an electromagnetic relay April 6, 1982
The relay includes an "L"-shaped yoke and a cylindrical solenoid core mounted at end thereof in a hole in the short arm of the yoke. The other end of the core is terminated in a pole plate which engages one leg of an angle armature which is pivotally mounted at the end of the long arm of
4323794 Bias voltage generator for a monolithic integrated circuit April 6, 1982
The manufacturing, fluctuations in electrical parameters of I.sup.2 L double-collector current source transistors each of which is connected in series with a bias transistor having a base zone common with the base zone of the other bias transistors, are compensated by means of a bias vol
4321984 Floating-caliper spot-type disc brake March 30, 1982
In a disc brake having a caliper axially moveably guided at two arms of a brake carrier and having a first brake shoe supported in the caliper on one side of a brake disc and a second brake shoe supported and guided by the arms of the brake carrier on the other side of the brake disc, an
4320329 Windshield wiper control circuit March 16, 1982
A windshield wiper motor control circuit for controlling a motor which is normally operated in either continuous or intermittent modes and wherein during the intermittent mode the motor is responsive to a voltage source controlled by a pulse generator. In response to low motor speed and
4318335 Pressure control valve March 9, 1982
Pressure control valves for mechanically controlled power brake units include a control casing with an approximately cylindrical guide member. The control casing houses a valve piston to which a piston rod extending through the guide member and projecting therefrom is secured. Prior to t
4318078 Brake fluid level warning apparatus March 2, 1982
The brake fluid reservoir warning arrangement responds when the fluid level drops below a predetermined minimum level and includes two contact pins and a contact disc arranged on a float to electrically connect the contact pins when the fluid level is below the minimum level. Checking
4317598 Dual-circuit pressure regulator March 2, 1982
Dual-circuit pressure regulators for brake systems are known in which the two valve pistons are acted upon by means of two separate control springs. In this known arrangement, it is difficult to make the forces of the two control springs equal and the forces of the two control springs ar
4316642 Control device for hydraulic brake systems incorporating antiskid control apparatus February 23, 1982
An improved hydraulic control unit for brake systems incorporating antiskid control apparatus which eliminates impacts on the brake pedal during an antiskid regulation cycle, which is of simpler design than known prior art and which requires less accumulator energy includes a control pis
4316639 Braking force control device February 23, 1982
A brake force control dievice for two-circuit brake system includes a controlling piston disposed in a constant diameter internal chamber of a housing coaxial of a longitudinal axis, a locking piston disposed in the internal chamber coaxial of the axis and within the controlling piston a
4316530 Floating caliper disc brake February 23, 1982
The brake force occurring at the brake shoes are distributed such that part of the brake force is transmitted via the brake shoe holding arrangement to the brake support member and the other part of the force is transmitted through the floating caliper to the brake support member. For th
4314186 Wiper motor circuit arrangement February 2, 1982
A circuit arrangement for windshield wiper motor protection including circuits for pulsing the motor with a variable pulse interval pattern. The pulse interval is generated by circuits which are responsive to motor speed from a comparison with a reference. The motor is automatically
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