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7457269 Collision avoidance of rach signals in a TDMA satellite communication system November 25, 2008
In a cellular mobile telephone system, a mobile station (4d, 4e) requests allocation of a traffic channel by sending a request in a random access channel. Where there is a significant path length difference between locations in a cell and a network antenna, for instance on a satellite
7218932 Satellite mobile telephone cell departure prediction May 15, 2007
A mobile station (4) in a satellite mobile telephone system predicts when it will move into another cell on the basis of one set of broadcast information thereby reducing the overall processing burden. The mobile station (4) can predict with a useful degree of certainty which broadcast
7133377 Data multiplexing for diversity operation November 7, 2006
In a satellite mobile telecommunications system based on the GSM standard, and using a TDMA frame structure, discontinuous transmission (DTX) mode is used to take advantage of the substantial silences which occur during normal speech. In this mode, traffic channel (TCH) data is not sent,
6968189 Neighboring cell list generation in a mobile satellite communication system November 22, 2005
A mobile communication system has a plurality of satellites and mobile stations. A mobile station is capable of communicating with more than one satellite. A satellite transmits a set of neighboring cell data to one of the mobile stations. The data set comprises first and second portions
6920323 Satellite communications system and user terminal providing path diversity July 19, 2005
In a satellite communications system, where a user terminal 10, on the surface of the earth 12, can be in diversity communication to an earth station 18 via two orbiting satellites 14, 16 at once, and there is a need, at some time, when one of the two satellites 14, 16 orbits our of
6816705 Satellite communication system and method November 9, 2004
A satellite communications system and method, where a satellite 10 can pass messages between a user terminal 44 and an earth station 38, as the satellite moves in an orbit 12 12' as indicated by arrow 46, comprises means for measuring the position of the user terminal 44, on the surface
6731931 Idle mode measurement May 4, 2004
In a cellular satellite mobile telecommunication system, cell reception measurements for cell broadcast channels (BCCH) at a user terminal (UT 1) are made in an idle mode when no call is being made. At the commencement of a call, the measurement information (31, FIG. 8) relating to the
6560439 Satellite paging channels May 6, 2003
In a satellite communications system, where a user terminal 34 may wish to page more than one satellite 10 or more than one spot beam 30, and where the definition of a timeslot 38 for a paging channel 48 occurs a predetermined period after the sending of a broadcast burst 42, the pos
6477355 Transmission quality reporting November 5, 2002
In a satellite mobile telecommunication system, TDMF traffic is transmitted from a SAN 1 via a satellite 3 to a mobile user terminal UT1, over a duplex link 1, 2. The SAN 1 instructs the satellite 3a to transmit signals over link 1 to UT 1 at a power level dependent upon the quality of s
6373946 Communication security April 16, 2002
A satellite mobile telecommunications system includes mobile terminals 2a, 2b which can communicate with one another using end-to end encryption and decryption techniques. When secure end-to-end communication is required, each terminal uses a common encryption code (RAND) to encode data
6324405 Communications apparatus and method for mobile platforms having a plurality of users November 27, 2001
A multi user communications terminal apparatus providing simultaneous access for a plurality of users to a communications network in which the geographical locations of each user are registered and periodically updated,the terminal apparatus comprising a plurality of user terminals (320)
6265847 Rechargeable battery control device July 24, 2001
A control device (7) located in battery operated device or battery pack is used to control charging and discharging cycles of a pair of rechargeable batteries (6a, 6b). The device determines which of the batteries is least charged and, if not already fully discharged, allows power to be
6256497 Interworking between telecommunications networks July 3, 2001
A mobile telephone (UT 1) is configured for dual mode operation, so as to communicate either via an earth-orbiting satellite 3a with a satellite network (SAN 1) or through a conventional land-based cellular network (PLMN 9). In order to provide interworking between the satellite network
6230298 Digital messaging method and apparatus May 8, 2001
In a preferred satellite (3) communications environment, spread spectrum communications, under extremes of digital message readability, is established for a digital message 23 by division into smaller elements W(0)-W(C-1) which are transmitted in turn, each multiplied for logical inv
6219615 Satellite position fixing April 17, 2001
In a satellite position fixing system, where an earth station 38 communicates with a satellite 10 which, in turn, communicates with selectable ones out of a plurality of user terminals 44 whose position, on the surface of the earth 14, is measured, the accuracy of measurement of the
6208836 Earth station acquisition system for satellite communications March 27, 2001
In a satellite communication system where user terminals 11 communicate via satellites 9A-E with earth stations 7A-E to join with a terrestrial telephone network 1, a controller 18 at a master earth station 7A monitors all earth stations 7A-E for a request for service received from a use
6201967 Communications apparatus and method March 13, 2001
A mobile satellite communications system having at least one mobile terminal (2), at least one ground station (6), at least one relay satellite (4) interconnecting said user terminal (2) and said ground station (6), and a management store (48) associated with said ground station (6),
6128468 Satellite communications terminal location system and method October 3, 2000
In a satellite communications system, where a satellite 10 provides a plurality of radio beams 30, and where distance and/or angle measurement from a satellite 10 or satellites 10 enables the position of the user terminal 44, on the surface of the earth 14, to be measured to within an
6118999 Earth station and user terminal access control system for satellite communication systems September 12, 2000
In a satellite communication system, a user terminal (11) seeks response from a selected earth station (7A-E) for a request for service based analysing the signal quality of broadcasts from earth stations (7A-E). Whichever earth station (7A-E) responds calculates which earth station
6072430 Satellite terminal position determination June 6, 2000
A terminal 44 44A 44B using standard navigational satellite 142 position determination to find its position on the surface of the earth 14, has its performance enhanced by being linked to a communications satellite system 10 38. In one variant, the communications satellite 10 broadcasts
6055662 Communications transactional message handling April 25, 2000
In a communications system, in the embodiment, a satellite communications system, transactional messages 28 36 are exchanged between the user terminal 14 and a base station (earth station) 16 via a communications satellite 10 in order to set up and maintain the progress of a call, en
6052587 Signal assessed user terminal system access in satellite communication systems April 18, 2000
A satellite communications system comprises satellites 9A-C, earth stations 7A-E, user terminals 11 and controlling gateways 3 in the form of mobile satellite switching centers 5A-E. Access to and from a user terminal 11 may be gained from and to a terrestrial telephone system 1 by earth
6031489 User terminal positioning system and method employing external signals February 29, 2000
A communications satellite communications system and method, where a communications satellite 10 can pass messages between a user terminal 44 and an earth station 38, as the communications satellite moves in an orbit 12 12' as indicated by arrow 46, comprises means for estimating the
6017003 Satellite operating system and method January 25, 2000
A satellite system and method comprises a satellite 10 induced to roll 46 and pitch 52 in its orbit 12 to keep antennae 34 36 pointing ever directly at the nadir 40 as the nadir moves over the surface of the earth 14. The satellite 10 has a yaw rotation 54 designed to keep the solar pane
6005529 Antenna assembly with relocatable antenna for mobile transceiver December 21, 1999
An antenna assembly comprises a panel (1) with suckers (3) for mounting it to a window or other vertical surface. A foil antenna (2) is formed on the panel (3). The antenna (2) may be coupled to a transceiver (8) by a feeder (6) so that in use it replaces the transceiver's own antenna. I

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