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Hughes Aircraft Company Patents
Hughes Aircraft Company
Los Angeles, CA
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RE34908 3-transistor source follower-per-detector unit cell for 2-dimensional focal plane arrays April 18, 1995
A Source-Follower-per-Detector (SFC) unit cell [12], a two dimensional array [30] of same and a method of operating the two dimensional array. Each unit cell is constructed with but three transistors [14, 16, 22] and is coupled to an associated radiation detector [10] for receiving an
RE34410 Antenna system for hybrid communication satellite October 19, 1993
A satellite communications system employs separate subsystems for providing broadcast and point-to-point two-way communications using the same assigned frequency band. The broadcast and point-to-point subsystems employ an integrated satellite antenna system which uses a common reflec
RE34215 Method and apparatus for reducing the effects of vibrational disturbances on the frequency stabi April 6, 1993
A method and apparatus are disclosed for mounting an interferometer cavity such as a laser so that constant interferometer resonant frequency is maintained in spite of environmental vibration and other external acceleration forces. The invention can be used alone or in combination wi
RE33079 Homopolymerization of acetylene substituted polyimide polymers October 3, 1989
Polyimides are prepared from acetylene substituted polyimide oligomers via an addition polymerization reaction which involves homopolymerization. These polymers exhibit low void content when cured and possess superior thermal stability characteristics and physical properties such as
RE30217 Copolymer of polyimide oligomers and terephthalonitrile N,N-dioxide and their methods of prepara February 19, 1980
We have disclosed a new class of thermosetting copolymers derived from terephthalonitrile N,N'-dioxide and polyimide oligomer that cure through addition reactions to form essentially void-free cured resins that exhibit outstanding high temperature stability. These copolymers may be forme
RE29551 Electronic watch movement mounting and connection February 28, 1978
Electronic watch movement is principally electronics mounted upon a substrate. The substrate is mounted with respect to the watchcase so that it can laterally shift in response to lateral shock. Springs are mounted on the substrate and resiliently center the substrate. At least one of
RE29172 Voltage-dividing DC circuit breaker and method April 5, 1977
The voltage dividing DC circuit breaker comprises serially connected high voltage and low voltage switches to carry load current. Serial capacitors are connected in parallel thereto and a crossed field switching device is connected in parallel to the low voltage switch. When the low volt
D367042 Electronic equipment housing February 13, 1996
D362249 Portable telephone September 12, 1995
D359946 Inductive charging coupler for electric vehicles July 4, 1995
D352282 Telephone handset and cradle unit November 8, 1994
D259527 Stackable tray or similar article June 16, 1981
7114384 Acoustic adiabatic liquid quantity sensor October 3, 2006
An adiabatic liquid volume sensor system is described, which employs a main chamber in a back-to-back configuration with a reference chamber of known volume. The system measures liquid volume in the main chamber by making low frequency acoustic measurements of the acoustic pressure d
6777958 Method and apparatus for detecting a change in capacitance of a capacitive proximity sensor August 17, 2004
A method for detecting a change in capacitance of a capacitive sensing element having a nominal capacitance value is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, the method includes coupling the sensing element to a first oscillator, the first oscillator generating a first frequency dependent
6049370 Liquid crystal light valves using internal, fixed spacers and method of incorporating same April 11, 2000
An improved liquid crystal display cell (34) comprising two substrates (108, 124) spaced apart and containing a quantity of liquid crystal mixture (18) therebetween, in which the substrates have facing surfaces (108', 124') coated with a continuous, electrically conducting material (
5970171 Apparatus and method of fusing the outputs of multiple intelligent character recognition (ICR) s October 19, 1999
An ICR fuser includes a set of fusion rules for combining the outputs of multiple ICR systems. Each ICR system operates on a digital image to extract image component strings and provide a set of multiple candidate character strings and their associated confidence values. Each rule in
5880888 Helmet mounted display system March 9, 1999
An apparatus for combining a display image with the field of view of a viewer. Light from either a night vision system (14) of a CRT (12) is directed into an eyepiece assembly (18). The eyepiece magnifies and focuses the image into a combiner (30). The combiner (30) consists of an el
5872459 Method of testing integrated circuits February 16, 1999
A membrane probe (10, 12, 14, 16, 58, 144) for testing integrated circuits (56,138) while still on the wafer upon which they are manufactured includes a flexible visually clear and self planarizing membrane (26) having circuit traces (20) and ground shielding planes (14), terminating
5867287 Head up display with a lens decentered to the optical axis of the illumination February 2, 1999
A low cost, compact projection display source that serves as a very bright image source for an automotive head up display. The present invention is comprised of a high intensity halogen light source and a liquid crystal display. The liquid crystal display is controlled by display electro
5864215 Steering apparatus for controllably displacing a structure relative to a frame member January 26, 1999
A steering mechanism (17) in which axial motion of an optical structure (12) is constrained electrically through a closed loop servo control system. The steering mechanism includes three magnetic actuators (19a, 19b, 19c) each having a push rod (20a, 20b, 20c) magnetically coupled th
5847832 Moire topographic measurement December 8, 1998
A hand-held instrument (10) and associated method for providing optical measurements of the contour, range and motion of an object, such as a tympanic membrane of an ear, in real time, and to provide for simultaneous visualization of the object. The instrument (10) includes an illuminati
5825300 Method of protected distribution of keying and certificate material October 20, 1998
A computer system and a method for the protected distribution of certificate and keying material between a certification authority and at least one entity in the certification authority's domain, including the steps of sending keying material, including a password, generated by the C
5818353 Self leveling sensor/device package October 6, 1998
Self leveling apparatus that includes a frame, a device that is to be leveled, and a leveling mechanism such as a double ring gimbal having an inner gimbal ring and an outer gimbal ring. The outer gimbal ring is secured to the frame and the inner gimbal ring is secured to the device
5808921 Interface emulation system and method for applications utilizing embedded processors September 15, 1998
A system for testing an embedded control processor for a spacecraft comprises an Emulated Spacecraft Control Processor (24) which contains the embedded processor (26), a simulation engine (12), and a host computer (14). The Emulated Spacecraft Control Processor (24), executing embedded
5790935 Virtual on-demand digital information delivery system and method August 4, 1998
A digital information system delivers virtual on-demand information over existing, as well as the next generation, digital transport systems by offloading a portion of the systems' peak bandwidth requirements to the local subscribers. A collaborative filtering system synthesizes the
5790175 Aircraft satellite television system for distributing television programming derived from direct August 4, 1998
A system that provides live television programming to passengers by integrating direct broadcast satellite services into an in-flight aircraft entertainment system. The present invention is a satellite television system that has an antenna disposed on the aircraft that is pointed at a
5788352 Multiplexed multi-image source display writing system August 4, 1998
A projection system wherein two or more separate display sources, such as high brightness sources, or active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) or other flat panel displays are used to write information directly onto a display screen, or onto a photoactivated reflective light valve fo
5780581 Plateable structural adhesive for cyanate ester composites July 14, 1998
An adhesive is provided for bonding cyanate ester composite parts together which is also plateable with metal once chemically etched. The adhesive comprises a polymeric matrix and a filler of cyanate ester polymer. The polymeric matrix comprises at least one polyepoxide resin and a curin
5774241 Converging beam holographic decklit CHMSL June 30, 1998
A holographic stoplight system that includes a stoplight hologram (21, 21') supported adjacent the inside surface of a rear window (211) of a vehicle, and a light source (29, 31) for providing a converging beam that is vertically converging and predominantly horizontally colimated. The
5770269 Thermal control coating June 23, 1998
An article includes a substrate having a thermal control coating formed of 1 part by weight of a silicone polymeric matrix having from about 3 to about 4 parts by weight aluminum-doped zinc oxide pigment particles distributed therein. The article may be either relatively thick or fle
5764414 Biocular display system using binary optics June 9, 1998
A biocular display system (19) for generating a virtual image (30) of a visible display (20). A diffractive binary optical element (22) is used to create the virtual image (30). The binary optical element (22) contains magnifying power to increase the size of the virtual image (30). Also
5763882 Low cost night vision camera June 9, 1998
A low cost infrared camera (1) for night vision. The camera (1) is disposed within a housing (2) having an infrared transmissive window (6) disposed at an input aperture (5) thereof. A compact optical arrangement (10) is disposed within the housing (2) to focus energy from the window (5)
5763118 Battery system with a high-thermal-conductivity split shell structural support June 9, 1998
A battery system includes a battery cell having a battery cell housing, and a housing support external to the battery cell housing. The housing support is formed of at least two split shell segments. Each split shell segment includes a heat conductor inner layer having a plurality of
5756895 Tunneling-based rate gyros with simple drive and sense axis coupling May 26, 1998
Various structures for cantilever beam tunneling rate gyro devices formed on a single substrate are disclosed. A cantilever electrode having a plurality of portions extending from the substrate with one end of the cantilever is suspended above the substrate at a distance from a tunneling
5754042 Magnetoresistive encoder for tracking the angular position of a rotating ferromagnetic target wh May 19, 1998
An apparatus for detecting precise angular positions of a rotating object. Two magnetoresistors (MRs) are positioned adjacent a target wheel attached to the rotating object, the target wheel having at least one element of finite length. Each MR is responsive to the passage of at least on
5752874 Means and method for fabrication of grazing incidence optics May 19, 1998
A grazing incidence optic is fabricated by grinding, polishing, or both, using a tapered, barrel-shaped tool. The optic surface to be ground or polished is placed in contact with a selected portion of the grinding or polishing surface of the tool, and the tool is rotated about its lo
5751867 Polarization-insensitive, electro-optic modulator May 12, 1998
An intensity modulator having a Mach-Zehnder structure with first and second waveguide arms formed of an electro-optic polymer. The active molecules of the waveguide arms are poled in first and second different and substantially orthogonal directions. Electrodes are arranged to recei
5751460 Optical system with an articulated mirror unit May 12, 1998
An articulated optical system has a pair of actuators (42, 44) each of which pivot a head mirror (34) about respective parallel axes (E.sub.1, E.sub.2) to direct the line-of-sight of an optical beam through a window (36) of a vehicle (30) to an optical sensor (38). Of the actuators, a
5750901 Optical fiber apparatus and method for measuring geological strains May 12, 1998
A measurement optical fiber is placed into contact with a geological structure, and a reference optical fiber of about the same length is not contacted to the geological structure. An input beam of light is transmitted down the lengths of the measurement and reference optical fibers,
5750896 Tool joint sensor May 12, 1998
Detection and gauging of a joint (18) in a rotating and axially moving drilling tool (16) subject to transverse axial displacement is achieved by positioning an ultrasonic sensor assembly (12) coaxially encircling the tool in a plane perpendicular to the tool. The sensor assembly (12)
5749402 Integrated storage and transfer system and method for spacecraft propulsion systems May 12, 1998
A method of loading propellant into a spacecraft that comprises storing and transferring propellant in a portable propellant loading tank, temperature conditioning and helium saturating the propellant in the propellant loading tank, transferring the loading tank to a launch site, couplin
5740037 Graphical user interface system for manportable applications April 14, 1998
The present invention relates to a method and device for providing a graphical user interface between an individual soldier and a computer-based warfare system worn by him. The graphical user interface is made up of icon-based visual control and information screens that the soldier v
5731750 Spherical cavity mode transcendental control methods and systems March 24, 1998
The present invention discloses a microwave filter (10) for controlling the degenerate resonant modes of a spherical cavity resonator (12). The spherical cavity resonator (12) has an inner spherical surface (14) which defines a spherical cavity (16). A first and a second set of tuning
5731708 Unpackaged semiconductor testing using an improved probe and precision X-Y table March 24, 1998
A portable integrated circuit die testing system that offers a cost-effective solution for electrically testing bare, unpackaged, integrated circuit chips or die. The system provides for direct electrical interconnection of die of various sizes and thicknesses to an automatic tester
5731222 Externally connected thin electronic circuit having recessed bonding pads March 24, 1998
Recesses (46) are etched into the finished peripheral boundaries of a structure formed of a generally planar electronic circuit (40) on an upper surface (42) of a wafer (44). Bonding pads (48) are deposited in the recesses (46) and interconnected to the electronic circuit (40). External
5729230 Delta-Sigma .DELTA.-.SIGMA. modulator having a dynamically tunable continuous time Gm-C architec March 17, 1998
A continuous-time tunable Gm-C architecture for a .DELTA..SIGMA. modulator includes a tunable resonator and a low bit rate, high sample rate quantizer connected in a feedback loop. The resonator shapes the quantization noise spectrum so that the bulk of the quantization noise occurs
5729016 Low cost night vision system for nonmilitary surface vehicles March 17, 1998
A low cost night vision system for use in connection with law enforcement vehicles, marine vessels, and other nonmilitary surface vehicles. The invention includes a night vision camera having an array of uncooled detectors. A mechanism is provided for adjusting the pointing angle of the
5727000 Signature analysis usage for multiple fault isolation March 10, 1998
Test equipment and test methods employing signature analysis to achieve fault isolation of parts contained in digital modules. Fault free signatures of a digital module are stored in a lookup table that are derived from physical measurement or simulation of all parts. All of the part
5726915 Automated system for testing an imaging sensor March 10, 1998
An automated system and method for testing a sensor by evaluating the output thereof with respect to a known target. The advantageous method includes the step of acquiring an output signal from the sensor in response to a known target, said output including signature signal S, random
5726600 NPN bipolar circuit topology for a tunable transconductance cell and positive current source March 10, 1998
An active filter circuit component includes an all NPN bipolar tunable Gm cell and a positive current source (PCS) for supplying common mode current. The tunable Gm cell includes a fixed Gm cell having transconductance G.sub.f, a current divider and recombination circuit that togethe

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