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Horiba STEC, Co., Ltd.
Kyoto-shi, JP
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8296090 Gas analyzer October 23, 2012
A gas analyzer using a quadrupole mass spectrometric method etc. is provided with an ionizer to ionize a sample gas, a first ion detector and a second ion detector each configured to detect a respective ion from ionizer, and each being disposed a respective distance from the ionizer
8280235 Liquid material vaporizer October 2, 2012
A liquid material vaporizer comprises a gas-liquid mixing section for mixing a liquid material and a carrier gas to generate a gas-liquid mixture; a heating type vaporizing section for vaporizing the gas-liquid mixture from the gas-liquid mixing section and exhausting outside with an
8265795 Mass flow controller September 11, 2012
To improve PI performance of a mass flow controller, the mass flow controller changes a proportional coefficient, an integral coefficient, and a derivative coefficient used for PID operation in a stable state based on at least two out of a primary pressure, a time change amount of th
8262877 Glass electrode and sensitive glass for the glass electrode September 11, 2012
Disclosed is a sensitive glass for use in a pH-sensitive glass electrode, which comprises at least Me.sub.2O.sub.3 (Me represents a lanthanoid) and further comprises Y.sub.2O.sub.3 or Sc.sub.2O.sub.3 in an amount smaller than that of the Me.sub.2O.sub.3. Also disclosed is a sensitive gla
8219329 Thermal type mass flow meter, and thermal type mass flow control device July 10, 2012
A thermal mass flow meter and a thermal mass flow control device addresses a thermal siphon error, even if they are in a compact and inexpensive structure, without using a flow path converting block. A control computing process portion is configured to correct a measurement error cau
8196609 Integrated gas panel apparatus June 12, 2012
Provided is an integrated gas panel apparatus which has excellent responsiveness, stabilizes gas concentration, and furthermore, can keep a conventional panel shape as it is. A panel body comprises at least a main flow channel block body for forming a main flow channel, and a branch
8104323 Flow controller, flow measuring device testing method, flow controller testing system, and semic January 31, 2012
A testing method for testing a flow controller with high accuracy by shortening as much as possible the time required for the test including the wait time. A testing-subject flow controller and a testing-standard flow controller are arranged in that order in series from the upstream
8056579 Mass flow controller November 15, 2011
A mass flow controller has: a flow rate sensor section that measures the flow rate of a fluid and outputs a flow rate measurement signal indicating the measurement value; a flow rate control valve disposed upstream or downstream of the flow rate sensor section; a calculation section
8054081 Residual gas analyzer November 8, 2011
Provided is an excellent residual gas analyzer, which can perform measurements while being suitably arranged even in small areas, such as those in semiconductor equipments, and can perform measurements for display of measurement results without an external personal computer. The anal
8019481 Flow rate ratio control device September 13, 2011
A flow ratio controller having: a main channel; branch channels branching from the end of the main channel; control valves respectively provided in the branch channels; a plurality of flow rate meters for measuring the flow rate of the main channel and the flow rate of each of the branch
8015870 Flowmeter for measuring a flow rate using a heat exchange principle September 13, 2011
Provided is a flowmeter with a flow tube through which fluid flows; a cooling apparatus adapted to cool a part of the flow tube; a first temperature detecting section for detecting the temperature of the flow tube cooled by the cooling apparatus; a second temperature detecting sectio
7881829 Mass flow controller February 1, 2011
This invention provides a mass flow controller that can prevent a flow rate change due to a pressure change without sacrificing the speed of response to a change of a flow rate setting value and can be used in a system that can generate a crosstalk.In order to provide the mass flow c
7802482 Diaphragm attaching structure of electrostatic capacity type pressure gauge September 28, 2010
The present invention provides a diaphragm attaching structure of an electrostatic capacity type pressure gauge which can achieve an improvement of a measuring precision by inhibiting a poor weld and a heat strain from being generated while restricting an increase of a cost with an e
7431045 Flow restrictor October 7, 2008
A flow restrictor with a first disk having at least one inlet and at least one outlet and a flow path and a second disk having no flow path. The first disk and the second disk being stacked together. A mass flow controller comprising with an input, an output, a flow path, a pressure

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