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Honeywell International Inc. Patents
Honeywell International Inc.
Morristown, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE42316 Systems and methods for self-test of a radar altimeter May 3, 2011
Systems and methods for testing a signal generated by a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) in a radar altimeter. In an embodiment of the method, a voltage signal derived by comparing a fixed reference frequency to a ramped frequency signal generated by the DDS based on a clock-based re
RE42188 Security articles March 1, 2011
This invention provides security articles comprising fibers, threads and fiber sections ("dots") possessing multiple verification characteristics. The fibers possess unique and difficulty duplicated combinations of complex cross-sections, components, and multiple luminescent responses.
RE41941 System and method for transmitting encoded acars messages over a connection-oriented data commun November 16, 2010
An ACARS messaging system according to the invention is deployed when a TCP/IP subnetwork is available to the aircraft. ACARS messages are encoded into ASN.1 notation and translated to become compliant with the TCP/IP suite of protocols. A wireless subnetwork provides the initial acc
RE41685 Light source with non-white and phosphor-based white LED devices, and LCD assembly September 14, 2010
A light source incorporates .Iadd.phosphor-based white .Iaddend.light emitting diodes (LEDs). The LEDs may be raised off the floor of the optical cavity to permit light to be emitted from the base of the LED. Additionally, a reflective protrusion may be placed beneath the raised LED
RE41268 Solution spinning of UHMW poly (alpha-olefin) with recovery and recycling of volatile spinning s April 27, 2010
A process for spinning high molecular weight poly (alpha-olefin) filament, particularly ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene filament, from solution in a volatile spinning solvent with recovery and recycling of the solvent.
RE40190 Thermostat housing April 1, 2008
RE39143 Method for making a wafer-pair having sealed chambers June 27, 2006
A method for fabricating a wafer-pair having at least one recess in one wafer and the recess formed into a chamber with the attaching of the other wafer which has a port plugged with a deposited layer on its external surface. The deposition of the layer may be performed in a very low
RE37813 Process for the synthesis of nabumetone August 6, 2002
New process for the synthesis of the antiinflammatory drug known as nabumetone that consists in reacting 2-acetyl-5-bromo-6-methoxynaphthalene with an alkyl acetate in presence of an alkaline alcoholate to get 4-(5-bromo-6-methoxy-2-naphthyl)-4-hydroxybut-3-en-2-one that by catalytic
RE37146 Low power infrared scene projector array and method of manufacture April 24, 2001
An array for projecting thermal images and a method of making same. The array of the present invention combines a two-tier architecture created with special processing whereby each pixel member resides on an elevated platform directly over discrete pixel control electronics and electrica
D666510 Thermostat housing September 4, 2012
D666509 Thermostat housing September 4, 2012
D666508 Thermostat housing September 4, 2012
D661212 Sensor housing June 5, 2012
D661207 Electronic timer housing June 5, 2012
D655481 Pocket for a pair of pants March 13, 2012
D654163 Earplug February 14, 2012
D652858 Eye protector January 24, 2012
D652522 Aspiration detector unit January 17, 2012
D642894 Faceplate August 9, 2011
D640579 Enclosure for information recorder and locator beacon June 28, 2011
D640365 Burner controller June 21, 2011
D636690 Audio visual alarm housing April 26, 2011
D632654 Output device back box February 15, 2011
D631145 Humidifier housing January 18, 2011
D630310 Humidifier housing January 4, 2011
D628926 Audio visual alarm housing December 14, 2010
D623966 Electronic timer housing September 21, 2010
D622170 Micropanel smoke detector housing August 24, 2010
D611075 Saw sensor button package March 2, 2010
D600680 Cup holder docking station September 22, 2009
D599262 Left hand handlebar controller for an all terrain vehicle September 1, 2009
D598982 Zone valve actuator cover August 25, 2009
D598898 Speaker strobe August 25, 2009
D598149 Utility light August 11, 2009
D598148 Utility light August 11, 2009
D596974 Sounder base housing July 28, 2009
D596964 Thermostat housing July 28, 2009
D596963 Environmental controller housing July 28, 2009
D595664 Lighting control panel July 7, 2009
D592213 Wireless communications device May 12, 2009
D592081 Wireless remote housing May 12, 2009
D591652 Right hand handlebar controller for an all terrain vehicle May 5, 2009
D590730 Thermostat housing April 21, 2009
D587268 Wireless communications device February 24, 2009
D586810 Wireless communications device February 17, 2009
D580801 Thermostat housing November 18, 2008
D580574 Utility light November 11, 2008
D580573 Utility light November 11, 2008
D580282 Environmental controller housing November 11, 2008
D579799 Wireless sensor housing November 4, 2008

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