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Honeywell Inc. Patents
Honeywell Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36706 Microstructure design for high IR sensitivity May 23, 2000
A microstructure design for high IR sensitivity having a two level infrared bolometer microstructure, the lower level having a reflective metal film surface such as Pt, Au, or Al to reflect IR penetrating to that level, the upper level being separated from the lower level by an air gap o
RE36615 Use of vanadium oxide in microbolometer sensors March 14, 2000
In a microbolometer infrared radiation sensor, a detector material (VO.sub.2) having a high thermal coefficient of resistance to increase the sensitivity of the apparatus.
RE36514 Pole mounted revolving air circulating fan January 18, 2000
Disclosed is a new pole mounted revolving air circulating fan for inducing air movement within an air mass by use of a rotating impeller which simultaneously revolves around a vertical axis. The pole mounted revolving air circulating fan comprises a telescoping support pole extending
RE36136 Thermal sensor March 9, 1999
A two-level IR detector imaging array of high fill-factor design. The upper microbridge detector level is spaced above and overlie the integrated circuit and bus lines on the substrate surface below.
RE35566 Sensor platform for use in machines for washing articles July 22, 1997
A plurality of fluid condition sensors are combined together to provide a sensor cluster that senses turbidity, temperature, conductivity and the movement of a ferromagnetic object. The plurality of sensors are attached to a substrate and encapsulated, by an overmolding process, with a l
RE35296 Full and partial cycle counting apparatus and method July 16, 1996
Apparatus for determining the number of cycles occurring in a frequency modulated signal during a sample period, including not only the number of full cycles but any portion of a cycle, by determining the number of whole cycles and adding to this a value obtained by counting the number o
RE35023 Fiber optic gyro with a source at a first wavelength and a fiber optic loop designed for single August 22, 1995
A low cost fiber optic gyro includes a Sagnac interferometer configured in a minimum reciprocal configuration and modified to use a 0.8 micron wavelength laser diode as the interferometer light source and 1.3 micron, single-mode fiber for the sensing coil.
RE32960 Electronic thermostat June 20, 1989
A thermostat for generating control signals for a furnace, air conditioner, or the like, employs a constant frequency, periodically alternating electrical source and an oscillator incorporating an element having a thermal-sensitive electrical characteristic so the oscillator frequency
RE32886 Digital auto focus March 14, 1989
A digital auto focus system includes first and second detector arrays which receive first and second detection images of an object. The detection images are displaced by a number n of detectors depending upon the distance between the object and the detector arrays. The output signals of
RE31973 Fluidic flow sensing and control apparatus August 20, 1985
In a system to control a condition of air in a duct, there is disclosed a first nozzle for issuing a jet fluid, a second nozzle for receiving a portion of said fluid depending upon the condition of the air in the duct, and a circuit arrangement for controlling a damper in the duct depend
RE31551 Digital delay generator April 10, 1984
Circuitry for generating a virtually jitter free delay relative to a start pulse and for generating such delays over both integer and non-integer multiples of the time interval between timing pulses. The circuitry includes delay circuitry and signal generating circuitry. The delay ci
RE31255 Light emitting and light detecting semiconductor device for interfacing with an optical fiber May 24, 1983
A light emitting and light detecting semiconductor device having a light emitting zone and a light detecting zone adaptable for concurrently interfacing with an optical fiber.
RE31145 Interruptable signal generator February 8, 1983
A circuit comprising a signal generating circuit and an interrupt enable circuit. The signal generating circuit has an input connected to receive a trigger signal and an output for generating an output signal which includes a timing cycle of known duration. The signal generating circuit
RE30448 Tape recorder system December 16, 1980
A high performance magnetic tape transport and tape cartridge. The cartridge includes coplanar hubs carrying tape rolls on fixed axes, a brake system which urges each hub in a direction to tension the tape when the cartridge is removed from the transport, and a pair of doors which co
RE30166 Heterodyne readout holographic memory December 11, 1979
A holographic optical memory utilizes an optical heterodyne technique to significantly increase the signal-to-noise ratio during the readout stage of operation. A light source provides a coherent light beam which is split into a readout beam and a local oscillator beam. The readout beam
RE29599 Control circuit for photographic apparatus March 28, 1978
An automatic photographic camera, which features automatic focusing, automatic exposure control, automatic flash operation and automatic film advance and shutter cocking, includes an electronic control circuit. The electronic control circuit includes a binary logic circuit which is r
RE29475 Battery charging circuit responsive to generator output voltage and current November 15, 1977
.Iadd.A voltage regulator for a vechicular generator having a field winding and a transistor in series therewith. The transistor is controlled by an oscillatory type, two transistor circuit with regenerative feedback which is responsive to the voltage and current output of the generator.
RE28847 Inside helmet sight display apparatus June 8, 1976
Helmet mounted display apparatus in which a reflective inside surface of a partially transparent visor is used as the primary optical element. A paraboloidal inside visor surface coated with a metallic film may be used. A light source image or a virtual image is positioned at the focal p
RE28676 Control apparatus January 13, 1976
.Iadd.A thermostat for controlling heating apparatus is converted to a thermostat for controlling heating and cooling apparatus by the addition of a subbase. The heating thermostat has a double switch attached to a bimetal and a heating anticipation heater whereby heating apparatus is
D475772 Humidifier June 10, 2003
D433730 Valve body November 14, 2000
D431290 Ceiling fan September 26, 2000
D430647 Valve body September 5, 2000
D428979 Humidifier August 1, 2000
D426629 Ceiling fan June 13, 2000
D426295 Combined ceiling fan and light kit June 6, 2000
D425979 Window fan May 30, 2000
D425483 Interconnection device May 23, 2000
D425191 Ceiling fan May 16, 2000
D424683 Portable electric fan May 9, 2000
D424681 Portable stand fan May 9, 2000
D424679 Combined ceiling fan and light fixture May 9, 2000
D424675 Vaporizer May 9, 2000
D423659 Air cleaner April 25, 2000
D423092 Ceiling fan April 18, 2000
D423090 Portable electric heater April 18, 2000
D422677 Water treatment container April 11, 2000
D422073 Portable electric fan March 28, 2000
D422070 Air cleaner March 28, 2000
D421574 Temperature housing and baseplate March 14, 2000
D421114 Portable fan February 22, 2000
D420298 Pressure sensor housing February 8, 2000
D418912 Ceiling fan January 11, 2000
D418911 Portable electric heater January 11, 2000
D418591 Portable electric heater January 4, 2000
D418217 Combined ceiling fan and light kit December 28, 1999
D416994 Water distribution tray for an in-duct humidifier November 23, 1999
D416616 Combined ceiling fan and light fixture November 16, 1999
D416614 Console air cleaner November 16, 1999
D416613 Air cleaner November 16, 1999

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